Author Topic: When I was in the criminal justice field, we had visitors that would hide guns  (Read 122 times)

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..knives, cell phones, drugs, etc., in their private parts to pass it to the ones that are locked up:

Indiana woman allegedly hides drugs in private parts, fakes heart attack when police grow suspicious

The woman allegedly hid an 'avocado-size plastic sandwich bag' full of illegal drugs in her private parts

An Indiana woman has been arrested after allegedly faking a heart attack and hiding an "avocado-size plastic sandwich bag" full of illegal drugs in her private parts.

Wayne County Sheriff's Department said that Deputy Ryan Riggs along with Deputy Aaron Crawford and Deputy Matt Wright pulled over 41-year-old Amanda Smith on Monday, September 4.

Police said that during the investigation the officers suspected drug activity and K9 Copper searched the vehicle and indicated to officers a presence of narcotics.

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