Author Topic: Years ago, I suggested let the public's videos count as evidence but LE rejected  (Read 35 times)

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..that idea. They complained that there's not enough officers to be at all places at all times but they also rejected my suggestion of letting the public help by being their eyes and ears. Allowing the public to submit video clips anonymously and count it as evidence is a way to cut down stupid people doing stupid things on purpose but Law Enforcement agencies don't want to do that either...OH WELL..  ::)..

I mean it's not just street take over but anything that can endanger others sharing the same roads and place such as reckless driving, drunk driving, racing, road rage, etc.:

LA County Is Asking For The Publicís Help To Fight Street Takeovers

It's gotten to the point that the LA Times reports that LA County officials are looking to the public for advice on how to deal with street takeovers. Takeovers were everywhere during the COVID-19 pandemic, when empty streets and freeways were literally clear of cars; night time street racers had a field day.

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