Author Topic: Nice surprise White guy, reminds me of those White Mormon folks that speak Hmong  (Read 86 times)

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Man secretly learns Korean for a year, surprises bride with Korean speech at wedding

A man has gone viral for surprising his wife by secretly learning Korean for his speech on their wedding day.

How he did it: Ben Carpenter, a TikTok fitness influencer from the United Kingdom with over 690,000 followers, said he kept his Korean lessons a secret to his wife, Sohee — a fitness influencer from California — for nearly a year until their wedding. He spent 30 minutes each day learning the language, pretending to be on video calls for "work."

“In bed I would often put one headphone in so she couldn’t hear what I was doing, and turning my screen away so she couldn’t see either,” he wrote in the caption to his video.

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