Author Topic: These Asian countries' reps have full English names but only one is full Asian?  (Read 34 times)

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Miss Universe 2023: The Winner Is…
By the end of the first hour, that number was narrowed down to a top 20: Moraya Wilson (Australia), Issie Princesse (Cameroon), Celeste Viel (Chile), Camila Avella (Colombia), Isabella García-Manzo (El Salvador), Shweta Sharda (India), Jordanne Levy (Jamaica), Jameela Uiras (Namibia), Jane Garrett (Nepal), Sheynnis Palacios (Nicaragua), Erica Robin (Pakistan), Camila Escribens (Peru), Michelle Dee (Philippines), Marina Machete (Portugal), Karla Guilfú (Puerto Rico), Bryoni Govender (South Africa), Athenea Pérez (Spain), Anntonia Porsild (Thailand), Noelia Voigt (United States) and Diana Silva (Venezuela).

Following the swimsuit portion of the competition, a top 10 was revealed: Moraya Wilson (Australia), Camila Avella (Colombia), Isabella García-Manzo (El Salvador), Sheynnis Palacios (Nicaragua), Camila Escribens (Peru), Michelle Dee (Philippines), Karla Guilfú (Puerto Rico), Athenea Pérez (Spain), Anntonia Porsild (Thailand) and Diana Silva (Venezuela).

THIRD PLACE | Moraya Wilson (Australia)
SECOND PLACE | Anntonia Porsild (Thailand)
WINNER | Sheynnis Palacios (Nicaragua)

The two Contestants that represent Nepal and Pakistan are bolded in red in the quote above...

Here's Jane Garrett of Nepal:

and Erica Robin of Pakistan:

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