Author Topic: Like I've told other PH member, if you're bored in this city, you're just boring  (Read 41 times)

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Unlike the idiot in here that claimed that he doesn't travel because every place is the same so it's a waste of time and even went as far as pulling FAKE ASS photos from the net to back up his invalid point, not all place are created equal and I've been to all 50 states to know it.. ;D:

3 California cities named 'most fun' in America, study shows

Those cities were Los Angeles (No. 20), San Diego (No. 16) and San Francisco (No. 5).

Topping the list this year was Las Vegas, Nevada, which boasts a large number of attractions and 4.5-star or higher restaurants, analysts said. While Sin City is known for partying, it's also one of the few cities in the study where public drinking is allowed in most or all places. Vegas is also home to the largest number of casinos in the country, but don't forget it is also renowned for its performers, especially music.

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