Author Topic: Not many Asian Sebastian so Asian gal has been looking for a White guy since  (Read 117 times)

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she was a young girl  ???:

They fell in love but lived on opposite sides of the world. Then they got separated for two years

When Denise Sung was growing up in Taiwan, she dreamed about meeting a man called Sebastian.

It all started when she read the William Shakspeare play “Twelfth Night,” a romantic comedy in which one of the protagonists is named Sebastian. Young Denise was swept up in Shakespeare’s story of shipwrecks, mistaken identity and romance, and the play stuck with her – but mostly it was because of the name Sebastian.

“I just thought, ‘Sebastian is such a beautiful name,’” Denise tells CNN Travel today. “I fell in love with that name.”

At the time, Denise had never met anyone called Sebastian. And then she went through the entirety of her teenage years and half of her 20s without ever encountering the name in real life.

Until, aged 26, Denise Sung met Sebastian Fuchs.

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