Author Topic: Someone with moral? He won $250k from a lawsuit but he feels sick to his stomach  (Read 102 times)

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Luke Combs ‘Sick to My Stomach’ to Learn He Won $250K Judgment Against Convalescing Fan Who Made Tumblers; Says He Will Raise Funds for Her

Luke Combs took to social media Wednesday morning to say that he was “sick to my stomach” after waking up to learn that he had won a $250,000 judgment against a Florida woman who’d earned $380 selling 18 handmade drink tumblers with his likeness on them. The country superstar said he was “completely and utterly unaware” of the lawsuit in his name, or the judgment that was handed down in Illinois court, until his attention was directed to a television news interview with the crying woman.

Combs said he had just personally called the defendant in the lawsuit, Nicol Harness, and pledged to send her $11,000 to meet her immediate needs — double the $5,500 she said was locked up in her Amazon store account, now that all her profits are earmarked to go toward the $250,000 a judge said she owes Combs.

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What's even more sick is all the lawyer fees and those who are making off with that mulah.

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The real villain is looking at you.  The last hero was just not true.  If everything works out in the end.  It's because all things make amends.