Author Topic: Yes PH folks, flirting can kill and she's just 11 years old  (Read 81 times)

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Yes PH folks, flirting can kill and she's just 11 years old
« on: February 12, 2024, 12:24:01 AM »
11-year-old hatched plot to kill girl flirting with her boyfriend, Florida cops say

Flirting turned potentially deadly at one Florida middle school, when a jealous girl hatched a plot to kidnap and kill her romantic rival, according to investigators. The suspect — who is only 11 years old — faces felony charges after a search revealed a 5-inch knife, the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release. She was arrested Wednesday, Feb. 7, at Murdock Middle School in Port Charlotte, the sheriff’s office said. Port Charlotte is about 100 miles southeast of Tampa. TOP VIDEOS Top Videos 00:02 01:15 Eye on the U: Alonzo Highsmithleave s Miami after 2 seasons “A School Resource Officer ... was alerted to a notebook a student left behind in class, which detailed a plan to harm another student,” the sheriff’s office said. “As the deputy was questioning (the owner), she confessed to the notebook being hers and stated that she planned on killing another female student due to that female flirting with (her) boyfriend.” A 5-inch steak knife was discovered when the officer searched the girl’s backpack, officials said. Charlotte County criminal investigators were then summoned to the school, and they learned the revenge plot had been shared with at least one other student on Jan. 29, officials said.

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