Author Topic: Some Hmong wives have no choice so what do PH women think of sharing is caring?  (Read 75 times)

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I’ve shared my husband with 35 women in the past year — it’s the best marriage I could ask for

Sharing is caring.

An Australian woman who’s shared her husband with 35 women in the past year says her marriage is stronger than ever.

Honey Brooks made the bold declaration in a video shared to Instagram earlier this month, before insisting it was her idea to bring other women into the bedroom.

“I’m obsessed,” the content creator claimed after revealing she was always present when women were having sex with her husband

“Everyone is going on saying ‘You guys aren’t happy’ and ‘You are not going to last in a marriage’ and ‘This is ridiculous, you guys [act like you] aren’t even married’,” Brooks continued.

The bisexual beauty said her husband happily went along with her proposal to sleep with other women — and she hasn’t looked back.

“This is the best kind of marriage you could ask for,” she cooed.

“Um, hello, like we not only get to enjoy the hell out of each other, but my husband gets to enjoy so many other women and so I!

However, some of the Aussie’s followers were close-minded about her open marriage.

“I would want to be with my one and only,” one monogamous man maintained.

Others attacked Brooks for her kinky confession, including one who sniped, “Most not be much good in bed if you can’t please your man, or just maybe he’s looking for a female with a brain that he can have a conversation with?”

But others applauded the content creator’s confession,

“This is your relationship, you get to choose the dynamic that is right for you,” an admirer cheered.

“Totally with you,” a second weighed in. “We’re doing this with my wife for 5 years now, never been more in love and happy!!”

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That’s as animal as can be.

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