Author Topic: fuking Hmong people man yo  (Read 78 times)

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fuking Hmong people man yo
« on: June 07, 2024, 05:26:56 PM »
me and my co-worker were talking bout how mexicans and Hmong dudes aren't really any ey go to work, and they fuke with other people's g-f or wives...once you start talking to a girl nobody really cares about, you bring out the best in her, and all the sudden all these fuking simpass dikes want and the co worker had a great laugh and the truth is its fuking true...lols

back in high school, there was a chick, average jane, but I started to talk to her, you know, walk her to class, talk to her while we wait for our rides after school....all the fuken sudden out of nowhere, 10 other fuking hmiggas tryin to steal her ass away...and im like fuking hmiggas...wher e the fuke were you hmiggas when none of yo bichass wouldnt give her a split second of your fuking time...fuking simpass mofofackas..lo ls then when you're like fuke it, let em have her...then these same bichass hmiggas no fuking care for her ass anymore too...fuking shiit the fuke is wrong with these bichass mofofackers... lols
then he added, and if it was a fuking white dude or black dude talking to the girl all the sudden, these simpass mofos wouldnt do jack shit...lmao

same skin syndrome...lma o

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