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Where is his PHD
where is his master degree in teaching


What a dumb ass

You're such a bipolar, polarized dumbasss.

You live with your parent and siblings

Plz donít make fun of poor people

I made this with the Vang Bros.

Depends on your culture
They rape little boys in afghanistan
That is wrong to us but right to them

Stop dodging the question and tell me what is moral relativism.

Both you guys just ranting and giving opinions




Damn ainít this hard

Then tell me about moral relativism? You're such an atheist, tell me about moral relativism.

Donít cater to hmong???


Didnít those fool make ďthe hmong good wifeĒ movie
Hahahah funny shyt

They live in the grey
B rated movie
Straight to DVD/streaming

  ;D ;D

Wtf?!?!?! We made Mr. Bedeviled and Sentient. Now, you're BS-ing on the Vang Bros. Bruh...I know these guys. You just mad that you can't argue pho shiet! You just realized your idiocy because 6 people here, including me, which makes it 7, calls you an idiot.

Ok weirdo

Which hmong clan has the biggest testicle??
Which clan has the biggest beyonce booty???

I know you say vang have big penis

I get it. You're angry. Do you have bipolar issues?

但是嘛,我不想有啊 = tab si mas, kuv tsis xav yauv as.

translate this into Google and let the Chinese Google speak it. It's VERY HMONG!

Hmong = German-Latin-Old-English
Chinese = Modern English


I am still talking with him. He's sounds very racist if you get to the point about him, talking that we deserve to die in the hands of Laos.

Chinese people still hates Hmong people today. ^_^

That's okay. Little half-brother hates his older half-brother. The two clans, Hmong and Korean, will not like Han until they say sorry to us.

No I havenít
And I donít care

Zero people in PH have seen their movies

That's because we don't cater to Hmong people, you dummy! Hmong people don't watch American movies since they watch Hmong movies.

American movies is a bigger market, which explains why Hmong Minnesota can't go anywhere. They are too scared to compete against the world.

Except for Sunisa Lee. She isn't a wuss.

The Vang Bros's new movie will be in Shudder this February. They Live in the Grey will be out very soon!

Mon like eating small pictures while I find the bigger picture. Why not look at the bigger picture than the small one in the movie market?

Yeshua donít have a PHD

 ;D ;D ;D

He shouldnít be trusted

According to you

Yeshua is not human for the first start. Also, he debated soooo many rabbis and gentiles alike. Yeshua doesn't need an approval from us; Yeshua is God. Define God mode?

If you're trying to say that Yeshua is stupid because he doesn't have a degree, that's like saying to Einstein that he graduated in America; however, he doesn't approve in Communist China. Why? Because he doesn't have the Chinese degree in THEIR version, which I find it to be stupid and bigoted.

Don't bend Yeshua to your will. You get bend from Yeshua to HIS will.

Speaking of mental crazy

Sound like he's jealous. He doesn't have what I have when he's the one asking questions about demons and ghosts.  ;D

HmgRock is a polarize-tard who can't seem to fathom at anything.  :police:

Faith & Beliefs / Re: Rule #2: Don't help someone unless they ask
« on: January 19, 2022, 07:04:31 PM »

Iím winning dude
I got you cursing and swearing


Canít even debate me

Atheist don't have a judge; therefore, you cannot judge if there is no lawgiver for the atheist. In fact, you're not an atheist. You're a lukewarm atheist who cannot define moral relativism, which is I am winning since you BS everything just like my horrible cousin.

Bruh, stop dodging the bullet. What is moral relativism? Please...just answer this question.

I get along with my dad just fine
Your movie going straight to DVD/streaming
It suck but yeaaahhhh

B-movie does that

Hopefully you guys will catch a break

Horror movies make money fast since their budget never flops. You can research that if you like.

Anyway, you demies are weird like Andrew Jackson.

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