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I know I can't be the only one.. 🤣

I never cared for porns but one day I went to a grocery store
and the cashier pulled out a VHS from under the counter and
whispered to me that they were selling those secretly only. She felt
I was one of those who might be interested in it. She said it was of that
Mikwaukee Hmong Xiong chick doing it with American men.

I declined. It was $25 a copy.
I think I embarrassed her.

just recycled a bunch years ago..not going to lie but use to have two personally, one to play and one to record Adult movies. :2funny:

 :2funny: :2funny:

Is this group a popular group? They seem to know a lot about the Hmong.

That's because she has no mutual friend from JKnews. Even she did then she'll be invited.

 O0 O0 O0

I found it on YT. It's called Jade Tiger. I'm gonna watch it later.

I don't think anyone bought enough to benefit from any
deal now.

Zebcos and Shakespeares don't make quality rods.

Each play is different from the previous ones.

I still bet on the U.S. for this coming playoff in Anaheim.

I like how some players jump and others spike from another
part of the net. Very tricky but nice strategy. Those guys are
so tall, fast, and spike very hard.

The Latinos have similar family values to the Hmong.

Hmong MILs are not hard to please. Just give them a lot
of attention and they'll calm down.

If it's futball (aka soccer), I'd bet on France. But, since it's volleyball, I'm betting on the U.S.

365 days for just that.  That's less than a dollar a day.

Why is that a problem?

General Discussion / Re: hello from San Diego
« on: June 04, 2023, 06:11:06 AM »
Hello from St. Paul.

Fishing has been ok.

Us Hmong are getting recognition from our Asian peers. Yay!!

Surprising they don't know Sunisa.

 ;D ;D

She does aged like fine wine
Thats been sitting in my basement
Gets more beautiful and sweeter with time

 ;D ;D

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