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My hunting partner got these as I was arriving at camp this weekend. He decided to fish on the side before Saturday's hunting.

General Discussion / Re: Everyday Lunch Post
« on: Today at 07:12:38 AM »
Wisconsin-Hmong jicama.

The couple makes regular rounds to our local Hmong flea markets to sell them in bulk.

I let Cousin 4 play in my room for a bit while I went to the restroom. When I came back out, she had disappeared. So, did my post-it notes and some Shaolin toy.

I looked for her and found her out in the deck with the kid bike. She was transporting my items around...

Outdoors & Recreational Hobbies / Re: Squirrel hunting season is here.
« on: September 27, 2022, 06:07:01 PM »
I wear boots with good traction.

My parents lasted for more than 70+ years until his death when he was 95. My dad abducted my mom...
My dad's only brother and his wife lasted for 60+ years... He was forced to married her because she followed him home  :2funny: :2funny:

Yeah. Your parents' situation is typical of what I have heard of others, too. The abductions last very long--into "until death do they part."

Marriage & Family Life / Re: Where are ALL these old timers now?
« on: September 27, 2022, 05:54:30 PM »
She's not doing well. You may go see her at her grave now if you would like. Her kids come on Facebook. Look them up.

How come all female names?  You a pimp?   :2funny:

Jena - OG woman for sure
 NiamHwm, Don't know
LadyLionness, Hope her health is doing well
 Mrs.Vang, OG woman for sure
 Niello, Still the biggest boobies around
 Fancee, OG woman for sure
 Mirage, OG woman for sure
 PajtxivDuaj, Dont' know
 Dok_Champa, Still roaming here
 TusKawg Dont know

You missing Fiery  -  Still the hottest PH hmong chick to date. When I was younger and was roaming MN on a frequent for them hmong clubs, I ran into her and her friends in the elavator at that one club called epic or was it the quest?  Totally too long ago.  Anyway, it was the first time she saw me and instantly, she knew who I am and guess what?  She gave me a kiss.   I think I introduced her to my other forum, the car forum so of speak and she met a flip dude that I am also associated with.  She flew down to southern california and spent valentine's day with dude.  Pix of her in a bathtub and with him.  Boy, that's some spicy imagery that she shared on PH that one year. 

After that, she was spotted with a richer white dude.  Forget about Yasmi.  This girl was like a kardashian, milking her way to the top.  Fancy gal indeed. 
Is she still roaming in here?

Who else is missing from here?

Jena, NiamHwm, LadyLionness, Mrs.Vang, Niello, Fancee, Mirage, PajtxivDuaj, Dok_Champa, TusKawg, who else?

General Discussion / Mongoose vs. Snake
« on: September 26, 2022, 11:59:50 PM »
At first, they are at each other for food. But anger kicks in. They can't just run somewhere else to find other foods now. It's gotten personal. It's now vengeance. They
have to fight because both are predators with egos.

Movies / Re: This Ken Lo kicks so well.
« on: September 26, 2022, 06:18:59 PM »
I like Collin Chou, too. He's the villain in "The Forbidden Kingdom."

I heard that Ken Lo is Jackie's bodyguard. So, it's obvious how he got his foot (or both feet) in the door.

Chinese Kung Fu stars have had their real life challenges: good fighters always wanted to test them out to see if they are really that good. It's just how the martial arts world is in Asia. Jackie was always approached with some of the greatest fighters around. So, Ken Lo has to step forward with his two feet.

Did that once... we (my parents, an uncle and aunt) went to a funeral and were heading back home late at night. It was in a lone stretch of highway and I smacked right into a deer (big doe). It was dead in the middle of the road. My uncle helped me get it into the SUV and drove home 1hr. It was good eaten... the only damage on my SUV was a broken headlight and nothing else, I was so surprised.

One time I was driving around 2 am near Eau Claire. A doe was grazing on the edge of the road. When it saw me, it rushed right in front of me. I veered my car to the left and only some of the doe's hair got caught on my car by the right head beam.

(DISCLAIMER: Experts don’t recommend veering away from animals that jump onto the street. They say veering may cause more injuries—even fatalities.)

General Discussion / Re: I saw TSABMIM (the hmong singer) from the 90s…
« on: September 26, 2022, 11:56:33 AM »
I think she's still available but not to be a niam yau though.So, you're out of luck, Rock.

Mim Haam says you can admire but can't have.

Movies / This Ken Lo kicks so well.
« on: September 25, 2022, 11:20:48 PM »

Movies / Re: A Matter of Science
« on: September 25, 2022, 11:20:24 PM »

We know Bruce didn't do drugs. So, that's probably it.

That sounds impressive! But can you beat Alaska's no-limit, no closed-season on squirrels?

Yeah. Opium and kuab taw hnyuv tips and young leaves were powerful killers.

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