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General Discussion / Siri's joke for today.
« on: October 04, 2022, 03:50:28 PM »
"Doc," a patient says. "I broke my body in twelve places."

"Stop going to those places then," the Doctor says.

I want to be a daddy soon.

Not at all. Too negligible to be considered so.

We have to read carefully for details on the article. If the journalist is right about WA laws, what will be made public is very little, if anything other than that there's an agreement.


Washington State law allows divorcing couples to keep a separation agreement "completely private," Glass adds, noting that in this case, Scott and Jewett appear to already have the terms of their divorce entirely settled.

General Discussion / Make it worth your money.
« on: October 03, 2022, 01:32:00 AM »
Some of us need to stop bargaining prices for services.

If you aren't happy with your result, you may know why.

I can see how hard it will be for anyone to get rid of gun rights in the US, because this country was won by the smoking sticks of the pilgrims. Their descendants are all over the country.

A goal is not always meant to be reached; it often serves simply as something to aim at. Bruce Lee

Online Journal / Re: The little girl's cousin now starts her journey
« on: October 02, 2022, 01:53:50 AM »
So, I was at Big Girl's family's home yesterday. The little sister walked up to me and wanted to sit by me at the dining table where I was snacking.

"De," I said to her as she was reaching for the grapes on the table.

She pulled one and it didn't come off the stems. I reached for the stems and yanked them a bit the other way of her pull and the grape fell off onto her little palm.

She handed that one to me and reached for another one.

"De," I said.

The same thing we did; the same thing happened.

She kept practicing picking. She wasn't eating any. I handed one to her mouth for her to bite and she shook her head away.

Online Journal / Re: The little girl's cousin now starts her journey
« on: October 02, 2022, 01:42:50 AM »
Cousin 4 is very well-developed at her age and on her way to more. But how she started more slowly than the other cousins is due largely to her father's side of the family.  We met her paternal grandparents the other day and her grandmother said that it took her dad about four years to start speaking. He is very normal now as an adult, but that's what it took him to pick up on words.

Cousin 4's mother wasn't aware of this and has been very concerned and so she has pushed the little one extra hard very early on. She's still very worried and has put her through more and more.

Her maternal grandmother asked me if it was too much or inappropriate to push a little one that much into schooling. I said it's not inappropriate at all. I mentioned many child prodigies who have already gotten to the university at age 10.

We haven't pushed our children hard enough. I'm not even pushing them in any way at all.

No. Her 28B won't be involved in this divorce. Just being legally married to someone--even without a prenup--for that short of a time doesn't justify his share of her 28B.

I think she might have given him a few millions to go away with though.

If she's hot enough, she can abduct me alone. I will even push myself her way: my consent. She doesn't need a bunch of best girls around.

Be very careful in using best men and best women though. There have been cases in  history and ongoing situations where the bride or groom does #1 above with one of them.

Online Journal / Re: The little girl's cousin now starts her journey
« on: October 01, 2022, 06:28:17 AM »
So, we went to an apple farm that I took Cousin 4 to last year.

On the way, Cousin 4 kept telling me "Me (Cousin 4). Me (Cousin 4)."

I told her again to say "I am (Cousin 4)." But, apparently, she isn't used to that yet. Probably too long? No.
But she has counted in English up to 20 already and knows so many words already, too.

"Big...chrwack," she uttered slowly as we passed by a semi on the highway. "I show you big...chrwack, R.
I show you big...chrwack."

I told her to be more precise by saying "semi-truck."

"Sheemai...chrw ack," she said.

When we saw the next one, she said "sheemai...chrw ack...sheemai. ..chrwack."

Then came several and she now reverted to "big...chrwack! Big...chrwack" again. "I show you big...chrwack!"

We passed by several cars. "Six  cars," she said.  Yes, she already counted them out. I verified that
number by quickly counting the two pickups and four sedans around us.

Then passed by a red semi.

"Fire!" she screamed out.

The little sister couldn't quite speak much yet. She's counted up to 2 in Hmong but anything else she
couldn't utter. Well, I thought that, but at home I handed her a toy banana and she said "na-na; na-na."
Her maternal grandmother thought this little girl knew how to say "squirrel" in Hmong already when she
heard the girl say that. But the little one has referred to a banana instead.

While on the hay ride going around the orchard, red apples of many kinds--honeychrisp, Halralson?, etc.--were hanging on well-lined up
trees. "Apples," I said to the little sister.

"Aaaaa-aaaaa," she said and stopped there.

"A-p--p--p-po...Apple," I said slowly.

"Aaaaa-aaaa," she said again.

"Paa-paa--paa--po," I said to her. "A-p-p-l-e."

She just stared at the lines of fruits as the tractor was pulling the hayed cart along.

At the petting ground, we saw sheep, goats, llamas, cows, and chickens. She wouldn't go close for photos. But when
I said "goat", "sheep", and "llamas," she said "maaa-ma." Then I said "me es," and she said "es-es." Couldn't go beyond
the simple vowel and the m, which probably stemmed from the "mommy" or "mama" that she grew up with right at home.

"Red apples," said Cousin 4. "Green apples...Chewe es! Chewees!"

"Firmer! Chrwackter!" she said on. "Firmer! Chrwackter!"

Online Journal / Re: The little girl's cousin now starts her journey
« on: October 01, 2022, 06:08:31 AM »
I had thought of Cousin 4 as a very physically-strong little lady, especially when she's
niece to that Olympic Gold Medalist,
Sunisa Lee. This little girl has climbed chairs,
sofas and other high places since she started crawling.
She has balanced herself very well, too, and have never fallen
from any of the places she has climbed onto.

But now I'm more willing to put my bet on Big Girl's little sister. At just a
little over a year, she has
walked and snapped out of crawling. But she has climbed tall chairs and
continues to try, despite falling and crying a few times. But what has impressed me the most is her
right hand grabbing large items: a cup or glass, she grabs the side and raises it up like Spiderman
holding a tank; a large granny apple, she grabs the side and raises it up to me; a
gourd, she grabs the side and raises it up to me; I give her
a big glass of water, she holds onto the side and drinks from it, etc. (I can
tell by now she is a right-hander. Cousin 4 has been writing and drawing more
with her left hand (she has been doing that since her scratching days), so she likely could
be a left-hander.)

When I took them to McDonald's yesterday and the server gave us a plastic cup for water, the
little ones were fighting over it. Cousin 4 was using both hands to pull it from the little sister, who
was just holding onto its side with her right hand. Cousin 4
had to yank it a few times very hard to take it away from the little sister. At first, the little
sister managed to pull it off Cousin 4's hands. Then Cousin 4 yanked harder and succeeded.
But that didn't come with ease.

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