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Ain't going anywhere regardless of when...

Yeah.  He must have something else in mind. Are you going to reward him back with some sweetness, BNM?

Creative Writing / Re: Joint story-writing
« on: Today at 06:05:30 PM »
But a vision flashed through Jonas's mind that Sam was his rescuer whenever the former was in any kind of trouble at all. Sam has been like an accompanying spirit who not only knew Jonas too well but who also seemed to read Jonas's subconscious even more than Jonas himself.

Ten years ago, Sam ordered Jonas out of an imminent, burning skyscraper. Seven years ago, Sam snitched on a robber to allow Jonas to pull out his pistol in time to put the robber in flight.

Images of Sam would not be invoked unless Jonas's life was threatened.

Five years have passed that Jonas had not been in the jam. But this Yard call? Jonas felt quarantined. In fact, more stuck than just quarantined. He had no physical means out of this Yard. Conjuring Sam now frightened Jonas that this was no ordinary Yard visit but a failed reliance.

General Discussion / Re: Everyday Lunch Post
« on: Today at 12:07:20 AM »
The family and friends gave me all this after we already ate another one. So, I cut part of it up and gave the rest to a family that didn't have a Thanksgiving meal.

Serious? Is that even fair?

Online Journal / Re: The little girl's cousin now starts her journey
« on: November 24, 2022, 07:52:21 PM »
Of course, at 7:40 p.m., I insisted that we study.

"Study at home," Cousin 4 said.

"We study here.  I have things to study here."

"I study at home," she said.

But soon when I started serving dinner, she said she wanted to "go to Mommy house."

"No. You kov kom here," I said.

"No. Go to Mommy house."

I tried to bribe her with some chicken noodle soup. She at only two spoonfuls and said "go to Mommy house."

A video of her reversed demand was sent to her mom.

"Lol. You two are so annoying, now arguing," she texted back.  "Bring her home."

But her mom didn't seem too thrilled to have her back.

"No rush though," her mom texted.  "We are just home, not going anywhere. But see if you can convince her in another way to stay..."

I started dressing her up but gave her some papers and a pen. She sat down on the desk I have for all of the little ones and started drawing circles and heads with dots for eyes, mouths and noses.

Online Journal / Re: The little girl's cousin now starts her journey
« on: November 24, 2022, 07:09:33 PM »
At our Thanksgiving gathering today, Cousin 4 wouldn't go home anymore. She
wanted to go to my place, partly because I have a kitchen set for her to play with
but partly because she must be so tired of her own home.

Her mom insisted that she go home, however, so her mom threatened that
Cousin 4 would be severely punished when she got home for behaving this
way.  Whether the girl understood that or not didn't matter to Cousin 4. She
 just said "bye-bye, Mommy" as she clung to me.

Despite  her mom's demand that "let's go home," Cousin 4 continued to say "no, no, no!"

I tried to speak softly to  convince her that "you come to me tomorrow ok? You go home with
mommy now! It's okay."

Yet she would continued with her strong utterance of her exclamation! "No!"

A fight over ten minutes or so, her mom gave up. She passed the car seat and Cousin
4's backpack of all goodies and toys to us.

At a group text later, her auntie said that Cousin 4's mom wanted to slap her on the face
for that behavior.

I said that would never and should never happen.

At my place, she played with the interactive kitchen set while I worked on the computer. She knew
not to disturb me.

Of course, my focus is not to build her into a future housewife who is good at cooking. But it appears
that she enjoys such toys so much that it's just impossible to please her in any other way. She does
have her study times and she knows all of the alphabet letters as well as counting both in English and
Hmong up to 20 and 10, respectively. Plus, many nouns around the world, including the moon, stars, and
the sky and cloud. Details she learns about cooking and kitchen items will only build her skills and
vocab for the future in other areas of life.

General Discussion / Re: Trying to match speed with highway numbers??
« on: November 24, 2022, 02:32:07 PM »
Not as speedy as our Minnesota "Tillie 205" did with his bike.

Yeah. 205 was his speed. That's how he got that nick.


Same old place.

Online Journal / Re: The little girl's cousin now starts her journey
« on: November 24, 2022, 02:17:56 PM »
I had returned home and let the girls stay with their families another night.

But around 2:00 p.m., I got a call from their maternal grandmothers that I
should get something from Culver's and take to the girls for lunch. "They are
very hungry now," she said.

Cousin 2 came on the phone and told me what she wanted: "Cheeseburger with mayo and lettuce and 'can I have root beer'?

After whispering to her paternal grandmother in the background, Cousin 2 said "and medium fries."'

Came Cousin 3 who said, after a long pause, she wanted "lemonade, chicken tenders and medium fries."

"I want lemonade, cheeseburger with mayo and no lettuce," Big Girl said. Then came "and large fries."

I asked, "What about the two little ones?"

Big Girl said, "NiNi doesn't know what to tell us. But (Cousin 4) already went home."

The girls were at Big Girl's family's home.

"And the adults?" I asked.

"We don't want anything," said a grandma from the background.

I did put in an order for "family fries" in case the adults wanted some foods, too.

Twenty minutes later, their grandma called and asked where  I was and if I was near Culver's. I chose the location closest to them and was still driving there.

I told her I would be there in 20 minutes.

But ten minutes later, she called back and said "[T]hey are very hungry now, Big Girl especially."

I told them I was just waiting for the foods and would be there soon. Within 10 more minutes, I got to their house.

Online Journal / Re: The little girl's cousin now starts her journey
« on: November 24, 2022, 02:04:41 PM »
NiNi has a very pecular way of doing things.

Last week, the little ones' families gathered at Great Wolf Lodge and I visited them on the second day.
When I got to their joined rooms, NiNi was leaning onto a pillow on one of the beds while feeding herself
with her bottle. She didn't turn to greet me or anything. I looked her and she was just focused on feeding.

I turned to instruct the other girls that they should have other casual clothes and not their swimming
suits on, since NiNi's dad was taking us to the cafeteria downstairs and not the swimming pool.

Cousins 2 and 3 quickly slipped onto other clothing over their swimming suits.

NiNi quickly threw her bottle away and raised her arms to me to be picked up. Then she pointed to
items around the room for information. I walked her to the window and let her look outside to see
the roof below and also cars running on the street. "Pib pib ntau ntau os," I told her.

She couldn't say anything but I knew she was registering the information.

No matter how far I've moved, this dot shows I'm not moving at all when seen from above.

General Discussion / Re: I can't cosign to the pro-choice argument
« on: November 22, 2022, 01:09:43 PM »
Many parents are irresponsible and don't know what the role of a parent is. Their kids must be suffering quite a lot in life.

I'm not taking any position on pro-choice/pro-life issues.

I saw a bunch of turkeys crossing the road the other day. One was limping. So, I slowed down to let them pass. I think I've forgiven over 10 of them. But I know Joe Biden will forgive just one this year. :2funny:

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