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Nothing can buy true love, can it?  :'(

If love can be bought, it's not love.

I just happened to come across the show the other day, BNM. I watch the short episodes. Anything beyond 15 minutes and I pass.

The octopus in this video is too focused on the crab, it has forgotten about its own safety.

Online Journal / Re: The little girl's cousin now starts her journey
« on: January 16, 2023, 05:52:05 PM »
All of the cousins gathered with their parents at my place today, because they have agreed to a squirrel feast...shrimp feast, I mean. Held by my sister for the spirit of that famous black something Jr.

The cousins enjoyed one another so much, they all sat down in the basement to a long talk among themselves.

But Cousin 4 wanted to go outside for the "muddy puddle," which actually is snow slush due to the warmer 37 degree temperature and some constant drizzle today.

When we went outside with Cousin 3, Cousin 4 wanted to go into the deep snow. "I want to go over there," she said.

I was reluctant to let her go there. But I felt going there might build courage and confidence and it would be really fun. So, I asked how she would go there.

"Help me, R!" she said.

"I want to go there, too," Cousin 3 said.

I had my shoes and a warm-enough pair of pants but a light shirt only. So, I didn't quite want to carry her over the pile of snow that I had stacked up by shoveling the driveway.

"Cherry me, R. Cherry me!" Cousin 4 said.

I carried her over the ridge of snow from the driveway and put her onto the heavy snow pile in the garden.

She struggled to walk around the snow, making deep holes around her. Then she leaned backward onto the snow and laughed!

I asked if Cousin 3 needed me to lift her over the pile. But she said "no" and made her way over it to where Cousin 4 was bathing.

They both walked around the snow, lifting one foot after another and leaving holes all over.

Then Cousin 3 came out of the deep and said she wanted to go home because "it's too cold."

"Help me, R! Help me!" Cousin 4 yelled at me. 

She wanted to leave the deep but couldn't. One of her feet was stuck in the snow while the other was struggling on top. She tried moving a few times but couldn't. So, I had to grab her and lift her up to walk back to the deck for her to walk inside.

The adults heard NiNi cry in the bedroom and I was told she was just up from her nap. I walked there to pick her up.

I lifted her out of bed and was turning towards the door.

She pointed behind me and said "Ej Ej."

I looked back and saw that Ej Ej was struggling on the floor to get up from her pillow bed.

I lifted both up to the living room where the adults were.

"I'll take Ej Ej," said Cousin 2 and 3's mom. She lifted Ej Ej out of my left arm. "The other one won't want me," she said.

They all know that NiNi would cry around those cousins' parents and Cousin 1's dad.

I walked NiNi over to Big Girl, who was sitting on the sofa near her mother.

When things are damaged, you relax, Rock. Cuz you can't be active anymore.

Never heard of that movie before but will watch it. I'm also going to try to watch "Hystoria." Unrelated but it tells women sexuality or something.

General Relationship / Re: How men lose interests
« on: January 16, 2023, 08:38:33 AM »
use to wonder why the og's keep saying marry a girl with good work ethics, well manner, and etc...lols i understand now. todays married couples fight over who's turn to wash the dishes and many married men have to cook for themselves. ;D

I love cooking but I'm not fond of washing the dishes.

Where does that put me? :2funny:

That can't be true. Then the French wouldn't be drinking alcohol every meal.

Check out Judge Lake's hearing on it.

"...I know what you mean," the judge tells the man.

General Discussion / Re: Everyday Lunch Post
« on: January 14, 2023, 07:02:25 PM »
If you remove the shells before frying, they are easier to eat.

General Relationship / Re: How men lose interests
« on: January 14, 2023, 05:29:30 PM »
I met a White guy at a gym some years ago. He told me he used to date a Hmong girl but he was turned off by her trying to impressive him with her household chores...she washed the dishes, cleaned the house, did the laundry and so many other chores...but didn't pay attention to his romantic interests. :2funny: :2funny:

General Discussion / Re: Everyday Lunch Post
« on: January 14, 2023, 04:34:37 PM »
Now we are talking! My favorite!

Laab dip and gang kome. With Beer Lao!

When I was in Laos years ago, BeerLao wasn't that popular. So, I didn't even drink it. I didn't drink Singha, either.
I was just not into those then.

But back in Minnesota, I wish I had had some. I was thinking of going back for it. But
a nightclub in Brooklyn Center already started selling it a few years back already. Someone
already got rights to bring import it into the U.S. just like Singha has been authorized.

But I've forgotten what it tastes like. Gotta go back and try it again...despit e any alcohol content that experts say can be bad.

General Discussion / Re: Everyday Lunch Post
« on: January 14, 2023, 04:30:43 PM »
Dim sum 

Those crispy pork bellies look so good!

Local & National News / Maine wins its first Megamillion jackpot!
« on: January 14, 2023, 04:07:23 PM »
Never before has Maine won any jackpot in either the Powerball lottery or the Megamillion lottery.

Yesterday, the winning Megamillion jackpot ticket was bought in Lebanon, Maine, the news says.

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