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Yep the photos are all about the experience and memories:

Also good to see Black/White couples in such a rich White area

Lots of Trumpers don't like these migrant workers and complained that they are stealing jobs from Americans but do any of them want to do this kind of work?

NOPE, not even at their master's rally  ;D:

...the Cybertruck's glass  ;D  ;):

Woman Arrested for Smashing Windows of Cybertruck Ice Cream Truck

Out in wild Ohio, a woman has been arrested for allegedly smashing the windows of a Cybertruck out of which someone ran an ice cream stand.

As Dayton's WHIO local broadcaster reports, a 29-year-old Indiana woman was arrested earlier this week for clobbering the futuristic-looking Tesla truck used by the owners of Cyber Cream Dayton, a seemingly mom n' pop ice cream stand operated out of the back of the vehicle.

According to the owner of the Cybertruck, he was alerted to the sound of glass breaking by his home's Ring camera.

When he went outside, he saw the woman drive up into his driveway, get out, and start hitting the car — which apparently had two children inside it — and then get back into her own and drive away.

"They were both crying," the man told WHIO of the kids, whose relation to him is unknown. "They just witnessed something really bizarre and strange happen."

Charging Up
Just minutes after the incident, police found the woman nearby and arrested her on a misdemeanor vandalism charge. The man who owns Cyber Cream Dayton told the local broadcaster that he's not going to press any additional charges against the woman, who he'd never seen before she went berserk on his electric truck.

To make matters worse, the man who owns Cyber Cream Dayton said that because of the expensive damage done to his Cybertruck during this "random act of violence," as he called it in an Instagram post, he and his wife will be unable to continue running the business that only got up and running in May.

"Within 30 seconds," he said, "our business was torpedoed."

While a lot remains unclear about this story, including what the woman hit the car with and why there were children in the car while the man was seemingly indoors, it nevertheless sounds like a pretty jarring incident.

Adding kids into the mix makes this story all the scarier.

"I feel really sorry for the children," the Cyber Cream Dayton owner said, "and we just really wish the best for everyone, we want everyone to come out OK with this."
General Discussion / Some like 'em young
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Former Connecticut school employee accused of sexually assaulting 11-year-old boy now faces federal charge
The federal government has now joined state officials in charging a former Connecticut school employee accused of sexually assaulting a child in Columbia two years ago. Officials from the Connecticut U.S. Attorney’s Office, Connecticut State Police and FBI on Tuesday announced that Alyson Cranick, 43, of Columbia, has been charged federally for allegedly enticing an 11-year-old boy to engage in sexual activity with her 2022. Authorities said the boy — who Cranick reportedly exchanged more than 4,700 Discord messages with over a four-month period — repeatedly sneaked out of his house after midnight to engage in sexually explicit conduct with Cranick. In November 2023, state police charged Cranick — who authorities said made the boy a bracelet with the acronym "BFFLWB," meaning “Best Friends for Life With Benefits” — with sexual assault, risk of injury to a child and impairing the morals of children.Crani ck was released on the condition that she could not have unsupervised contact with minors.
..sometimes even in front of their wives...

Still an inconsiderate douche bag but at least he asked..

Husband requests permission to be with other women until wife is further along in pregnancy

A man has decided he does not want to wait for his wife to be further along in her pregnancy before being intimate again.

In a recent Reddit post shared to the popular “Am I The A**hole?” subreddit, his wife explained that she was currently eight weeks pregnant and her doctor had recommended the two of them “not have intercourse” until she reaches 13 weeks.

The time frame didn’t bother her due to the couple having two miscarriages the year prior. However, she wrote that her husband had asked her for a “hall pass.”

A hall pass, a slang term in relationships, allows a person to be intimate with someone else as long as the two individuals in the relationship reach an agreement. Some couples take the term further by providing a list of certain people, typically celebrities, that they can use the hall pass on.

“As excited as we both are, my husband decided to ask me for a hall pass to have intercourse with another woman since we cannot. He believes it is just sex nothing more (me: rolls eyes),” the woman wrote on her Reddit post.

She continued, explaining that her husband told her that despite wanting to spend his life with both her and her children, he asked for this because he “has needs.”

“I of course got extremely upset and refused. I told him we could get a divorce and he could be with as many women as he wants. In case anyone wants to know, no he’s not cheating. We are together literally all the time,” her post concluded before asking commenters for their own opinions.

After posting, the commenters went on to defend her, and label her husband selfish for not wanting to wait.

“This is just unbelievable. It cannot be real. He thinks he has the right to cheat because you can’t fulfill his needs for five weeks? There are going to be much longer periods when you don’t have sex once you have kids. And he will cheat, he clearly thinks he has the right to,” one comment began.

“Even talking about fulfilling needs is gross, he does not have rights to your body, you’re a person not a sex machine. Everything about this is ick. I’m so sorry, idk what to say. You’re married to absolute garbage.”

Another commenter agreed, writing: “It seems like your partner is confusing wants with needs. Marriage isn’t a convenience store where he can pick up an extra packet of ‘intimacy’ when the home shelf is empty. If he can’t handle a short-term change in your relationship dynamics, that’s a big concern. Remember, it’s not just about enduring the coming weeks, it’s about building a foundation of trust and respect for the years ahead.”

A third commenter noted how much she needed her husband’s support during this time period.

“And wow, he chose your most vulnerable time to hit you with the ‘I have needs’ speech??” they wrote. “Like you are carrying your child. You’ve had two miscarriages and he can’t wait five weeks?? He has ‘needs’? Well, OP, you do too. And so does your future child. Dude has shown his true colors and your response was perfect. I hope you double down and defend your castle. He doesn’t deserve you.”
Las Vegas man arrested for fatal hit-and-run after daughter calls police

The Las Vegas man accused of a deadly hit-and-run over the weekend refused to turn himself in until his daughter called the police, according to police documents.

On Sunday, June 21 shortly before 1 a.m., officers with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department were called to East Harmon Avenue west of Paradise Road after reports that a vehicle hit a pedestrian.

Callers told 911 that the victim was “not moving, was gasping for air, had no pulse,” and someone was giving the victim CPR, the report stated.

Witnesses told police that the victim was hit by a dark SUV with tinted windows. They also told police the vehicle left the scene.

Medical personnel arrived and took the victim, identified by police as Michael Price (AKA Renee Woods) to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries. A doctor at that hospital pronounced the victim deceased.

Later that day, police asked the public for help identifying the vehicle from the crash.

Shortly before 3 p.m., metro officers were called to an apartment in the 3200 block of Key Largo Drive after a person called 911 because her mother and father were having a heated argument.

The argument was regarding the fact that the father, later identified as Rigoberto
Online Journal / Re: The Not so private Diary of JonniJacco
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Yesterday night I have a dream.....

A beautiful Hmong woman said to me "kuv tos tos, koj tsis rov los, ces kuv twb mus lawm os"..... :-X

This afternoon, a co-worker and his wife stopped by to pick something up from me. He introduce his wife, and it was someone I use to know. Had a crush We talked, hung out a few times that was it, but I forgot why we lost contact...I think at the time I had 10 other girls to please...LMAO j/k...

I think we just kind of fizzle out and I ran out of things to talk or say to her...j.k, the truth was I think I left her hanging because I was a avoidant at the time...lols... .But we were both happy to see each other and made it known to her husband we knew each other...hahah
I had to joke to her, that I went through a few marriages since...lols Don't know why, people from older generations just seem more shocked if a Hmong guy is will into his middle ages and never been married before...I say get use to it, it's going to be the new normal....lols

Outdoors & Recreational Hobbies / Re: New fishing reel
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New Daiwa 2024

Daiwa PX BF70 BF Casting Reel  $350

Daiwa Tatula BF70 BF Casting Reel $240

A bit pricey but that's Daiwa bling blings.

General Discussion / Re: Poor thug is getting cyberbully...
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A 2nd term Trump, will mean more anti-Asian hate and crimes.

Many of his White supporters would love that because their hate on Asians and Blacks is strong. They follow and support Trump mainly because of his hate rhetoric.

As I've said, the Trump rally I saw recently were full of White folks, I say 99% White so pretty much all White all the time:

Hell, even his LGBTQ rainbow community supporters were White  ;D:

LOL...well there are some fish who can't see glass and will swim straight into the end of the tank.

...and then there are fish that see two trebles on a lure and will still bite it.  Just like that one fish that likes to bite on a bare shiny gold hook.
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