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General Discussion / Self Righteous Got Served
« on: June 08, 2023, 11:56:37 PM »
If anyone has blind eye to the fault that'll be the officers because they don't research before judging.

Speaking of butthurt... especially comes from you since you are responding in hamungKAREN's account. That's the reality unless you can accept. If is not then it's not my problem. As long as you keep mimicking my words as your own then you got nothing else to say differently because you're weak, pathetic man who has nothing to do beside trolling online to make yourself superior. Have a good day, faggot.  :2funny:

Surprising they don't know Sunisa.

That's because she has no mutual friend from JKnews. Even she did then she'll be invited.

I forgot the title, but I remember watching it. Soraphong is in Hmoob Thaib costume.

I found it on YT. It's called Jade Tiger. I'm gonna watch it later.

Who's started the real fight, Jean Claude or Dolph Lundgren?

Say the person who responded back and have the sensitive feeling to get butthurt. Yeah  :2funny:

What's she gonna do next? If she really that confident try a selfie with a grizzly bear.

General Discussion / Re: Is China trying to test out this theory?
« on: June 02, 2023, 11:37:01 PM »
I became an idiot after watching that clip. And now I cannot unlearn from the load of useless information.

:laughing4: He just exposed himself as a cheater.

I think they got that dress from this type of Hmong.

Have you watch the very old movie where the two actors, Norman Chu (Chinese soldier) and Sorapong Chatree (Hmong-Thai warrior), cast together? I forgot the title of that movie.

Norman Chu:

Sorapong Chatree:

Us Hmong are getting recognition from our Asian peers. Yay!!

Probably, Visualmon. She did play that Burmese chick in one movie. She must
have been introduced to the Miaos in Burma and Thailand.

What movie did she cast?

I think you confusing shaman
with those gay pedo child rapist Christianity of yours

 ;D ;D ;D

Shaman is just battling with spirits and keeping your spirits in check
There no preaching
You learn it from your parents how to be a good person

I ain't confused. I firmly believe I'm 100% spot on your statement when you recalled that your parents teach you.
Look at the OP title. Are you afraid of your past statement and won't take ownership of it?  ;D,414170.0.html

She bought that dress from the Miao village.

Poland?  ???

That's a military base in Kansas city.

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