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Marriage & Family Life / Can a door man hang with married women?
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I want to have sex with my doorman but we’re both married

I love my doorman. I am married and older than he is. He is married, too. I’ve known him for years, and I flirt with him all the time. He flirts back and gets really red in the face.

One day, he came up to my apartment to help me with something. I purposely had on a see-through slip. I wanted to kiss him. I did catch him staring at me, but he was very polite and didn’t try anything. I’m just wondering whether I should try to kiss him next time or try to stay away from him. He really makes me crazy.

...per pound that is:

General Discussion / Puberty hormones?
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14-year-old beat and sexually assaulted 91-year-old woman as she prayed, Florida cops say

The Marion County Sheriff’s announced an arrest in the beating and sexual assault of a 91-year-old woman.

On Sunday, June 9, around midnight the suspect entered the victim’s home, striking the victim, and then sexually battering her, deputies said.

Forensic investigators positively identified the suspect through DNA evidence.

On Monday, deputies arrested a 14-year-old for this brutal crime.

WFTV is not naming or showing the juvenile at this time.

Can't forget Thai:

Want a lighter workout? They offer yoga and such on board too:

One of the main advantages of new build homes is how energy efficient they are and it's especially an important consideration with the high cost of energy now:

Hawaii police tell holidaymakers to bring valuables in to the ocean with them
Waikiki convenience stores sell waterproof pouches that can hold a phone and other items

Honolulu police have suggested beachgoers to bring valuables with them into the ocean in a waterproof bag.

The force attracted a lot of attention on social media after they issued the warning to those holidaying in Hawaii.

“For those enjoying the beach, don’t leave valuables unattended on the sand. Instead, use a waterproof bag that you can take into the water with you,” The Honolulu Police Department said.

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