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I agree that you gotta do what you gotta do but......

I know a few people in my time who got serious with girls they met at the club and when things went sour, I was like, "but you do know you met her at the club right?".  Yeah, I know that good and bad people can be found anywhere but just be prepare to take the insults that's all lol. 

Rip, I'm sure the cops have leads already or getting leads soon.  You know sometimes they don't disclose this info to safe guard the strategy they are using to capture the bad guys. 

There is so so much more to it than just love, money, sex, education, etc. to make a marriage work and grow old together people. I see many young people today chasing after education, money, fun, etc. thinking to themselves that if they have this that they would be so happy and I just shake my head.  I once know a millionaire who said, she don't feel complete because she is unable to have a child of her own.  You can't have everything, if you understand this simple concept, you are already a head start and smarter than millions of people.   

General Discussion / Re: Where are these type of hmong girls...
« on: May 13, 2018, 09:34:18 PM »
Its not hard to find a hot or pretty Hmong girl.  What hard today IMO is trying to find one who is attractive but she respect her body and still haven't taste the rainbow yet.  You know what they say, "you can't turn a bad girl good".

Like Chris Rock says, "you don't want to ask how many men she slept with because you don't want to know, no matter what she say, its already too much for you lol"  Chris might be a comedian, but that is as true as it gets lol.

Looks like this family are Thai resident and RIP.  On the other hand sad that video like this don't stop Hmong American from going over there even when they know before hand that they are a walking target and the Thai authorities can be bought for a few thousand dollars to hush hush on the investigation.

Any country where the authorities can be bought for an amount of money is a no no IMO to travel too.   

Good for you.  In my life experience people only want what they don't have.  The rich want a happy family, the poor want to be rich, etc. 

I've have bought so many things in my life from NEW cars, tv, phones, bike, boat, etc and the truth is none of them really satisfied me.  The hype only last a few months, then I wanted new things again.  The only thing that really satisfied me was spending time with my wife, kids and family, making those memories, you know.  I'm not rich by all means, but I can afford most things people want from new cars to whatever. IMHO, I think you have to have a balance of things.  Too much money but no family is not it, great family but no money not it either, etc. I know people who have money and are single and they say loneliness is a struggle.  I know good family who says they living on paycheck to paycheck. 

Whatever it is, I believe if you have a balance of family, money, love, fun, etc. then you are in good hands.   

Here's the deal:  My mother in law has 10 kids, all the struggles she been through in life would qualified her 5x over the limit to be diagnosis as postpartum, but she not on it any disability for it.  The truth is, many Hmong today especially our elders who fled the war has mental health up the roof.  However, Hmong people are not wussies, we don't give up, we fight, we don't bow to mental health, so even when we should be on some kind of mental health disability, most choose not too.  We all know too well of many elders who we know personally who will not give up and keep fighting the struggles today, a sense of pride or whatever you call it.  Our elders are true fighters at heart, from torn wars, to re-locating, to losing family/spouses/children in Vietnam, to struggling in America with no education and language barriers...... .today you got all these Millennial retard who can't even struggle to stay awake in class to better educated themselves lol. They will sh1t themselves if given them a gun because war has reached their front porch lmao. 

You tell me which elders who you know, who was involved first hand in the war who don't have any nightmare, hardship stories or mental issues.  They all do, they just don't tell you about it because they are true fighters and you never care to really sit down and ask and listen.     

General Discussion / Re: I'm ashamed to be China looking man.....
« on: March 27, 2018, 09:31:36 AM »
The first time I ever encounter this in my life was at the Mall of America in Bloomington MN back sometime around 2004 or 2005.  My wife and I went to the mall and found a car just about the back out from a spot, so we stop and signal claiming that spot as ours once the person leaves.  Then all of a sudden a car came and stop on the opposite side facing us with no signal on and then a middle eastern guy got out from the passenger side and make his way to the spot we were claiming as ours.  So as the parked car pulled away from the spot the middle eastern guy walk and stand right on the spot claiming he got the spot.  My wife was furious and start cussing and complaining loudly to me and I said, its not worth getting shot over a parking spot and I drove off. 

Since that incident, I've encounter two more of the same incident in my time around the Twin Cities of the same color middle eastern people.  I think this kind of things started with people of Middle East origin, because in their country, its normal to do this, they brought the practice over to the US and all the idiots of all colors catches on uses and abuse it.   

Am I missing something here?  When you go to the comedy club you are going to here some real racist stuff and sometimes the comedian might interact with you borderline F with you too.  It's an act people, if you can't handle it just don't go.  Sad but I hope you guys don't go stabbing the Birthday clown at your kids bday party bc some of them are real BORDERLINE racist/in-appropriate/abusive too lol. It's an ACT PEOPLE and there are better ways to deal with it.  :2funny:

This is why my father always say, don't hang out with friends with short fuse, you gonna find yourself in some deep sh1t because right or wrong, they can't simply walk away from situation.  Choose your friend wisely people. O0

General Discussion / Re: Life is Great
« on: February 28, 2018, 07:32:09 PM »
LOL, I only listed the good stuff that really matters to me in the end. You know, the things I'm proud of. Trust me, I did a lot of F-up sh1t when I was younger and I'm not proud to list them.  We are all humans you know and no one ain't perfect.  Just enjoy life guys...... O0 

General Discussion / Life is Great
« on: February 26, 2018, 02:29:58 PM »
List or care to share some of the things in your life that makes you feel like LIFE IS GREAT SO FAR.

Mine are:

1.  Married to the same women all my life and did everything with her THE FIRST TIME together, like first time in Disney World, Las Vegas, Mt. Rushmore, see lunar eclipse, sleep under the stars, wrote and sing a song for her, have children with her, etc.

2.  All my children have college degree, all never saw Juvi and all are financially stable.

3.  I was able to retire financially stable.

4.  I donít drink, donít do drugs, donít gamble, not abusive and still very faithful the one and only women in my life.  I guess thatís why she's still with me today lol. 

Enjoy life guys, time is so precious, be appreciated of what you have and a loving family is so important.

General Discussion / Re: Just saw Black Panther (yes spoilers)
« on: February 22, 2018, 09:02:06 AM »
Still waiting on the pirated dvd quality version, its coming soon i heard.   

I don't go see these superhero movies because while most of them are good movies they are nothing in the realm of WOW, THAT WAS A GREAT MOVIE. 

Like, ShawShank Redemption, Triangle, The Matrix, Predestination, etc.  Movies like these will leave your mind boggling for days and you have to watch it again and learn new things you miss the first time.  Money well spent IMO.

General Discussion / Re: Finally, someone admitting the truth about Wealth.
« on: February 20, 2018, 10:24:01 AM »
I think it varies among people. Every study is different due to many different criteria just like a home inspection, two inspector will have two different results on the same home.  I know people with money and people without money and they both have many regrets. IMO, money never really buy true happiness instead it buys you luxuries.  You will never be happy because the more one has the more one wants and money can only buy things to certain point.  Being rich create insecurity. If you are rich base on a salary working for someone you will be working all the time and will miss out on a lot of things in life.  Rich people are still human and still feel sadness, pain, etc. so instead of feeling some of the struggles poor people have, they inherit other struggles that comes with having money.  For example like having a car.  Insurance, car tab, maintenance comes with it.  Having money is the same, certain things comes with it, its part of it and you canít shake it, you canít have one without the other.

Look at Hollywood today, there are millionaire everywhere and some of their struggles are never ending.  My manager at my last job who make twice as much always complaining that heís broke and drive the crappiest car out of the rest and Iím trying to get to where he is? No thank you Iím more happier making less, less headache, less responsibility and its enough for the family.  When the last time you got a raise and you celebrate then months later you feel the same like you still canít save money and you need another raise. The more one has the more one wants and always feeling insecure, the list goes onÖMillionaires no different.

I believe happiness is having enough money ďtxaus noj, txaus hausĒ.  MOST importantly having a loving family, spouse, children, etc.  IMO, the real TRUE Happiness is how you share yourself to the world.  On your dying bed nothing matters, not money, not how big your house is, not how many places youíve been to, etc, INSTEAD a self-evaluation of your walks of life and how righteous you were to the world, THE FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF, you know.  This will determine your true happiness before your last breath.

To be successful with school/colleges and professional careers you have to have commitment.  I know a few people who got their BA/BS, Master, PhD just from never giving up and commit.  They are not even the smartest people I know but they kept plucking away and after so many years they got it.  I also know many smart people who don't have commitment and they never finish college.  On top of having commitment your career or degree has to be a career that will pay well for example like medical doctors, pharmacist, Anesthesiologi st, etc.

In my experience most success people with professional careers are MOSTLY those who has a family, they got married have kids, struggle real life, went back to school and finish a degree in a career that pays well because they lived the struggle life already and don't like it.

If you have commitment you will get somewhere eventually in time.  You can be a smart person but if you are to lazy to get up and do anything, you will fail.  Apply commitment to most things you do and you will get somewhere.  For example like starting a new sport that you have no clue about, keep practicing, learning and plucking away, commit to it and in time you will be good at it.  However, commitment is like going on a diet.  Only a few will have the will to commit and lose weight, the majority will cheat and fail.  So yeah commitment is hard, it's very HARD.

Then again, just because you commit and in 10+ years you become a medical doctor and making good money that doesn't mean you are well-rounded and smart.  It only means you learn a skill and had a job, you still need a lawyers to help when it comes to law issues and you still need a auto mechanic when it comes to fixing your car.  That's why it always get me dumb-founded when I see Hmong people interviewing a Hmong doctor/official etc. and hyping him/her up like they are the smartest person.  They are only good at that because they did it all their life AND some of them are not even smart at it they just commit to get the degree or job.  Talk about fixing a computer and they just pause like WHAT?  Anyways life goes on......     

General Discussion / Re: tgif... things that you're excited for...
« on: February 16, 2018, 11:37:33 AM »
TBH, sex and traveling this weekend.  At retirement still doing my thang. Guys you wanna keep your relationship happy, GOOD sex is an important ingredient. O0 

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