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General Discussion / Re: Finally, someone admitting the truth about Wealth.
« on: February 20, 2018, 10:24:01 AM »
I think it varies among people. Every study is different due to many different criteria just like a home inspection, two inspector will have two different results on the same home.  I know people with money and people without money and they both have many regrets. IMO, money never really buy true happiness instead it buys you luxuries.  You will never be happy because the more one has the more one wants and money can only buy things to certain point.  Being rich create insecurity. If you are rich base on a salary working for someone you will be working all the time and will miss out on a lot of things in life.  Rich people are still human and still feel sadness, pain, etc. so instead of feeling some of the struggles poor people have, they inherit other struggles that comes with having money.  For example like having a car.  Insurance, car tab, maintenance comes with it.  Having money is the same, certain things comes with it, its part of it and you can’t shake it, you can’t have one without the other.

Look at Hollywood today, there are millionaire everywhere and some of their struggles are never ending.  My manager at my last job who make twice as much always complaining that he’s broke and drive the crappiest car out of the rest and I’m trying to get to where he is? No thank you I’m more happier making less, less headache, less responsibility and its enough for the family.  When the last time you got a raise and you celebrate then months later you feel the same like you still can’t save money and you need another raise. The more one has the more one wants and always feeling insecure, the list goes on…Millionaires no different.

I believe happiness is having enough money “txaus noj, txaus haus”.  MOST importantly having a loving family, spouse, children, etc.  IMO, the real TRUE Happiness is how you share yourself to the world.  On your dying bed nothing matters, not money, not how big your house is, not how many places you’ve been to, etc, INSTEAD a self-evaluation of your walks of life and how righteous you were to the world, THE FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF, you know.  This will determine your true happiness before your last breath.

To be successful with school/colleges and professional careers you have to have commitment.  I know a few people who got their BA/BS, Master, PhD just from never giving up and commit.  They are not even the smartest people I know but they kept plucking away and after so many years they got it.  I also know many smart people who don't have commitment and they never finish college.  On top of having commitment your career or degree has to be a career that will pay well for example like medical doctors, pharmacist, Anesthesiologi st, etc.

In my experience most success people with professional careers are MOSTLY those who has a family, they got married have kids, struggle real life, went back to school and finish a degree in a career that pays well because they lived the struggle life already and don't like it.

If you have commitment you will get somewhere eventually in time.  You can be a smart person but if you are to lazy to get up and do anything, you will fail.  Apply commitment to most things you do and you will get somewhere.  For example like starting a new sport that you have no clue about, keep practicing, learning and plucking away, commit to it and in time you will be good at it.  However, commitment is like going on a diet.  Only a few will have the will to commit and lose weight, the majority will cheat and fail.  So yeah commitment is hard, it's very HARD.

Then again, just because you commit and in 10+ years you become a medical doctor and making good money that doesn't mean you are well-rounded and smart.  It only means you learn a skill and had a job, you still need a lawyers to help when it comes to law issues and you still need a auto mechanic when it comes to fixing your car.  That's why it always get me dumb-founded when I see Hmong people interviewing a Hmong doctor/official etc. and hyping him/her up like they are the smartest person.  They are only good at that because they did it all their life AND some of them are not even smart at it they just commit to get the degree or job.  Talk about fixing a computer and they just pause like WHAT?  Anyways life goes on......     

General Discussion / Re: tgif... things that you're excited for...
« on: February 16, 2018, 11:37:33 AM »
TBH, sex and traveling this weekend.  At retirement still doing my thang. Guys you wanna keep your relationship happy, GOOD sex is an important ingredient. O0 

General Discussion / Re: Btw, Fl Shooting Happened under Democratic Mayor
« on: February 16, 2018, 10:54:46 AM »
Most of these school shootings are kids shooting kids.  The reason IMO is because kids today have it too good across America.  Look, back in my time in High School I have to work right after school and summer comes around I work summer jobs.  I don’t have time sitting around free loading on my parents doing nothing but chit chat on social media and planning sh1t.  My plan is how is I going to get some money so I can buy me something or get something to eat.  Look, people going to come up with excuses about this and that?  Truth is 30+ years ago, bullying was worst and the schools just laugh at it, access to guns were less strict, when you get bully you don’t turn into a wuss and start to shoot up places like today, instead you work harder to become better (Bill Gates and many others).  I know a lot of teens today who just sits at home free loading from their parents with no future goals chit chatting on social media planning sh1t.  I mean if all you do is sitting around because mom and dad got everything covered, you got a lot of thinking to do and lots of time planning sh1t.  When you are always struggling, working, making sure you have enough you don’t have time to sit and think about planning things like shootings and stuff.  On top of all this the Law in America supports children.  Good parents who try to raise their kids are too afraid to discipline beyond just words.  Trust me, if you don’t feel pain, you ain’t afraid and that's the truth don’t matter how you argue this.  You can call me all the names in the world and I’ll just keep plucking away, but if you give me pain, I stop real quick.  Yes my parents discipline us sometimes with pain techniques, you know the Hmong sh1t, but I deserve that sh1t because I did some F-up sh1t.  That kind of discipline straighten me up and we never saw Juvi and it pays off.  Today, before you discipline your child you have to really think, “Am I going to get in trouble for this”.  Instead of you raising your kids, society is raising your kids because you need their approval.  Kids ain’t afraid of WORDS.  Mom and dad going to yell at me but I don’t give a F VS mom and dad going to woop my azz I better stop this sh1t. 

I do believe that the internet is to blame somewhat but its really comes down to how American kids are being raised today, the culture, the law, how disciplinary techniques are being view by society, etc.  Look truth is, MOST kids who grew up and acquired self responsibility, accountability and self discipline are the result of good parenting skills and they know where the line is drawn with their parents because they know when the azz kicking comes it ain’t funny.  So, yeah a little azz kicking in the right way goes a long way IMO.  I don't support child abuse, but you     

financial plan to paid off all my debt by summer time except the house, just invest in bitcoin crypto currency, buying some more dividend stocks, 2018 looking good. 

I keep saying soon Hmong people will view Hmong people as just another Asian person.  I mean its already started and going strong.  All my grand children don't even speak Hmong.  Lose the language you pretty much have no interest, ties, common ground with the culture.  It happens to the Chinese, Filipino and other Asian groups here in America, Hmong is no different. 

Never heard of her, that mean she not that popular or good because I follow/listen to a lot of popular Hmong American Artist.

Heard the comeback from Sounders and Paradise nothing moving.  Still waiting on KLS.

Sad when someone thought it thru and traded you and the kids for another D/Pusssy.  Time to leave IMO.  Anyways.......

Did she resigned, bc if she was a he, fingers would be pointing to resigned. Double standard violation at its best IMO. 

Mr, Forrest claim, "At no time did I ever violate my oath as a police office or engage in actions that would abuse the public trust."  REALLY, so you abuse your wife's trust and the public suppose to still trust you and that you never abuse the public trust.  I guess there are still some stupid public people who will still back you up on this for what ever reason so......oh well lol.  I guess that's why most cheater still cheats, just a matter of time bc there's a lot of idiots that will still back you up lmao.

Good sleep is important.  When I get on a good sleep routine sleep paralysis stops.  Now I usually get it once every 4 to 6 months only.  When I do get them, I don't feel the "evil presents" anymore, just can't move.  I was baptized a Christian as a child but I stop going to church for over 10+ years now and not a Shamanism either.  I believe in God the creator, but not in religion.     

Man those canes sure looks good.  I'm gonna eat a lot of them when I go to Cali this Dec for the Hmong New Year, can't wait. O0

Dr. Laura described men in the USA as “women with d1cks”.  But can we blame these “women with d1cks” though?  The law of the land is clearly in favor of “b1tches”.  The feminist/legal system is clearly there to criminalize the poor hard working men if he has the gut to throw any temper tantrum when his woman decides to have fun and get laid while he’s at work busting his azz off to support her and his family.  Unless you are Trump or other rich buts then b1tches of all kind would get in four without question.

I agree with you that the law favors women, the weather is bad, I hate working, not enough money, F the world....etc.   The first RIGHT move is.... REMOVE YOURSELF FROM THE THREAT. 

Many Hmong men today when found out that their spouse is cheating can't even get pass this crucial/vital/important part of RUN, to even have a chance.  If the house is on fire you run, if you drown you struggle to swim or for air, when guns starts to go off around you you run/duck, NOW....when you find your spouse cheating on you, she/he had already traded you for him/her, you already remove yourself from your cheating spouse. 

Just like a women who get beat up by her husband weekly, first right thing to do before anybody can help you is...REMOVE YOURSELF FROM THE THREAT. 

But all of this take courage, ballz, guts, boldness, etc and that my friend is what many Hmong American men today don't have.  Sad but true, just a bunch of sad wussies getting pusssy whoop daily and don't even know it lol. 

Right or Wrong, I'm not here to judge but what I do know is that these women has more guts, boldness, courage, etc than many Hmong men today in America who when finds out that their spouse cheated on them, they just start to cry like lil girls and still want to continue the marriage bc they can't live on without the cheating whore.

Even strong Christian Hmong men will deceive God/Jesus and go against the bible just to stay with a cheating biatch.  What's worst is if you are already being pusssy whoop in the relationship the result is beyond help.  Do I need to say more.......lma o. :2funny: :idiot2:


NO, saying that "all" are "rigged" is as ignorant as saying "UNIVERSALLY"...

Oh great we are being advised again by the guy who didn't know he was pusssy whopped at home all this time.  Still tackling the small stuff again and again not realizing the important things like, Better get a hold of the handle at home before further teaching/correcting others.

From a business point of view.....I wonder if all these Hmong concert fights are rigged by the organization/artist themselves including all those many fights in the past too.  Most fights breaks out 2 to 3 hours into the show and then show is closed due to fight interruptions.  Organization/artist don't have to do full labor/performance and still rack up the money.  Its a win win on their end.  If you get paid full 8 hours of labor for doing 2 hours, you win.  Just know lol.  Oh damn, I just gave organizations and artist some real good advise here lmao. :2funny:

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