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General Discussion / Re: This job sucks.....
« on: January 19, 2019, 10:25:00 AM »
Another one, RIP.  Another shot but will survive.  Look, being a cops pays well but if you didn't get to enjoy the pay then if defeat your goal in the first place.  There are more dead cops than it is reported, you have to search and the numbers is scary. 

You can argue your point for being a officer or taking a job where getting shot is the norm all you want.  IMO, when you love your family more than anything, you will take a normal job so you can enjoy life with them longer bc time is precious.  Okay, I know that there are those that put their career and dreams over family and will have excuses and reasoning up the roof.  Bruh, if your dreams was not to be with family then you don't deserve them, right.  Family is priority, career is secondary, get your priority straight people, lol.

Sad for those who do need the program.  As for poachers, I'm not worry about that, I'm worry about getting rob, shot, killed or in need of help while out there when their is no authorities and staff working.  It can be a messy or life and death situation IMO.  Just wondering what kind of psycho out there and what they are doing since they know ain't nobody patrolling.  Just be-careful.

General Discussion / Re: You know whats inception-y??
« on: January 12, 2019, 09:52:11 AM »
That is the reason why I keep saying.......d on't be so quick to judge other people and what they do in their country.  We think they crazy, they think we crazy, lol.

Just like we Hmong Meka think the MTT (Hmong Thai Teb) are F up in certain things and they think we F up too.

General Discussion / Re: This job sucks.....
« on: January 12, 2019, 07:43:02 AM »
Another one young officer killed couple days ago.  Some idiot came by and open fired at her during a car accident report that she respond to.  RIP. 

Like I said you are a walking target, if you get shot there's no surprise, you choose a dangerous career.  I rather work pushing papers or something beside being a cop or join the military.  I love being with my wife and kids too much to take a risky career like that.  I rather be a Lab Tech or Dental Hygienists that pays close to being a police officer.  There are better and safer careers that pays just as well. 

Good luck to those who have family in these jobs.  Every officer I know in my life time says, make sure to get a lot of life insurance.

General Discussion / Re: This job sucks.....
« on: January 11, 2019, 01:15:14 AM »
If you don't think being a cop is dangerous its all good.  I need to call the cops too when I need help.  However, I can never be a cop or join the military or any job where getting shot at is part of the job and all you do is hope that it just don't happen during your shift or your entire career.  I love my wife and kids too much to put myself in those risky line of work.  I mean, I got a pretty wife, some great kids, a nice house, I think God want me to enjoy this life until I get old, lol.  I rather push papers in a office setting and if I trip and fall and die, oh well so be it, just my damn luck.  At least everybody would say, it must be the work of God VERSUS being a cop and people telling you, you know you a walking target and potentially could get shot right.  If you get shot, not a shocker, everybody know its a dangerous job.  If my wife as a cop, I would be like, NOPE find another career because I just love that P too much, too risky that I might have to loose it too soon, lol.

Look is some life insurance ask for Hazardous Occupation, its because they know you might get shot and have to collect sooner.  This automatically tells you that your job is risky. They didn't ask that question just because, lol.

General Discussion / Re: This job sucks.....
« on: January 10, 2019, 04:55:53 PM »

there's RISK everywhere
you can die on your way to work by car accident
you can get kill at a movie theater
or mow down like animal at a las vegas concert
today might be the last day, you see your kids at school (Stoneman Douglas)

I know, but there are better job with less risk.  Example:  I live in a great neighborhood now for over 15 years and notta single scared straight incident.  I remember living in the hood back in the days and we were on our guard daily and got stuff stolen like bikes, grill, toys, etc. 

Total police officer killed on the job in 2018 were I think it was 150.  Guess how many people died on the job from carpentry or chefs or auto mechanics, etc.  Probably too low to notice and close to none.  So, yes you can die from anything at work, I get it, but being a popo don't pay enough IMHO. 

Those stripper looks good. 

Anyways we don't even bother going to any national/state park especially when there isn't any body working or enforcing.  Can't afford to get rob or caught up in a ugly situation with families.

General Discussion / This job sucks.....
« on: January 10, 2019, 09:08:59 AM »
Police Officer shot and killed on her first shift.

My thing is......

Who still want to be a police officer when society is always pointing fingers at them nowadays. A job don't pay enough if you have to wonder in the back of your mind about getting home to the wife and kids in one piece IMO.  I rather work in a office setting pushing papers, no hate from the public, no risking my life, better hours too. Yeah, people going to argue, follow your dreams......I'm sure nobody want to follow a dream right into getting shot especially at work. There are some safer dreams okay.

General Discussion / Cali people
« on: January 09, 2019, 01:38:24 PM »
Saw this post on FB:

California's new traffic fine rules were released on January 1, 2019:

Forget to carry your driver's license $214

Forget to change the address (more than ten days) $214

Uninsured car in an accident $796 and
driver's license revoked for 4 years.

Fail to stop at a red light or turning right at a No Turn on Red $533

Crossing a double yellow line $425.

Violation of the turn or U-turn $284.

Speeding 1-15 miles $224
Speeding 16-25 miles $338

Stop Sign but fail to stop $284

Pass the flashing light of a school bus $675

Talking on cell phone
1st time $76, 2nd time $190, and
same penalty even if you are just holding it in your hand

Not wearing a seat belt $160

Stopped at a bus stop $976

Driving with high beam lights (from 30 points) $382

Child did not wearing a seat belt or in a child’s seat $436

Tinted windows $178

Driving with headphones $178

Modified Exhaust $1000 EACH stop.

All of the above violations allow for you to go to traffic school for 8 hours. If you get a 2nd ticket within 18 months, no traffic school, you must pay the penalty, points go on your driving record, and your insurance rates will rise. You might want to review these with the drivers in your household to prevent any surprises.

I asked that question the other week...who the heck is this yujin dude :P ::)   Yasmi is walking around half naked and she's not even asking for a penny! O0 :-*

That's because Yasmi already did that years ago, learned her lesson and probably stop.  One of my aunts daughter paid $20 to take pics with Yasmi 2017 or 2018 Fresno New Year can't remember which one exactly.  My aunts daughter was just young naive at the time.  Sad but this tactics is use to attract those young and stupid one especially and a few idiots adult too of course lmao. 

IMO, I don't think its about being cheap.  Its about the Basic, the Fundamental and the Principal of it.

You are consider a Hmong star, you have many followers from kids, teens and adults.  I get it that they have to purchase the CD and DVD, but things like taking photos should be an automatic FREE.  Even at that, signed poster should be free also.  You will make all your fans day by giving free things like a poster.  This will go on their wall so they can look at your face everyday.  At least you can do is give it out for free.  Instead you charge people and yes.....the little ones get charge also for a picture with you too.....WOW, really.  Instead they should ask for a donation I'm sure people will donate if you are that money hungry, but charging right off the bat, Seriously?

I'm sorry but you ain't got class, don't earn my respect and many others too.  When these immature fans grow up to have a mind of their own later, they too will identify your greed, hunger and rip-offs.

Like I said, I remember a time when true Hmong legends, great Hmong stars who give out free signed poster and free photo taken.  These Millennial's will never live to experience that because all there is left are money greed so-called Hmong star nowadays.

I remember taking photos with KLS, Sounders, Paradise back when they were at their prime HOT and they never ask for money for photos and they give out signed posters for free too. 

These so called Hmong stars nowadays are all about money, don't even know why people bother to adore them.  I guess the idiots don't know any better right. 

It goes to show who truly earn respect and classy at best. 

General Discussion / Re: work place parties at a decline
« on: December 18, 2018, 12:04:17 PM »
Bro, relax.......yo u sound so uptight.

It may sound like I'm uptight but I'm really not.  All this is being able to identified the signs in anything.  Same thing as telling your kids not to talk to strangers, have them remember emergency numbers and what to do in case of a kidnap, etc.

All of this talk, pre-plan, conversation, etc. is not being uptight, its simply prevention and avoidance.  It will someday save your relationship if you know the signs and avoid certain situations. Trust me, things always happens when you least expected.

My wife who is a supervisor just gave a naive Hmong girl at work the heads up last two month ago.  This guy was hitting on her at work and she don't even know it and she is married and have 2 little kids too.  So when this girl ask my wife why this guy keep doing certain things that seem too nice and somewhat shady, my wife told her the truth.  My wife and a few co-workers have already saw the signs weeks ago but it was none of their business until she ask my wife that day.  My wife told me that girl don't even have a clue.  My wife said, since then the girl have kept her distance from this guy. My wife might of saved a marriage for all I know.   

I'm telling you, if you got a wife/gf working, especially if she's new to a job, you already know some of those guys at her work place are already trying to F her.  She needs to know the signs and stand her ground.  Don't be the naive one who is too relax, it could be your biggest fail.  Good luck.     

General Discussion / work place parties at a decline
« on: December 18, 2018, 10:25:15 AM »
A decline in office parties due to #MeToo

Both my wife and I agree long ago that the work place is a place to work but also a F-fest for many people.  Therefore, one must be very careful.  Office parties is just another invite to get to know people more and F, have affairs, one night stands, etc.  My wife and I would avoid our office parties at all cost unless its a must show.  Even then, we would not drink alcohol and be outta there as soon as it becomes pointless to stay any longer.  Sometimes we would here about the crazy things co-worker do at the office parties the day after and who F who, Yes, you hear that stuff.  Best thing is talk to your spouse/gf/bf about the red flags, pros and cons, etc. Know how to handle pressure, situations, who to look out for, who is being too friendly, too touchy, etc.  Example:  You going to the party, "Nope", problem solved, right. 

We both talk about this kind of stuff every once a year or from time to time as a refresher, yes a REFRESHER, just like company training, lol.  We also both agreed that if an affairs do happens, it is the will of the person wanting to do it because it takes two to tango.  Therefore best to divorce and don't use the kids as a leverage to stay for more suffering.  Glad that all those refresher pays off, as we both grow old together and still very much in love.

There's a lot of naive couples out there who goes to work everyday and have no clue of the signs.  So, talk to your spouse/gf/bf about this kind of stuff because the work place is also a F-fest, you heard the stories, don't be a victim.  Good luck.

As no one is perfect there are some qualities that is a must have and there are those that I can work with.  The list would be endless but here are a few examples...... .. 

Must have: (at least at average level)

Average looking with a pretty normal and level personality, good hygiene and stay in shape.
Average cook, love kids, good family values, family oriented.
Respect herself, her body, hard working.
Normal temper, big heart, supportive, caring.
Preferred Hmong and able to speak Hmong. (Not being racist here.  You put a awesome Hmong girl up against any other awesome race/ethnic at about the same/similar quality and I'll take the Hmong girl over them all).

Auto Turn off:

Like to smoke, drink alcohol, gamble, cheaters, greedy, murders, drugs, a egotist and the opposite of all the must have above and more…….   

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