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What if they want it but can't accept it..lols

OJ made the perfect frame. He did it, but made it look like he was framed. lols He would of been great at coaching. lols

China man even had his shades on. wtf? lol

Online Journal / Re: The Not so private Diary of JonniJacco
« on: April 19, 2024, 12:14:32 AM »
He shyly asked me if I could put down my contact info. He's applying for the police academy and needed a neighbor reference. I said, yeah, of course, I can do that. He became very enthusiastic. I asked him for his name. How old, and if he has a clean background. He said yes. I said we definitely need more Hmong police officers out there, esp. detectives. He said that he was leaning more into the swat thing, but thank me for the suggestion. I gave him some positive words. I can tell he was truly grateful. He was sent my way for my blessings. ;D

Seen this kid grew up, walk to and home from school. And this was the first time we ever spoke. His parents raise him up right.

I work at a place where majority of the leadership are far rights from far right states. They come and treat minorities like we're stupid and can easily be gaslighted.. Some goes as far as not even hiding their bias anymore. lols Once they realize we don't fuke around, they leave while mumbling who knows what. lols even the whites who has family history and roots here don't get along with these leadership who has been instilled far right idealogy. lols

what im saying here is, come to cali, live here for a few years, and you will understand why minorities don't support right wings. those right wings from majority right idealogy will change their tune so fast when they realize minorities are the majority and that we're not as dumb as they thought..lols. .all you gooks and chinks living in majority white places are probably just lucky, them whites don't know what it feels like to be the minority- just yet...lols

remember, californians lead the way. we know best how politics really work...lols if black people want to listen to gangsta rap and drug and sexually explicit music, let em, if Hmiggas want to be Hmiggas, oh wells...lols

Unlike Believe_In_Me as she has zero shame kicking her own mother to the curb..despite all the sacrifices her mom made over the years raising her "LOW VALUE" ungrateful ass.. :idiot2: ;D

ooo shit, fuke damn it...damn...fu ke...yo, you gotta tell me whassup man yo. shit..fuke... :-X

Online Journal / Re: The Not so private Diary of JonniJacco
« on: April 17, 2024, 11:40:44 PM »
Dear family, this is a message from the truth, the fate of this world does not lie in the hands of the truth, but in the hands of us as humans. Life here is very short, it is very temporary. Value what matters most. That is, the things money cannot buy. Love, compassion and faith. Choose your poison or choose your blessings.

This world we exist on, was first created for good intentions, but many have betray the Truth, It is speaking to us, it is indeed trying to save us all. Everything in the Bible is true. The signs are every where,............

Let the Truth set you free......

Online Journal / Re: The Not so private Diary of JonniJacco
« on: April 17, 2024, 10:56:49 PM »
I got there, but the store I was looking for wasn't there. At least, not anymore. I look around, and notice all the stores in the shopping center were all different from what I can remember from last time. I got confused. I started walking around and making small talks to strangers and asking questions where's the store I was looking for. They all look at me with confusion. "Burly what? Are you sure?" and "Hon, do you know where there is a Burlington store?"- "sorry, we're probably the wrong people to ask" As I walked more, I notice nobody, including myself had a cell phone. I walked into a housing complex, It look a little run down, and there, two men my age look at me. One of them complimented on my shirt, the other asked where I get my shoes. I was confuse, they were very normal attire. Nothing special. Probably even a little outdated and out of style I thought to myself.

I walked out and stop by a bleacher. When I notice 3-4 young boys, small but husky walking towards me with logs over their shoulders. Some little girls were playing joyfully nearby, and one of them came and asked me "are you going to help us build a tree house too?".

It was at this moment I knew, I was awake in this dream. Or was it a dream? I grew frustrated. All the roads, landscapes, and even street signs were the same or similar to how I remember them, but the stores, the people, and atmosphere was different. I knew, I have to close my eyes and fall asleep to get out of this situation. As soon as I fell asleep in this "dream", I slowly felt what might be my soul or spirite gliding back into my body and as soon as it settle in- I woke up from my...sleep.

The message here, don't take life for granted. Life could be worse, or less. In other parallel universes it is. And then the voice came to me "You got to do better, you can do better, you need to do better-some people would take your place in a flash in your current realm if they knew such exists....." :-X

*just for entertainment folks, this experience really happened, but maybe I was just high on caffeine, or had caffeine crash. LOL

But what if parallel universes do exists?

I always knew this particular Burlington had a place in my heart. The location, the energy. It's serenity and solace vibe. The calm it gives me in low moments. I'm not a fashion junkie but due to my work, I constantly need new shirts the past 6 years or so and this was the store.

Stop by today and the store is close up. They are moving to a new location.

I knew I wasn't crazy, the experience above was a premonition for sure. I'm a little sadden, but it's good to know the force is still with me. Haha

In the Lousiana swamps, "gook" means Oriental and "chink" means Asian. They don't know that its derogatory. Even the Asians there call each other gooks and chinks...lols

Tu siab is pain, and pain is weakness turning into strength. Or just don't care and continue on with

General Relationship / Re: Cheating: Avoidant vs. Narcissist
« on: April 17, 2024, 05:23:22 PM »
Chuck Norris?

the guy in the video looks like a young Chuck Norris. lols

General Relationship / Re: Look at this JJ!!!
« on: April 17, 2024, 05:21:51 PM »
Those two went out with a bang. Talk about true ride or die partners.

will need to wiki them up. I only heard bits and pieces of their story. haha

General Relationship / Re: Cheating: Avoidant vs. Narcissist
« on: April 17, 2024, 08:45:12 AM »
Damn it, Chuck Norris blew my cover as to why I never have anything lasting more than 3 months.  ;D

General Relationship / Re: Look at this JJ!!!
« on: April 17, 2024, 08:39:44 AM »
Ohh yeahhh, I was thinking about the time we were Bonnie and Clyde.haha

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