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General Discussion / Another lock down?
« on: November 19, 2020, 08:47:42 PM »
I hate to say it but it's ridiculous to be doing that now that things has got out of control. Let's just stop wearing masks and party like there's no tomorrow!

That's just what I want to vent. Between communist and democracy, communism is definitely the clear winner when it comes to controlling people and the well being of the country. We're so screwed because of our GREED and ARROGANCE. We're rank at the top for most infected people with corona virus.

Has anybody experience this before especially in the notorious Elk Grove Village, IL Distribution Center? I have a package that was supposed to get back to me in 2-3days. It contains important documents and passport and I need them immediately. It arrived and went thru sorting on Nov. 5, 2020. It repeatedly generates "Process Exception" alerts despite my countless intervention and complaint submissions. It is now, Nov. 18, 2020, and still stuck in circulation. I've completely lost trust in the USPS to resolve the problem and need to take matters into my own hands. Does anyone know if it's possible for them to kick it out of distribution and have a local post office or the police hold onto them for pick up? I'm already out of thousands of dollars for travel and medical facility. I'm ready to throw a tantrum to get the police and medias attention as a last resort for USPS extremely poor service and negligence. I've never had this much grief and anger.

Health & Fitness / Covid 19 Fit to Fly
« on: August 04, 2020, 09:16:50 PM »
Does anyone know any clinic or place here in the Twin Cities that can do a quick turn around Covid 19 examination meeting the 72hr flight departure time window?

Work Avenue / Resignation, why the please accept my resignation?...
« on: September 19, 2019, 08:11:16 PM »
Ok. So today, I had it with my work place. I have spent 11 years of my life working for the company, has always been considerate of the company and my coworkers well being knowing my actions can affect them, and even work my butt off filling multiple roles just to keep the damn company alive. Today, the manager actually had the gals to threaten me with a write up because I refused to obey his wrong instructions after talking back at him and contradicting him. At this moment, I don't feel like I can work with this incoherent bastard. All the people he hires usually has some kind of problems, usually never shows on time, or calls in w/no show, and sits around watching youtube. They don't show, he has to pick up the slacks and deals with angry callers. I understand he's got lots of stress and just got divorced not long ago too but to threaten me and claims he knows it all just pushed the wrong button. I'd put up with him long enough.

As of right now, I'm writing my resignation letter. My question is, why do I need to include this line, "Please accept my resignation..." in all likelihood that my employer will refuse to acknowledge it? Has this ever happened before where the employer refuses to accept an employee's resignation letter? If that happens what can I expect to do? I'd worked long enough to know that if my employer had someone just as capable, my employer would have replaced me long ago. But because they can't fill my shoes, they left me alone and don't even dare to fire me; Except for the manager. With my conflict with the manager, I believe it's best to avoid the bastard by handing my letter to some else up in the chain don't you folks think so? 

Wedding Rituals & Customs / Fiance forced or coerced into marriage
« on: June 15, 2019, 09:09:05 AM »
This is very personal. This year I'd traveled to Thailand and met the woman of my life. I knew she has ex bf and such but she has end it all relationships with them. Being with her there's nothing out of the ordinary. Our relationship bloomed, was going good and we planned on getting married in Thailand legally because I want solid documentations for petitioning a spouse. Even let the parents know my intent and they both approved. There seems to be no problems at all. But after coming back home for a little over month and she went back home to her parents house. After getting back, it's not long that someone passed away in the town so she went with her family to help out at the funeral. On the day of burial, I'd talked to her everything seemed normal, nothing out of the ordinary. But little did I know, that night her ex bf brought some people and had a night long discussion at her parents house. The falling morning, they'd held their wedding... I just couldn't believe it. I know most likely she was coerced or pressure into marriage and I know they do not have legal marriage paper works. I'm just so devastated and am going crazy.

So folks, what can I do at this point? I'm extremely desperate, need your help and advices especially on the hmong cultural part and should I some how able to get her to appear with me at Thai Amphur legalising marriage. Can I use that to step on these ogs? Anyone familiar with Thai laws please advice me. I'm crazy right now. I'd purchased my plane ticket in advance before all this happened. One way or the other, I'm heading over there. Can't stand still and sulking all day. I can't stay focus at work, my hands are jittering with rage, and restless...

Money & Investment / Bankruptcy
« on: August 04, 2016, 07:45:11 PM »
Anyone file for bankruptcy before, what is the process and what kind of situation you need to be in to even be considered justified? I have an idiot brother who thinks it's a joke or piece of cake to ditch his house which worth less than what he got it for. The catch is, I'm also a co owner. It's just going to be my arse on the line I guess, if he chooses to go through with it. Will this hurt me financially if he does go through with it? I'm sure a great deal of paper work will ensue and the changes of hand will likely involve money.

Here's the problem. I'd  this car for a long time, changed out the struts and shocks once already but now redoing it again and this time also changed out the lower control arms. After doing this my steering wheel is out of alignment, I've not touch or pull on the tie rods by the way. So in trying to correct this problem. I messed up the inner tie rod threads on the drivers side and end up chopping a good 3/4" because I need to be able to steered out of the garage. My problem is, I got myself one of those Pittsburgh inner tie rod removal kit tool and try to use it on it but this 01 Honda Civic  has a bolt right next to inner tie rod where it attaches to the rack and pinion. Each time you insert the tool to it, it keeps hitting the bolt. What kind of tools do you need to get this inner tie rod out without having to take the whole rack and pinion off? I pretty much gave up on it and called the shops, but they want $500+ with labor and alignment, excluding the parts. I'd already spent way too much money on what this car is worth already. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!

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