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I see some cosplays ain't erotic enough or not worth to drool for.

If Covid is either transmitter or air-borne annoyance we would've been dead by now.  :2funny:

he is a shyt human being
spreading misinformation

for politic internet point

Koj ua ib yam thiab ne.  :2funny:

If you know what the apple headquarter is like, it is like a clustered of many buildings together, looking and acting like a college campus.  We here at my work have about 10 smaller buildings and during the original roni and the delta, we only have a few buildings having covid.  Now Omicron and we all have cases popping out of nowhere. 

This only proves that you can run but how long are you gonna run away from this?  I still like my chances of not dying for being fully vaccinated.  By march, the Omicron booster is coming.  I'll take that too.   O0

You should vlog that and show us whenever you hit the jab. I'll clap for you plus give you an outstanding ovation award.  O0

Jokes & Riddles / Re: Joke that are actually true...
« on: Today at 02:26:33 PM »
True but pretty funny though.


I just type in Christian convert atheist
And there tons of youtube video

 ;D ;D

There probably

Christian convert to muslim and shyt


 O0 O0

**** scratching head ****

Who's watching now?

 :2funny: :2funny:


you the one that went off topic
next time when you go to your hmong butcher shop
to select the pig or whatever

pay attention to their NUTS
they have been all cut off

 ;D ;D ;D O0 O0 O0

i usually avoid hmong butcher shop and go straight to my farmer guy
his animal are 100% grass feed
my wife say his chicken taste the best!!

 O0 O0 O0

***** scratched head ******

Who's off topic now?

your timeline is off bro..

hmong village in st paul
in the veggie square where they sell fruit and veggie
behind there.. near the bathroom in the back
there is an old lady that sell hmong french money
she also sell hmong money bar like these

if you don't believe me just go see it for yourself!!

You should buy one for me then if you insisting. lmao
I thought ICE already have all the Hmong stuffs confiscated at the Hmong village. So I don't see any coin you mentioned.

Quav dev  :2funny:

Faith & Beliefs / Re: LMAO..... Church for Sale...
« on: Today at 02:15:16 PM »

i see alot of di  ckk drawing on the wall  :2funny:

                                         ***SCRATCH HEAD***

 ;D ;D busted

i don't know him
that's your people bro
from your neck of the wood

im sure if you snoop around
you guys are probably distant cousin or something

 ;D ;D ;D

He's yours too. So yeah  :2funny:

Faith & Beliefs / Re: Judge Against Own People
« on: Today at 02:09:07 PM »
Gay tiag

For the last several months I keep seeing two homeless dudes hanging out at the gas station. They probably have covid or not but they still kicking. Each day I keep seeing them.  :2funny:

They thought he got covid or something.  ;D

In an expanded survey of the publicís view of mandates and punishments to get people vaccinated, Rasmussen Reports found that Democrats even support fines, home confinement, and prison for those who fight the government on masks and shots.

29% of Demmies support taking children away from parents who refused to get the vaccine (I know a lot of fully vaxxed people that are covid positive and have same symptoms as those that aren't vaxxed)
78% of Demmies support companies  (more than 100 employees) mandate employee get vaccinated (this mandate was struck down by the SCOTUS as unconstitution al and OSHA has no right to do so)
55% of Demmies support the gov't fine individual who did not or will not get the vaccine.
59% of Demmies support home confinement for all unvaccinated (noticed that majority of Super Spreaders are vaccinated people)
49% of Demmies support jail time for opponents of the vaccine or anyone that challenged the gov't on the vaccine.
50% of Demmies support putting tracking devices on the unvaccinated

It gets worst... Those that supported the Puppet and continued to do so:
51% support the gov't putting the unvaccinated in quarantine facilities
54% support jail and fine for anyone criticizing the mandates or vaccine

Hmmm... are we living in Communist China/Russia? Is the Demmies/Lefties all about a Totalitarian gov't?

In bold red, that statement is true.

It seems like pressuring anyone to vax is pretty almost equivalent to Covid killing off the population. Sooner or later.
E.g. family members bickering over vaxxing until one of them get killed.

I keep thinking why didn't the homeless receive the same treatment (you know "pressuring") as those who have wealth (you know "money" "cars" and "shelter").

Something fishy going on here.  ;D

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