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Title: How to beat the Casino with MATCH PLAY - in craps
Post by: DuMa on July 01, 2021, 02:12:48 PM
Let me show you how you can get good odds in beating the casino with them Match play.  Match play is a coupon that the casino gives out through flyers or through many other avenues just to get you to gamble so when you do get a match play and it allows you to play it on craps, do my strategy. 

Here are my premises.  It is better if you get to roll so winning or losing is all in your hands.  Everyone get to roll and it goes in clock wise at the table.  If a guy is rolling and if spaces available, you go stand to his left so you can roll next. 

If you know how to play craps then this tutorial will make more sense to you.  I'm not gonna teach you how to play craps but do what I do with step by step methods. 

Now lets look at the craps table


Lets say you get a $15 match play coupon.  You put that $15 coupon plus your $15 of your own money on "Don't pass line Bar".  If you win this bet, the dealer will take away your coupon and will pay you $15 for your bet and $15 for the coupon.  Now you have $15+$15+$15 so you made $30.  This bet is a bet on the 7 if it rolls out after your first roll.  If you throw the unlucky 7 on the dice on the first row, you lose and this show is over.  If you throw a 12 on the first throw, you win and the show is also over.  If you throw any other numbers on the first throw, you are in the golden and we continues. 

Lets say the first roll is a 6.  That is your come out roll and they will put a spotter or white dot on top at the #6.  You know that if you throw a 7 from here on out, you will get payed $30 for your Don't pass line bar bet.  Now take $30 of your own money, give it to the dealer and say "BUY" number 5,8,9 at $10 each.  He will put your chips on top at them numbers on top.  We don't buy #6 cuz that is our come out roll. 

Now just have fun rolling and if you throw a 5,8 or 9, you get payed.  The idea is to throw as many times on your 5,8 or 9 before hitting your 7.  You make money getting 5,8 or 9 and even when the 7 comes out, you still get payed that $30. 

If you throw a 6, the house will take your coupon and your $15 bet but your 5,8 or 9 bet will stay there for the next sets of throws by the person to your left.  You still got action after that. 

So the worst that can happen is on your first roll, you throw a 7, you lose your $15 and the game ends there.
Second worst is your second roll, you throw a 7 and the game ends here with the dealer taking away your 5,8,9 bets but pays you for the don't pass bar at $30.  You are now even

If you know how to play craps, let me know if this is the best way to use them match plays for best odds.   O0

Title: Re: How to beat the Casino with MATCH PLAY - in craps
Post by: DuMa on July 01, 2021, 02:32:42 PM
I also asked them experts to see what they will say  :2funny:

once they approves my posting that is  ;D (

hot dayam, I'm already a criminal   :2funny:

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