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General Discussion / Re: Scorching HOT
« on: Today at 01:49:44 AM »
Three days ago there's a neighbor next to mine got their backyard almost burn to the ground because of dried grass. That neighbor didn't bother water their yard so the dead grass made the fire.
I look out the window and the smoke flood the whole neighborhood. Our neighbors got out the house to see the commotion.

It reminds me the fire incident in the city of Paradise. I remember the days when the huge smoke cover whole area in Norcal. The sky turned dark and not a single sunray pierce through dense smoke.  It took 2 weeks for the smoke to clear out. During those two weeks all residents including me had to wear medical mask to cover our nose. Dayum, the smoke was unbearable to breathe. My sympathy goes toward all residents of Paradise. These guys were generous and friendly to outsiders.


This is why you donít want to join them crazy nuts Christian
It will make you go crazy

 ;D ;D ;D

You said it yourself and you're one of them.  O0

hmoobpobzeb: there a lot of religious nuts in this country
nws tus kheej: you don't attend church so you don't know

I did went back and recheck again. Nope. There ain't single comment made by me going off topic.
It reminds me of someone who does the drifting. Yeah it's all hamungROCK himself talks about Salad Vang since he ain't in the news article that talks about a 3 yrs kid.
Let me refresh your memory just in case your dementia just got a lot worse.

I like salad vang exorcism better

 ;D ;D ;D


the demoncrat ainít in the white house
TRUMP and the GOP is

They been running this country to shyt
Time to vote TRUMP OUT

Insanely hilarious how your dementia came back from crypt. Democratic POTUS is Biden still running today and his terms haven't end yet.


Not everyone is a Christian
We donít believe in your GOD


Newsflash: If the Democrats are really Atheists then why there's a motto as quote on quote, "In God We Trust", on U.S. dollar bills. Every POTUS after the founding fathers is religious. They have to place one hand on the bible and the other hand raising in the air to swear an oath to serve his/her land and people.

Which guy are you talking about? So it gotta be another fictional character as your bipolar self.  I can see that there are numerous fictional characters you want to manipulate us all for instance your fake wife, fake uncle, fake girlfriend, fake cousin, fake account aka DaPurse.

I never bring it up
I was just responding to your reply
That you keep drifting

ofc you're responding which is why you're off topic instead of staying on course.

In order to tell the kaydoo that are siab zoo apart from the kaydoo that are siab phem IS definitely do with status quo.

For instance,

Lone kaydoo - minding his own business when traveling in any transportation with other people of colors from different religious background.
E.g. A black samaritan

Bunch of kaydoo in a group - acting like ravage monkey wrecking havoc on people and causing mayhem as they're looking for attention
E.g. teenage blacks

I'm sure you were doing that too you know.  ;D  O0

There's Mao Ze Dong currency among his collection. I wonder if hamungROCK can read Mandarin except using a Google translator.  Insanely hilarious. ;D ;D

It seem insane to you
Cuz you surround yourself in a echo chamber
Where everyone close to youÖ echo the same shyt

Than ROCKBOY comes along
He say he never see any GOD EVER

And it shatter your world apart
Cuz you know

You havenít seen him either

 ;D ;D ;D

Well, it's insane to everybody else too.  :2funny:
If you don't see him why bother bring him up right now in the first place. Yeah this is you talking insanely funny as you don't even know. 

Nah. You should check your posts first because each one are in exact order why your talking points are all about mostly fishing and fictional friends, but never the kid. :2funny:


Thats mental illness right there
I hope you get it check out

Go check out some of my ice fishing pictures

What i mean is
We never seen you post/share any pictures

How do we know you are not a COPY N PASTE TROLL SPAM BOT

 ;D ;D ;D

Wait a minute
I thought you say im from California
Your delusional dementia self canít make up his mind

I saw him already at the hmong festival a while back
Really nice guy


 ;D ;D ;D
Thats the only good thing

Come on now. Don't be salty when responding back, hamungROCK. We all know you love storing any kind of butchered foods in your precious freezer numerous times you have shown us of your genuine photos with a "P" sign.

Maybe if you get rid of your mental illness
And seek professional help

You might get a girlfriend

 ;D ;D

Don't worry too much about my mental state. Mine is already in stable condition.  ;D ;D

However, you should be worrying about yours. Every time you post something it seems entirely insane.  :2funny:


Neutral PH member, NtsesHnub challenged him to post more photos of Disney World, he just tuck and run because he also know he got caught posting fake FAKATION photos again..... ;D ;D ;D

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