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Outdoors & Recreational Hobbies / Re: New fishing reel
« on: July 12, 2024, 06:15:48 AM »
There's supposed to be a new 2024 Vanford on the way.

Outdoors & Recreational Hobbies / Re: Internet Influencers ????
« on: July 12, 2024, 06:12:46 AM »
I hate seeing how people net fish on the internet.  It's like no one knows how to net a fish correctly.  I always see people trying to scoop the fish with the net and fails.  Well eventually they do end up scooping the fish.

Outdoors & Recreational Hobbies / Re: Fishing Equipment Reviews
« on: June 15, 2024, 06:53:19 PM »
St. Croix Legend Elites Casting rods review

Comparing the 6'8" MXF with the 6'10" MXF rods. 

You think that a two inch difference wouldn't mean much but the way these two rods are built only looks similar.  The actual fishing action of them are kind of very different. 

First off, rod weights.  I list a few just for length and weight comparison.

LEC60MF 3.55 oz.
LEC68MXF 3.76 oz.
LEC70HF 4.60 oz.
EC68MHF 4.38 oz.
EC68MHF 4.19 oz. micro guide
EC610MXF 4.58 oz.

With rod weight, you begin to feel it more so when you fish all day and your arms start to get tired.  Or for us old folks, you feel it after 30 minutes of casting.  For a two inch length difference, there is almost an ounce of weight difference.  Imagine tying a one ounce sinker to your rod and whip it around.  You will feel the difference.  The 6'8" rod compared to the 6' rod is only 1/5th of an ounce difference.  Which is why it feels like a much shorter rod while in use but still gets a good distance for casting purpose.  The 6'10" rod compared to the Heavy power 7' rod is almost identical in rod physical weight.  It's not a fair comparison for casting motion feel because the Heavy power rod is just that, heavy versus medium.  However 6'8" to 6'10" lengths coparison you feel the difference after some use. 

In performance merits of lures, the 6'8" is much better suited for lures like jerkbaits or topwater lures like poppers or spooks.  The 6'10" rod is better suited for like shaky heads or spinner baits or our favorite Rooster Tails.  It's just slower in feel.  In addition when shaking the rod for like shaky heads, the 6'10" rod has a steady wave like resonance feel.  Also a little better suited for larger spoons as well.

The Game Room / Infinite Galaxy
« on: June 13, 2024, 09:31:27 AM »
Infinite Galaxy by Camel

I started playing this mobile game about a year after it's release.  I started out in Server 87 and played as a free player.  As usual, if the content of the game is not productive for a free player, it really doesn't have much merits for play quality.  Well I'm still playing it after two years plus even after multiple server mergers.  I have also become a micro transaction player, but only after two years.

This is a space warship strategy game type, real time simulation.  You collect and build a flagship and then build a collection of fleet warship.  You make or join an alliance in a guild fashion.  Donate to the alliance and level it up to allow more members.  A standard build your tech attributes at the alliance level, expand your territory om space. 

Early game strategy:  There is a simple campaign mode that gives single player a somewhat story mode.  This is where the free player mode is mostly focused on PVE.  There is also a flight shooter mode and is free player in design too, but is limited to how far one gets in campaign mode as well.  Now a big portion of the game is based on space exploration.  So you send your probes out and wait till the come back.  The further out you explore the more time requirement there is.  Plus some side quests comes from those exploration discoveries.  There is a limit to the campaign mode and it ends almost to easily.  The same for the flight shooter mode as well, but it is more based on the enemies that are just too powerful to shoot down in the time limit.   

Being a war strategy game, yeah you could shoot other players or become a victim yourself.  So there is a race to become stronger.  This is where paying players clearly have an advantage.  There is a VIP level bonus and of course paying for it clearly gives on an advantage.  Also giving that paying player the first flagship designed for PVP advantage.  In simplicity even the very first payment package clearly gives a player advantage.  Then there is luck when opening dropped gifts that may give one a bonus of a flagship or crew that defines one's stats.  For a free player, yeah one is at the mercy of whatever the games gives you.  For paid players, they can just buy the flagship or crew when such packages becomes available.  Of course there are only certain things that a paid player are given access to.

Like all online war games, there is a need for a base of free players that will always be fodder for the paid players.  Most free players will probably last about 6 months to just over a year of play time.  It's mostly because free player contents ends and it's no fun being shot down at every event by paid players.  Then there are whales that eat up everything the game has to offer.  Of course most free players hate them, but the reality is these guys keeps the game free for the rest of players.  One could say that high paying players probably spend about $5k to $10k a year on this game.  The whales are spending over $100k a year on this game.

There are routine daily missions.  There are weekly routines events.  There are monthly events.  Then there are tournament events.  All are design to drop certain materials used for becoming stronger.  Growing your battle strength through technological advancement and increasing your mining of resource amounts.

There have been many changes, as online games goes.  Certain contents are gone forever while new contents become the core of the game.  There are certain events that have been a once only and that's what makes online games unique in their own rights.  There has been one cross collaboration event featuring the anime/manga Legend of Galactic Heroes. 

Leader of the new Zombie Apocalyptic Society,....studies:D


Three Body.  translation is terrible and that's about it.  Science is broken.  This is about major flashback making contact with an Alien race through some radio wave transmission originating in red China.  This all happened in the past, I forget what exact year it was,...The first few episode was captivating but it just seems to drag on and on...Some of the best episodes were about when they went to play the virtual MMO game.

Three Body Problem.  More up to date and international in English and some UK English, but just some hint to the Three Body originating in red China.  Much better explanation of things and mostly it's in English.  First few episodes were kind of lame, but around episode 4 through 6, it was a lot more dramatic and captivating. 

Three Body Problem animation version.  It has it's own take and of course animated flavor.  Watching this helped to make sense of watching the other two takes. 

General Discussion / Re: Bet Asian dude has pretty good shot
« on: May 02, 2024, 09:36:00 PM »
There's three levels, marksman, sharp shooter, and expert...

Hollywood puts too much emphasis on marksman.  :D which is the lowest level.  ;D that even I can qualify easy.

Outdoors & Recreational Hobbies / Internet Influencers ????
« on: May 02, 2024, 09:33:09 PM »
There's something about the internet.  If it's on it, then it must be true.  NOT  :D

There is a lot of information available and given that there are some people who really do represent that information and making it available to others.

Then there's those internet influencers who merely entertain and regurgitate the information in a misrepresented way.  What is up with all these people online doing youtube unboxing of fishing equipment and then giving their in depth review.  People talking about Diawa and Shimano and don't even know the real difference when it comes down to it.  Yes there will always be a fanboy of a certain manufacture, but do they really know what they're talking about or just throwing words written down somewhere by someone else.

People can't even get their parts descriptions correct like, rotor, pinion gear, level wind, ARB, etc., they just throwing words out there in their vids.

I guess I get bored sometimes...


Three Body

Three Body Problem

Three Body Problem animation version

What a weird series.  Scientist committing suicide because science is broken.  Could we say that science is just another derivative of religion?  Something like that.  I'm all confused and it don't make any sense.  Well partially because there's a problem with the subtitle translation.  Partially is that one probably needs to be a total science geek to understand what half of what they're talking about. 

Still gonna watch it and see where it goes...

Television / Re: WARRIOR based on the writings of Bruce Lee
« on: April 19, 2024, 12:05:02 PM »
relationships. ..are just meant to be betrayed and burned.  :D

But I'm a single father/mother  :D

General Relationship / Re: Best relationship advice
« on: April 18, 2024, 07:42:34 PM »
Sometimes it's best to bring nothing to the table, but pull up a chair only.  :D

People are judgmental and have many biases.  They all want to measure you up to something that only relates to their own base measurements. 

So few are actually open minded and likewise be willing to build something from nothing.

Dear Dr. PebHmong / Re: My daily support...If you want to complain.
« on: April 18, 2024, 07:34:32 PM »
Cautions of life...

If there is no future, then just live for the moment. = adaptability

If only living for the moment, then there is really no future. = spontaneous


I use to think that people who describe themselves as spontaneous was a good trait.  Only to learn through experience repeatedly that it is really a terrible trait to have.

General Discussion / Re: No wonder this food is not healthy...
« on: April 18, 2024, 05:44:40 PM »
Pain in Arse... ;)

yeap. slap the most basic Maslov's hierarchy theory on them and call it a day.

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