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Marriage & Family Life / Double Whammy
« Last post by theking on Today at 12:19:36 AM »
Their Baby Died. Then a Boston Hospital Lost the Body.
Everleigh McCarthy was less than 2 weeks old when she died at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in 2020. The police said her remains were “probably mistaken as soiled linen” and discarded.

..sacrifice your time and energy:

Malaysian father who takes his baby everywhere as he delivers food gives netizens the feels

A farm feeding chickens with marijuana instead of antibiotics is fetching higher prices from consumers seeking organic poultry, researchers say

A farm in Thailand has started feeding its chickens with cannabis instead of antibiotics.

Researchers from Chiang Mai University say the experiment is showing positive signs.

The chickens are fetching double the usual price from consumers looking for organic poultry.

A farm growing medical marijuana in northern Thailand has been feeding its free-range chickens with cannabis instead of antibiotics, and researchers said the experiment has yielded promising results.

Researchers from Chiang Mai University's Department of Animal and Aquatic Sciences said fewer than 10% of the 1,000 chickens at the farm in Lampang have died since they introduced pot to the chickens' diet in January 2021.
..protecting his guests  ;D:

The owner of a tourist lodge in Australia's Northern Territory smacked a charging crocodile with a frying pan in a video that has now gone viral. Shane Chambers told Storyful that they were trying to leave the lodge and the owner's pet crocodile, Casey, was in the way. That's when its owner, Kai Hansen, stepped in.

Unfortunately Hmong on Hmong crime is real and a fact..

Just asked those Hmong families in the 90s that went though incidents of home invasion..What's worst is the Hmong invaders are actually those that know those families and are some what close to them... :idiot2:

Can't forget these Hmong idiots displaying their "negative" behaviors publicly either:

Both wife and I prefer manual whether it be auto or moto... O0
You will NOT be able to have any "kids" when you're just using your right hand in the basement by yourself... :idiot2: ;D
General Discussion / Re: Scorching HOT
« Last post by theking on June 24, 2022, 11:51:11 PM »
What's going on?


It's normal for "hot" weather to exist in the Summer.
General Discussion / Re: Just a reminder about foxes and news.
« Last post by theking on June 24, 2022, 11:50:17 PM »
 ;D ;D ;D
Troll bot spammer

"Troll"....written by the neutral PH members:

hmgrock you're the biggest troll i swear... i honestly don't think your online persona is real other than to troll..

Bro HR,

I called you a negative nancy.  I also said INO is a day trade because of the volatility.  At least get your information right.

If you are here to help people, why are you the biggest troll in this forum?  In addition to being the biggest troll, you don't even understand trading. 
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