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I also like this  reply by John Potter as well:

This answer is not meant to trigger anyone, but I have little doubt that it will. I apologize in advance, but I feel the need to express how I really feel about this event.

duck him.

This wasn't about the Sentinelese people. This was all about John Allen Chau and what he believed was his destiny. Don't believe me, read his diary.

Did he care about them? No. Only insofar as they were willing to be props in his "Christian savior" delusion.

Did he care about their unique culture, and the fact that they are one of the few uncontacted indigenous tribes in the world? No. In fact, he had utter contempt for what they ARE and only cared about what he could make them into.

Did he care about the Laws of Man, in this case the Indian government? Haha, no way. He bribed a number of fishermen to take him to the place he was not allowed to go, and in so doing made them accomplices to his crime. They are all now under arrest.

Let's be clear. History tells us what would happen to this tribe if they allowed outsiders to make contact with them. When Europeans reached the Americas, they encountered an indigenous population in the tens of millions that had no knowledge of or immunity to European diseases. In a generation, almost 90% of those indigenous people had died of them. 90 percent, in many places.

In other words, for the Sentinelese people to open themselves up to the "word of God," would come at an apocalyptic price. That's not a risk. That's a certainty.

John Allen Chau thought he was going to North Sentinel Island to save the people there from an eternity in Hell. What he was actually doing was that he was going to kill them. Not all of them, probably. But most of them, absolutely, Either he did not know this, although I doubt it, from the degree to which he appeared to know about them. Most likely, he did not care. Introducing pathogens that would kill 50 to 400 of them was an acceptable loss, in his mind, if he could convert the ones that survived.

The arrogance and superiority complex staggers the mind.

And let's not forget, these people speak a completely unknown language. Even if they did not kill him on sight (which they did, and for good reason), how was he going to convert them? Teach them all English? Teach them all to read the Bible? The 10 or 20 who lived, anyway.

And don't even get me started on the theology. What do these people need the Christian God for anyway? They've lived the same way for literally thousands of years. They're not cannibals, or thieves, or sex predators. They do kill, as Chau discovered, but only if you go out of your way to force them to.

Because of salvation? Really? Even if that salvation comes at the guaranteed price of up to 90% of their lives?!? And they're also damned to spend eternity in Hell because a "loving" God who created them in His image deposited them on this island with no access to the tools for His very specific conditions of salvation?

If that's the Christian God, and that is the price he demands for salvation, then he is not merciful or loving. He is a ****.

How do I feel about this? I feel satisfied that a unique people who can never be replaced saw this fool for what he was, and did what they had to do to protect themselves. No one made him undertake this monumental idiocy.

I like this guy, Mark Jonesí reply.

What Mr Chau did was the equivalent of someone infected with a deadly contagious disease trying to break into your home to try and convert you and your children to an obscure religion. Imagine someone climbing through your childs bedroom window clutching a book and singing songs about some man in the sky in a strange language. You manage to chase him away yet the next day this person is banging on your front door so you shoot at him. He gets away with cuts to his body, only to return the next day - this time he snuck in through your backyard and is heading towards your children playing in the sand. So you kill him.

Thatís, basically, what happened in simple terms.

He arrived in the Andamans on Oct. 16 and paid fishermen to take him by boat at night to the island on Nov. 14, evading the lights of patrols on the way. When the sun broke, Chau drew near the tribe. The women began "looing and chattering," he wrote, and he was faced by men armed with bows and arrows. "My name is John, I love you and Jesus loves you," he shouted before retreating.

The second day, he kayaked to the island and tried to offer the tribe small gifts - fish, scissors, cord and safety pins. A man in white with a crown, possibly made of flowers, shouted at him. He responded by singing "worship songs and hymns," and the tribe fell silent. A juvenile fired an arrow at him, piercing his waterproof Bible. Chau fled on foot through the mangroves. - News Report from NDTV[1]

Did he care that these people had made it VERY clear that they want NO outside contact at all? - No.

Did he care that these people likely already have their own beliefs? - No

Did he care that these people have survived just fine without Jesus or a bible for thousands of years? - No

Did he care that these people have no immunity for the thousands of germs and/or pathogens heíd be carrying that you and I are immune to? - No

This was the third attempt of going to the island and trying to reach these people. Each time was met with arrows and the second time nearly killed him. What did he expect by going back again? You see, this is what religious delusion does to people. He had a belief system that works for him and makes sense to him and thinks everybody is wrong and should do the same as him.

Itís very sad that someone has died, but he has no one to blame but himself. He may actually have killed some of them by now seeing that the natives have come into contact with his body and are not immune to the germs he will have been carrying.

General Discussion / What are the police like in Laos?
« on: September 21, 2018, 12:25:19 PM »
Iíve heard from many people (both Hmong Americans and Hmong Lao) that if somebody do you wrong and youíre going to the police for help donít bother if you donít have money. But if you have money they are very quick to help you. And that the police will even arrest and  put an innocent person in jail for you if you pay them.

Anyone know anything on this topic, heard of it or seen it?

General Discussion / This video made us people from Merced proud!!!
« on: August 27, 2018, 10:16:24 AM »
Itís been released for only 2 days now and itís already been considered one of the best of such video in the nation.

The only thing missing is Peter Lee singing a popular Hmong song.

Ya know, the last time I was in San Fran and looked at the traffic and parking I got a headache went home. Can't deal with all the fuss. I prefer the calm environment.

Canít blame you. Whenever I visit San Francisco I usually take the train.

When it comes to extreme weather within a short distance is there any place like California?

My hometown of Merced has a high of 105 degree today while Iím 2 hours away here in San Francisco with a high of 65 degree As a matter of fact if youíre at the Golden Gate Bridge itís probably a good idea to bring a jacket...but anywhere else in San Francisco itís pure sunny heaven. The weather canít be any more perfect than this.

That's too hot for me.  Temp. here today is 71 degree, perfect.  Nice and sunny!

I would happily take that California 100 degree heat over that 70-80 degree Midwest humidity anyday.

But then Iím here in San Francisco and itís about 70 degree all week long...nice, sunny and no humidity. Itís like heaven especially with that nice ocean breeze.

One of my relatives shared it with me and I was like wow!!!

It is just too bizarre. It has nothing to do with me and I donít know any of those people but I feel so embarrassed and disgusted by it.

That is a whole new level of low.

When the women plays itís just beautiful to watch even though it might lack the power and excitement of the menís game. And I especially hated and  get disgusted with the menís games due to the excessive faking in injuries. The acting is just so pathetic. I think there should be a rule in the game for those fakers. Those who are caught faking three times or if a player is too overdramtic in their fake injury acting should get a red card.

But both the Netherlands and Italy not making it? Wow!!!

Hmmm...I want to know to ???

I think Reporter should know this one...

Pro Sports Discussion / Re: Hmong nostradamus
« on: June 12, 2018, 11:18:08 AM »
I say that USA has zero percent of winning the World Cup 2018.

And how many of them are in America?

So, if you see a slim Asian, that's not Hmong?

It could be Hmong but the odds of him/her being Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, or Japanese is so much higher.

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