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Marriage & Family Life / Re: I don't know if it's going to work out, unless...
« Last post by venom on September 24, 2022, 07:32:44 PM » can pull over to the side of the road and walk up to an injured deer, step on it's neck so the head doesn't move, and then stab it to death in the neck. Then haul it to your Tacoma, and hoist it into the cab. O0

My babe is savage.  8)

Qab heev
This clearly show these type of Chinese men don't accept rejection.  :2funny:
The Indian women should've told her, "FYI America is the land of melting pot".

 :2funny: :2funny:
Food Forum / Re: The Comedy
« Last post by Visualmon on September 24, 2022, 03:20:01 PM »
Yes, hamungROCK failed at promising to anyone.  ;D
Debate Central / Re: Was this Asian guy in Wisconsin right or wrong?
« Last post by Visualmon on September 24, 2022, 03:14:02 PM »
Restaurant should have the right not to serve anyone who doesn't follow the policy on the conditions such as sexual offense, religion belief, and racial stereotype.
Anonymous Stories & Advices / Re: I know you're still lurking
« Last post by Anonymous on September 24, 2022, 02:48:30 AM »
Does your name have an A?
Asian girls should never marry to Arab guys. Arab men are very overly attached and sensitive to break up.  :2funny:
I see white people catch large fish such as swordfish and brag on FB. I don't see law enforce do anything to these poachers. Hypocrites as always.  ::) smh
... fins approximately altogether??  :o:

Texas restaurant involved in shark fin possession case identified

KSAT 12 on Thursday obtained a Texas Parks & Wildlife Department report identifying the establishment as Van’s Restaurant, which for decades has served Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine from its Broadway location in San Antonio.

The report identified Thanh Hein Nguyen, Nga To Van and Van To Van as individuals charged with purchase to transport of shark fins, possession of shark fins for sale, and unlawful sale of aquatic products – Class B misdemeanors.

The case, according to the report, was still pending.

In 2015, Texas became the 10th U.S. state to ban the sale and trade of shark fins as part of a global effort to protect sharks from an unsustainable fishing practice known as shark finning.

The seizure of 381 whole shark fins and 30 pounds of frozen shark fins from a freezer at what was then identified merely as “a local seafood restaurant in San Antonio” occurred April 13.

The fins were reported to be worth about $25,000.

Texas Game Wardens shared the accompanying image showing the “evidence” via Facebook, boasting about the work of Bexar County wardens and a K-9 Team during the compliance inspection.

KSAT 12 on Thursday reached Nguyen by telephone and reported that he has denied all allegations. Efforts to reach the other suspects were unsuccessful.
Texas woman sued by Indian American over viral racist meltdown

The incident, which was caught in a now-viral video, occurred in the parking lot of the restaurant Sixty Vines in the 3700 block of Dallas Parkway at around 8:15 p.m. on Aug. 24.

The group of four Indian American women were heading back to their cars after having dinner when the perpetrator, later identified as Esmeralda Upton, approached them and said, “Go back to India.”

“Everywhere I f*cking go, you Indians are f*cking everywhere,” Upton can be heard saying in the video. “Please, I’m trying to be civil here. If life is so great in India, why the f*ck are y’all here?”
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