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You bleed that fish like you bleed Mylee.

no need to come all the way just to beat me up
 ;D ;D ;D ;D

come over and up man
i take you ice fishing instead
burst your virgin ice fishing cherry

we got salmon, trout, cisco... too many to name


Caramel macchiato is my favorite. Iíd wait for any length of time for it. Only Starbucks has it. Caribou and Dunn Brothers donít have an equivalence.
Is that San Jose? San Jose has the largest number of Vietnamese in the US.
Debate Central / Re: Racist liberals
« Last post by TheAfterLife on September 18, 2021, 10:36:40 PM »
For the hundred times

ranting in front of a camera IS NOT HARDCORE EVIDENCE!!!

Are you that stupid???

Then I guess you are ignorant and lazy to watch. You rather watch some BANO Hmong movies and Kwv Txhiaj as your argument in stand. RIIiiiiight.

It's no wonder why Hmong people don't support the Vang Bros because they expected to be that Bano style.
Faith & Beliefs / Re: If you see DEMON and GHOST.... you have mental illness
« Last post by TheAfterLife on September 18, 2021, 10:35:01 PM »

You  say Trump is a worat president

I didn't say he's the worst; I'd say you're worst than Trump's mouth. Trump has a better agenda; however, his presentation is not so good. Biden has a better presentation; however, his agenda is HORRIBLE!

I take the lesser evil, which is Trump. Trump is better because of his agenda while you voted for Biden as a libtard. You don't even believe in what the black conservatives have said about Biden. That's fine! It just makes you more of a libtard dumber than a doorknob on ignorance with steroids x2 on Yeoman farmer. I got a name for you. You're a yoko-yodo-lay-hoo! Please read before you even talk.

The next vote, I'm voting for Trump. He's the American Schindler.

You have skipped questions from me:

1. Did you graduate from college?
2. Did you professors or teachers teach you how to cite your information in an essay?
Nice trucks guys!

My toy!

She is a beautiful machine. Just too damn expensive!
Pro Sports Discussion / Re: NFL Pebhmong Eliminator Challenge
« Last post by ProudLao on September 18, 2021, 07:03:56 PM »
Again, my pick for week 2 is Pittsburgh.

Donít forget to make your selections. Failing to do so will result in a loss.
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