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Hmong Stories / Re: Share something strange that you experienced
« on: July 18, 2024, 02:46:15 PM »
One night a long while back, we stopped for gas. It was a little past twilight. You know how the sky looks just before it's about to get really dark? You can still make out people's faces, signs on storefronts, and other details.
Anyways, there were streetlights along the road and this gas station had one of those overhangs. He got out to pump the gas while I sat in the passenger seat. For some reason my eyes were drawn to a streetlight and my gaze was locked upon the glow of the light as it got brighter and brighter. Suddenly, the light blinked and then it moved upwards diagonally and disappeared. But it was the way that it moved that startled me. It did not move like an airplane. The only way I can describe it is if a person was moving a chess piece diagonally across the board. Not in a slow way but just shifting it.

Obviously, it was not the streetlight but some type of orb in front of a streelight.

Hmong Stories / Re: Share something strange that you experienced
« on: July 18, 2024, 02:38:57 PM »
Went fishing with a old friend once. He knew of a nice and scenic place to fish for crappies. Though this place was out in the middle of nowhere. It was summer and the sun bright. We stopped to get some baits first and some beverages. When we got to the spot, and set up our fishing poles, I open my soda and as I was about to take a sip, my pole started moving. So I set the can down to yank my pole. I caught a good size crappy. Shortly after that, I sat down and grab my soda. It was nearly empty. I told the friend to stop playing games. He look at me confuse asking what I was talking about . I showed him my can, and he didn't seem bothered only said
he  must have unknowingly tipped it over and forgot that he put it back up.

We stayed all the way til the sun started to set.

It wasn't until the following year when we return and the closed off that spot. A close by neighbor told us a body was recover in the area. A ranger who was missing 5 years ago.... :-\

There was this one time when I was out of town and my parents were house sitting for me. When I returned home it was business as usual. My mom contracts with a business where she does work-at-home stuff and she often has my dad drop off the work at my place. She is usually at my place when I get home from work, too. Well two days after I returned home I wanted to fry eggs only I couldn't find the pan. My mom and I looked all over the house: cabinets, dishwasher, oven, oven warmer, pantry, etc. It was just weird for the pan to go missing. Then my mom called my dad to see if he had used it and misplaced it. He said that he never fried any eggs. A week goes by and I've already stopped wondering where the pan could've gone. Then, one day I come home and my mom tells me that she took out some smoked pork and asked me to grill it. I open the oven and the pan is sitting there. It was very startling and gave me a very creepy vibe. My mom is not a prankster and she was also weirded out. She prayed over the house because it really was strange.

Why would anybody put the pan in the oven like that? I've never done that and neither would my parents do that.

One thing I've noticed about paranormal activities is that you always sense that something is really off despite how plausible it could be. Sure, do some people put a pan in the oven? Yes. Except I know that I did not and I know that my parents did not.

And by the way, in that week I had used the oven to grill other things and that pan was not there.

Interesting. I will look into Job.

At my job, I work with all sorts of personalities and temperament. Some you can be the bigger person, let them be passive aggressive, pick up their slacks, and try to lead by example. Some will realize how big a jackass they are and try to correct and make it right by mirroring your actions. Some no matter how kind and forgiving, simply remain wicked. And some you do kind but they only get offended, meaning they do not want peace and harmony. So yes, no matter how much one goes through or gone through, having a winning attitude or remaining bitter is a choice.

(I honestly don't know if I'm being irrevelant)  ;D

It's amazing that some people believe if only life was going easy peasy for them then they'd be happy. What a lot of people don't know is that many who are born into good circumstances don't even know how to appreciate it. They don't realize how blessed they are. Think about children who are born to intact parents and yet they are defiant. This is the same when it comes to money. Making money isn't really all that hard. If you're someone who knows how to save money then that also isn't very hard to do. The hardest thing about having money is knowing where to invest it. How not to lose it. How to make it grow while you sleep.

There have been plenty of people who were able to save a sizable amount of money but then something happens where they have to use that money. Then it's back to square one.

I think the Brandon and covid is just an excuse to get rid of him... The Lefties/Demmies is finally waking up to the fact that Brandon is brain dead. They thought they can swing it and their sheep will be too ignorant to know any better.

They can now put Michelle Obama or Hillbilly Clinton back on the ballots without a primary... I know that laughing Hyena isn't going to cut it nor is the clowns in CA or MI. Maybe they should go beg Tulsi Gabbard back to the Dem side and nominate her. I'd vote for her...


But again, the evilness of the Dems have no bounds. Having COVID may not be enough for them. It's a safer bet if he's actually dead and that way they can tell their voters that there wasn't any other choice but to put up another candidate. There are still a lot of sheep who are voting Biden and want to keep him. I know this for a fact because I know plenty.

And truthfully, I'm not confident that Trump will even win despite everything going on and Biden being half alive. I wouldn't hold my breath after it's all said and done. The evilness and corruption of the Dems have NO bounds. Plus, they have a gazillion brainwashed followers who will continue to keep sabotaging themselves. Again, I have firsthand experience. In fact, if they replace Biden it will be an even worse person. Just look at Mayor Brandon Johnson who replaced Lori Lightfoot. This is why DEM cities spiral downward by the minute rather than improve.

...tested positive for COVID. The evil Democrat top leaders and their corporate masters have been strategizing how to get rid of him ever since his feeble display at the debate. They know that they could no longer cover up Biden's weakness to the American people. I would not be shocked if Biden dies or is further weakened and the Dems use that as an excuse to remove him. They'll just say it's COVID-related and knowing that Biden is old, COVID will be completely plausible to the sheep. Talk about insurrection. These people want to remove the person that their own voters supported to be their party's candidate. There is no end to the Democrat Party's despicable hunger for power while having done nothing to improve the circumstance of their voters.

Wake up already. The attempted assassination of Donald Trump is a call for people who still support the Democratic Party to see the Democratic Party for what they are.

Having lived in corrupt and crap-run liberal cities for half of my life and even working in what we call the "C Suite", I can testify that libs NEVER put capable people into positions of power. There are only very few times that they do. What libs and lib voters do is they prefer someone who is going to enable them to continue their immoral behavior and corruption. The person in the leadership position is hired to take the flack when the shyt hits the ceiling fan. That person is most definitely not the person making the decisions. This is true when it comes to the governor, mayor, superintendent, DA, etc. The Dem people in these positions are strictly hired to coddle the despicable people who put them into office. Naturally, when the people's corrupt lifestyle erupts in chaos (as it always does), they have someone to blame. THAT IS ALL IT IS.

I have seen many capable people who are talented, skilled, and competent get passed up for promotions, and high positions. While the dumbest, most incompetent person gets the job. Why? Because they're agreeable and are willing to stand there and take the flack when the shyt hits the ceiling fan - as it inevitably does.

Let's look at Mayor Sheng Thao's current scandal. I have no doubt that Mayor Thao is incompetent, inexperienced, and has some corruption. BUT LET'S NOT PRETEND LIKE OAKLAND WAS A CITY OF PARADISE WITH LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS BEFORE SHE WAS ELECTED.

The residents of Oakland NEVER had any intentions of doing their part to make their city a safe and beautiful place. Let's get that straight. They give lip service that they want that to exist, but there is never any action on their part to make it so. It is much easier for them to elect someone to "clean up" knowing full well that it can never be "cleaned up", and then take it out on that person when yet again, shyt hits the ceiling fan.

Meanwhile, these low lives expect the law-abiding citizens who do want results to be just a little more patient for another day.   

Whether it is in government or in the schools, I have been there and these low live Dems are all the same. BUT MOSTLY IT IS THE FAULT OF THE DEM VOTERS.

I can't even be angry anymore at some of the incompetent idiots that they elect BECAUSE IT FALLS UPON THE PEOPLE WHO PUT THEM THERE.

Unfortunately, there are the smart ones who understand this very well. These are usually the people behind the scenes who are cashing in. They are the ones who run the show. They get the dumb voters riled up so the most incompetent people get into positions of power. Meanwhile, they cash in and resign to safe communities. It is the most despicable display of manipulation and exploitation.

Faith & Beliefs / The Bible is Patriachal...
« on: July 17, 2024, 04:56:28 PM »
...for all the people complaining that God is sexist, look at this way:

The Bible primarily speaks about men to men BECAUSE men need God to live a righteous life.

This is completely judgmental for me to say BUT if you live in the world long enough, you'll begin to see that men who live single for too long are very unrighteous. Most women will cling and devote her life to her children (if she has any), her aging parents, and even try to do right by her married siblings. But men, well they just do what they do without concern of how anybody thinks of them.

Beauty & Fashion / Re: Wow... Her eyes.
« on: July 17, 2024, 04:11:17 PM »
IMHO, she looks blind. Reminds me of the old, blind Chinese master in kung fu movies.

Faith & Beliefs / Re: The Attempted Assassination of Donald Trump...
« on: July 17, 2024, 02:52:42 PM »
It is not hard to stop a person or a group from committing heinous acts. You simply just jail them or take them out.

But it will take an act of God to stop a person or group's demonic spirit. This is why every 5, 10, 50, 100 years this crap won't stop. Satan's ideology will find it's way into another person, group, or country, etc. They'll rebrand it as something trendy and sexy, and all the young folks will be useful tools.

Truth is not everyone is born equal. We all just go equal. Ha ha

No, tell us why.

Visible and invisible gestures.

Anyways, true, we are not all born into equal circumstances, but we don't need to be. In fact, I was just thinking about that very thing yesterday on my drive home from work. I was revisiting TEDTalks and old interviews with VP nominee JD Vance from way back in 2016 when his book "Hillbilly Elegy" had just come out. It occurred to me just how very wrong the Democrats are about almost everything. They have this very naive belief that if only we were all given identical circumstances and opportunities, we'd all have the same outcome. But that is just VERY, VERY, VERY wrong and even harmful. It's not how you started but moreso how you want to finish.

Take for example siblings who were born to the same set of parents and grew up in the same exact home. They don't always end up in the same place later in life, do they? What becomes of them is entirely up to each person. To further prove my point, even identical twins don't yield the same outcome in life.

Everyone is given challenges and it's up to them to overcome them. Obviously, they can't do it alone. Heck, sometimes they don't even get the desired outcome despite doing everything by the book BECAUSE THE OTHER FACTOR DEPENDS ON THE GRACE OF GOD. That's why people should be thankful and grateful to God when things do work out for them, because it really is the grace of God.

I speak as someone with firsthand experience. I am someone who did everything by the book and was heavily blessed with pretty much everything on my wish list. But you know, that could all change. A person in the Bible by the name of Job went through this very same thing, too.

Faith & Beliefs / Re: The Attempted Assassination of Donald Trump...
« on: July 17, 2024, 02:33:18 PM »
My sibling and I were discussing the horrible and disgusting display from top influential leaders on the Democratic side. My sibling mentioned that if there was a civil war, we'd need to take them all out. My response was that this time was different. It is much worse than when America fought the Civil War to abolish slavery, and it is much worse than when America fought the Nazis to end the Jewish Holocaust.


Because as disgusting and evil as the slaveowners were and as atrocious as Hitler was, they still acknowledged fundamental truths. These people committed evil acts, nonetheless, but they acknowledged God's creation as truth - meaning, they could all tell you what a woman is, and that marriage is between a man and a woman. Today, we are not fighting against people who commit evil acts. We are fighting against people with a demonic spirit who also commit evil acts. We are fighting against people who want to be god and distort fundamental truths. They want to rewrite these truths as if the truth could be rewritten!

The snake came to distort the truth to Eve in the Garden of Eden. Is that not what the Democrats and their liberal ideology have been doing?

Honestly, when I hear Democrats speaking all I hear is the snake in the garden.

Faith & Beliefs / The Attempted Assassination of Donald Trump...
« on: July 17, 2024, 02:22:12 PM »
In recent days, talking heads in the media proclaim that it is a time for unity in the country. Biden made insincere call for unity but it was obvious the Democrats' message is to "unify behind them".

Make NO MISTAKE. The attempted assassination of Donald J Trump is a rescue mission to call out and save those who need to be saved and who can still be saved from the Democratic Party, which carries, endorses, and promotes a demonic spirit. It is not about winning the election. Winning the presidential election may slow down the devil for another 4 years but does not kill the evil ideology known as Communism, Socialism, or whatever term you want to call it. For those of you who are uninformed, Karl Marx was heavily inspired by Satanism and the Devil, himself. At a young age, Marx wrote poems that reflected Satan's attitudes, characteristic s, and ideology.

But enough about that.

The evil act that happened at the Butler, PA Trump Rally was to call out those who need to be saved and can be saved. It was the wake up call for God's people to see that the Democratic Party does not have God's agenda in mind. Not everybody wants to be saved or can be saved. Some people are spiritually incapable of being saved. Some people have resigned their souls from being saved and even God will use them for His purpose, just like he did with Pharaoh in the days of Moses.

God has a purpose for EVERYONE, including those who are against Him.

In 2016 I knew that God had a purpose for Trump. God was using Trump as the line to separate the wheat from the chaff. The Good Shepherd was calling His sheep and only His sheep knows His voice. My favorite Psalm that I taught to the children when I was a catechist in church. Only His sheep can discern His voice from the hired hand. It would be too easy for God to use a likable person to draw His sheep. Using a likable person would draw in the frauds who only enter the flock to take away from the sheep. Therefore, God used Trump to determine who was of His flock. Yet, there were still millions who could not discern the Good Shepherd's voice from the hired hand. Therefore, this attempted assassination is another wake up call opportunity.

Mark my words, NOT EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE SAVED NOR CAN THEY BE SAVED. There is NO UNITY OR COMINGLING with the Devil and the Devil's children. This event was to show God's flock that the enemy intends to kill only.

When you're 45+ years old, you want a spouse who fulfills you intellectually, spiritually, and physically. This is the person whom you're going to be hanging out with most of the time. At this age, people don't go out as much with friends and so who you pick for a spouse is important. You want someone compatible and who will give you peace.

I don't need to know everything about my spouse, but we can only get to that point when a lot of trust has already been established. If he gives me anxiety then it just isn't going to work out. I might love him but he's not good for my health.

One of my older sister-in-law says that a man will never get rid of a good woman who keeps sticking around. Good, meaning that she does the cooking, cleaning, pay the bills, etc. He might not love her or find her all that exciting anymore, but he has a use for her and if she keeps staying despite the fact that he's lost all affection and is courting other women, then that is on her. The guy I'm talking about is definitely keeping this woman around as an unmarried niam loj. lol She is his main supply while he gives affection and attention to other women, whom he most likely has no intentions of committing to either.

I just lost my appetite.

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