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Poetic Souls / Re: I Hate Hmong Boys
« on: June 09, 2024, 08:09:42 AM »
Hey, Hmong Man

Hey, Hmong man
Who is a unicorn,
You are so rare
That when I see you,
I am lost for words.

I see you, Hmong man,
Who does not walk ahead or behind your woman
But you, who walk next to your woman holding her hand,
You are in demand and,
All I can say is, ďDamn!
That is a Hmong man!Ē

Hmong man,
Who is not only a great and generous lover,
But someone who is loyal,
Insightful, curious, smart, intelligent, strong,
You make me feel that with you, I can never go wrong.

You are affectionate and communicative,
Someone with whom I could never get bored;
I imagine we could conversate for days and days.
You make it easy to say Babe,
You are a Hmong MAN,
The end.

Hey Lilly,
Long time no see.
It is me.
Are you still my baby.

How I long for your touch.
When we had sex you like it rough.
Do you still yearn when you got your hands cluff.

You said " babe don't stop".
As I mop.
You all over my bedroom floor.
Ooooh the night I adore.

Come back here for more.

General Discussion / After all these years. PH is still active.
« on: June 09, 2024, 07:51:39 AM »
It's been years since I read or posted anything in PH. I think it was 2016-18. How 's everyone? I wonder if most or all of you who I got the chance to enteract are still in PH or under a new name or moved on or still above ground.

PH bring back old memories.

Drop a comment

General Discussion / Re: I know people who got COVID and they were fine
« on: January 25, 2022, 08:32:38 PM »
I know this one got covid and lets see if she will live or die   :2funny:

Sarah Palin tests positive for Covid-19 ahead of New York Times defamation trial, judge says

I don't like to wish people for the worst but sometimes, like them antivax who do have a voice for the public and they tell people not to get a jab and the people listens and then they die?   Now those people I will wish the death for them.  They got it coming.
I wouldn't wish covid to anybody, but I hope she will learn that by down playing or FREE(DUMB) doesn't work on Covid. Covid don't care who you are.

I had a convse with a close family member, and we were both  not on the same page. He was saying "that the Government are sticking tracking chip in you".  I was like  "WTF if they wanted to do that then they've already done so".
He then tells me, if he catches Rona and die. then it's on him. my quote to him was " yeh but you already infected your whole family and inlaws. instead of just you dying. Now there will be 10 more graves to fill cuz your dumb ass had already spread it to 10 other ppl and so on and on".

And I thought that the crazies where the Whyte ppl who marched into the Capitol to support that Chump. Free-DUMB? Aye yes. I had forgotten that Hmong ppl are easliy brainwash too. So sad, when they can't tell what is real and fantasy.

General Discussion / Re: I know people who got COVID and they were fine
« on: January 22, 2022, 07:44:42 PM »
BNM doesnít know this woman, but BNM couldnít care less about her too because selfish people are like that.

Not gonna lie, but when you down play Rona like its noting and saying the F.. Biden and his Jabs..And now you are dying. You just WON the Darwin Award. Wins the room temperture Challenge. Protect yourself and you protect the ppl around you.

General Discussion / Re: I know people who got COVID and they were fine
« on: January 17, 2022, 02:36:31 PM »
If you know what the apple headquarter is like, it is like a clustered of many buildings together, looking and acting like a college campus.  We here at my work have about 10 smaller buildings and during the original roni and the delta, we only have a few buildings having covid.  Now Omicron and we all have cases popping out of nowhere. 

This only proves that you can run but how long are you gonna run away from this?  I still like my chances of not dying for being fully vaccinated.  By march, the Omicron booster is coming.  I'll take that too.   O0
By that time this Omicron has already pass us by. And a new stran will come out. Those who are not vacs will create new ones. and that's the danger. If everyone is fully vacs. we have a higher chance of beating this covid.

General Discussion / Re: I know people who got COVID and they were fine
« on: January 17, 2022, 02:32:47 PM »
Uh... actually the vaxxed people are the one spreading it. They get covid and symptom not as bad so they think they're good and then they spread virus to other people. I (unvaxxed) got covid from two fully vaxxed co-workers. My mom and sister (who never left the house because they are afraid of catching the virus) got it from my niece. All three were fully vaxxed with the booster shot.

So, stop your pandering and demeaning tune calling people uncaring for not getting the vaccine. You know that 40,000+ people die yearly with the flu, right? Why isn't the flu shot a mandate? And if you're not getting the flu shot, it means you don't care about other?
This covid is like fawking someone who has AIDS. They knowly knows that they have AIDS yet still let you Fawk them. lmao. Ppl with Covid still walking around like it's noting spreading it everywhere they go. ppl who has covid will isolate themsevlves from other ppl and stay away from events. But those who do not care but only themselves are the one who is spreading this covid. Everyone has to be mindful of others. Yet ppl don't care. That's why this covid isn't dead yet.

you idiots are keeping the virus alive and spreading it because youíre not vaccinated. Thatís hurting everyone else and youíre too selfish to care.
If you are vaccinated or not, you can still catch it. However the out come is less scare knowing that you have a better chance of not dying. Life is too short, not worth playing Russian Roulltte with covid and your life.

Yes ppl say it's their life their body, but when they catch Covid. They cry out, "save me Doctor save me".  :idiot2: :idiot2: :idiot2:

If you value your life, get vaccinated otherwise don't be trying tp preach about getting vaccinated when you are on your death bed. saying " don't make the same mistake as them by not getting the jab".

Why are people still worried that itís not safe?  Can you name one death case thatís directly tied to the vaccine?
I'm vaccnated and boosted. Some shots are good without any side effects, but a few shots. Yes I feel the effects. Covid is no joke.

My 1st Pfizer: I couldn't raise my left arm but I was fine and ok. Just a sore arm for a couple of days.

My 2nd Pfizer: I was able to raise my arm, but I felt sick. Body aches, Massive headaches, super tire. Every where I sat, I was KO'd. After 2 days I felt better.

My Booster Pfizer: Man I was sicker then a MOFO. Body, joints, head aches like no end. My lower back was the worst, I couldn't sleep on my left arm. All my joints on my legs were all too sore to move. I thought I was having the covid 19. I couldn't go to sleep due to all the pains in my body. I was having the hot and cold chills. One minute I had the fan on, the next I had my space heater on. I was super tire with so much pain. But after 2 days I felt better.

So tell me your experice with the covid 19 vaccines.

Poetic Souls / Re: I Hate Hmong Boys
« on: December 23, 2021, 10:12:00 PM »
Hey, Hmong Boy
By Lilly

Hey, Hmong boy, tell me what you are thinking
I look at you and I see you sinking
I want to pull you up but Iím also wondering
   Are you worth saving

All the pain you made me feel
Makes me wonder why
I even worry about you when
   You didnít even think twice when you made me cry

But Hmong boy, itís you who I grew up with
You are whatís familiar
Your tan skin, brown eyes, and black hair
   You are the reason I am here

I really wanted to hate you
But deep down, I care
I love you, Hmong boy,
   I hold you dear

From this day on, I hope you change
I hope you understand the meaning of
Quality, honesty, humility, equality
Because you lose out on so much when
   Your Hmong girl isnít happy
Oh Dam
I think Hmong boy got scam
Oh man
Can he even stand
After this poem
What do you want on your tombstone

RIP by his lover girl
Who took away his world
Let this not be bored
Or will this become a folklore
I want to hear more

Lilly, Lilly, Lilly
Be my silly
Wet my willy
Dilly, Dilly
I praise you freely
Come play with me

Kuv tsis puab kuv hais das tsis.
Tabsis kuv xav nrog hluas nkaug Hmoob tham xwb
Kuv tsis puab sau ntwav Hmong

Me not know if me spell rite
So bring me a sprite
And a FleshLight
Me can show you what is hype
Me think me Horney
What can I get for 10 dollar
I'm rolling in baller


Poetic Souls / The long journey
« on: July 24, 2021, 07:49:46 AM »
It's not what we thought when we first began
We both started as a friend
All those roads that we bend
In marriage I once held your hand
Every journey has an end
When one can not stand

Sure when you're in love
It feels like turtle dove
No one can break our bond
When we both are having fun
But all those can still be un done

Every chance we got
We enjoyed every flock
The voices we moan
As we started having kids of our own
Then they all wanted to have their own phone

Life was great
Better then our first date
Remembered when we bought our first house
That same night I removed your blouse
From every room
We played the game of doom
And now we have so much hate
For twenty-five years you were my soul mate

If I were to write it all in here
I don't think I can bare
To have anyone other then you to hold my beer
And people don't want to hear

I am happy that I've met you
But our love has been feeling blue
Every day
The love we can not save

Someday I will see this old poems
In a new home
As we close this chapter in our lives
We both can now see with our own eyes

A new journey awaits us
I'm glad that you stopped by
I must now say my goodbye

Poetic Souls / Re: Hmong Poems and Writing
« on: May 08, 2021, 11:17:09 PM »
Ob Tug Txiv Neej
By Lillywhoa, I didn't know you can write hmong

Yog kuv tsis tau koj los kuv tsis khes
Vim muaj koj nyob kuv lub neej
Zoo li lub neej nyob vos fes
Tsuas muaj txaus tuav txojsia
Tabsis qhov kuv ntshaw tiag
Nws tshaj kub thiab nyiaj txiag

Qhov kuv ntshaw yog koj lub siab
Ntshaw koj lub plawv
Xav kom koj tuav kuv tes rawv
Xav kom txhua hnub
Koj ua kuv zoo siab
Li thaum yog tsis muaj kuv lawm
Koj yuav poob siab
Xav tau kev hlub
Kom kuv tsis nco qab ntshaw
Tias cas kuv tsis muaj li lawv
Vim koj twb yog kuv lub hluav taws
Ua kuv lub siab sov
Zoo siab tshaj
Tsis nco qab tshaib mov

Yog li, koj puas kam ua tus neeg
Uas kom yog hnub tsis muaj koj lawm
Yuav npaum li lub neej nyob vos fes
Thaum ntawv ces kuv yuav khes
Tias nrog koj lub neej thiaj kaj
Rau qhov koj yog kuv lub txaj
Muaj koj kuv lub neej thiaj yuav zoo tshaj

General Discussion / Re: Cat Fishing Story
« on: May 05, 2021, 10:44:19 PM »
Sharing a catfishing story I came across...


Has anyone here ever got catfished but stayed despite knowing you were lied to the whole time? Can you truly have an honest relationship with that person despite how it all started? I dumped my cheating ex for a guy I met on Facebook. Very naive on my part but after everything I went through with my ex, I wanted to get back at him for all the lying, cheating, and manipulative things he did throughout our relationship. I wanted to prove that even without him, there will always be men out there that love and value me. But I should have known it was too good to be true. Here I was all excited to meet my new boyfriend but it turns out that I was catfished the whole time.

Does anyone have any catfishing story to share?
Aaah the good ole Catfish stuff. I never knew what catfish was until I met a hmoob girl in PH....she tried to catfish me, but me being too dumb she ended up being a good friend. Lmao.....and told me all about what CF was. Heheeee. Sad to say we had to stop. She was a really good peom writer too. We wrote peoms to each other. I think for almost a good whole year in PH. I wonder what she's doing now. And is she Married by now. I do have to admit. I do miss her

General Discussion / Re: my fishing thread....
« on: May 05, 2021, 10:37:21 PM »
Nawh. I went vegetation picking instead.
you mean water cresten?. Those that grows in the spring water in White Water or those hunting grounds.

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