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...tested positive for COVID. The evil Democrat top leaders and their corporate masters have been strategizing how to get rid of him ever since his feeble display at the debate. They know that they could no longer cover up Biden's weakness to the American people. I would not be shocked if Biden dies or is further weakened and the Dems use that as an excuse to remove him. They'll just say it's COVID-related and knowing that Biden is old, COVID will be completely plausible to the sheep. Talk about insurrection. These people want to remove the person that their own voters supported to be their party's candidate. There is no end to the Democrat Party's despicable hunger for power while having done nothing to improve the circumstance of their voters.

Wake up already. The attempted assassination of Donald Trump is a call for people who still support the Democratic Party to see the Democratic Party for what they are.

Having lived in corrupt and crap-run liberal cities for half of my life and even working in what we call the "C Suite", I can testify that libs NEVER put capable people into positions of power. There are only very few times that they do. What libs and lib voters do is they prefer someone who is going to enable them to continue their immoral behavior and corruption. The person in the leadership position is hired to take the flack when the shyt hits the ceiling fan. That person is most definitely not the person making the decisions. This is true when it comes to the governor, mayor, superintendent, DA, etc. The Dem people in these positions are strictly hired to coddle the despicable people who put them into office. Naturally, when the people's corrupt lifestyle erupts in chaos (as it always does), they have someone to blame. THAT IS ALL IT IS.

I have seen many capable people who are talented, skilled, and competent get passed up for promotions, and high positions. While the dumbest, most incompetent person gets the job. Why? Because they're agreeable and are willing to stand there and take the flack when the shyt hits the ceiling fan - as it inevitably does.

Let's look at Mayor Sheng Thao's current scandal. I have no doubt that Mayor Thao is incompetent, inexperienced, and has some corruption. BUT LET'S NOT PRETEND LIKE OAKLAND WAS A CITY OF PARADISE WITH LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS BEFORE SHE WAS ELECTED.

The residents of Oakland NEVER had any intentions of doing their part to make their city a safe and beautiful place. Let's get that straight. They give lip service that they want that to exist, but there is never any action on their part to make it so. It is much easier for them to elect someone to "clean up" knowing full well that it can never be "cleaned up", and then take it out on that person when yet again, shyt hits the ceiling fan.

Meanwhile, these low lives expect the law-abiding citizens who do want results to be just a little more patient for another day.   

Whether it is in government or in the schools, I have been there and these low live Dems are all the same. BUT MOSTLY IT IS THE FAULT OF THE DEM VOTERS.

I can't even be angry anymore at some of the incompetent idiots that they elect BECAUSE IT FALLS UPON THE PEOPLE WHO PUT THEM THERE.

Unfortunately, there are the smart ones who understand this very well. These are usually the people behind the scenes who are cashing in. They are the ones who run the show. They get the dumb voters riled up so the most incompetent people get into positions of power. Meanwhile, they cash in and resign to safe communities. It is the most despicable display of manipulation and exploitation.

Faith & Beliefs / The Bible is Patriachal...
« on: July 17, 2024, 04:56:28 PM »
...for all the people complaining that God is sexist, look at this way:

The Bible primarily speaks about men to men BECAUSE men need God to live a righteous life.

This is completely judgmental for me to say BUT if you live in the world long enough, you'll begin to see that men who live single for too long are very unrighteous. Most women will cling and devote her life to her children (if she has any), her aging parents, and even try to do right by her married siblings. But men, well they just do what they do without concern of how anybody thinks of them.

Faith & Beliefs / The Attempted Assassination of Donald Trump...
« on: July 17, 2024, 02:22:12 PM »
In recent days, talking heads in the media proclaim that it is a time for unity in the country. Biden made insincere call for unity but it was obvious the Democrats' message is to "unify behind them".

Make NO MISTAKE. The attempted assassination of Donald J Trump is a rescue mission to call out and save those who need to be saved and who can still be saved from the Democratic Party, which carries, endorses, and promotes a demonic spirit. It is not about winning the election. Winning the presidential election may slow down the devil for another 4 years but does not kill the evil ideology known as Communism, Socialism, or whatever term you want to call it. For those of you who are uninformed, Karl Marx was heavily inspired by Satanism and the Devil, himself. At a young age, Marx wrote poems that reflected Satan's attitudes, characteristic s, and ideology.

But enough about that.

The evil act that happened at the Butler, PA Trump Rally was to call out those who need to be saved and can be saved. It was the wake up call for God's people to see that the Democratic Party does not have God's agenda in mind. Not everybody wants to be saved or can be saved. Some people are spiritually incapable of being saved. Some people have resigned their souls from being saved and even God will use them for His purpose, just like he did with Pharaoh in the days of Moses.

God has a purpose for EVERYONE, including those who are against Him.

In 2016 I knew that God had a purpose for Trump. God was using Trump as the line to separate the wheat from the chaff. The Good Shepherd was calling His sheep and only His sheep knows His voice. My favorite Psalm that I taught to the children when I was a catechist in church. Only His sheep can discern His voice from the hired hand. It would be too easy for God to use a likable person to draw His sheep. Using a likable person would draw in the frauds who only enter the flock to take away from the sheep. Therefore, God used Trump to determine who was of His flock. Yet, there were still millions who could not discern the Good Shepherd's voice from the hired hand. Therefore, this attempted assassination is another wake up call opportunity.

Mark my words, NOT EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE SAVED NOR CAN THEY BE SAVED. There is NO UNITY OR COMINGLING with the Devil and the Devil's children. This event was to show God's flock that the enemy intends to kill only.

Marriage & Family Life / Opposite Sex Friends
« on: May 03, 2024, 12:04:27 PM »
I'm very old school and don't think it's healthy for spouses to have opposite gender friends. Of course, people have their own definition of what a friend is. A friend to me is someone whom you feel comfortable opening up to, spend time with, and can rely on for favors. So as you can see, having an opposite gender friend (per my definition) creates an opportunity for emotional cheating, which can lead to physical cheating.

Now if you're talking about opposite gender acquaintance then that is a totally different thing. An acquaintance to me is someone you know (as in you can identify who they are), but on a very formal and professional level only. You're not comfortable opening up to them because they are essentially still a stranger and one whom you have no inclination to know better. You only come across them on a professional level. Very transactional only.

Having said that, it's even more disrespectful to a spouse or you to keep opposite gender friends who are attracted to you and would not hesitate to entertain you. I'm sick and tired of the people who say, "just because s/he likes me doesn't mean that I like her/him. Why are you so insecure?"

While that may be true that you don't have the feels for them, it raises questions why you/your spouse need to keep the crushes in orbit. Other than to feed your own ego, lift your self-esteem, and to manipulate your spouse to fear that you have options. And honestly, if you or your spouse claim that it doesn't cause insecurity then you probably have a transactional marriage where they don't have deep feelings for you, and are only with you because you supply basic needs for them. And if that's why you got married and it's working for you then by all means, go with your transactional marriage.

However, all in all, it is just plain disrespectful to your spouse and your relationship to keep around people who aren't adding to your marriage.

Creative Writing / "Far From Austen"
« on: April 29, 2024, 04:07:17 PM »
A story about the affects of narcissistic abuse and avoidant behavior, which creates emotional trauma and unhealthy attachments.

Edward is highly narcissistic and avoidant, but even he longs for a romantic partner who will give him unconditional love and peace. However, Edward feels obligated to stay in a toxic situationship that he helped create. When Edward reunites with Nina, he believes that it was destiny. Nina is beautiful, intelligent, funny, and above all else, she loves him for him. Edward feels inspired to make changes in his life so that he can come to Nina properly and then they'll live happily ever after. But that all comes to a halt when Edward's on and off again ex, Melissa, triggers his avoidant behaviors by guilt-tripping him with all the sacrifices she made for him. Will Edward go through with his plans to finally escape and start fresh? Or will his narcissism keep him loyal to the unfulfilling but familiar life he has with a codependent Melissa? 


General Relationship / ...
« on: April 29, 2024, 09:33:56 AM »

General Discussion / Beta Males and Low Vibration Females
« on: April 24, 2024, 05:01:15 PM »
Beta males don't have to get their act together because there is always a low vibration female to give them sex.

Strangely enough, it is the beta male who complains that there are no good women around, and the low vibration female who also complains about men.  :idiot2:

Both of these observations are true from their perspectives. If you're a beta male who only gets with low vibration females then you don't get good women. To add to that, if you're a low vibration woman entertaining beta males, then you also only get time wasters.

General Relationship / Never bring a man into your domain...
« on: April 24, 2024, 04:38:37 PM »
It's up to him to show you that he can provide. He needs to prove that he can build. He is the one who needs to impress you with his assets.

Let the man love you by being able to give to you.

You know why a lot of women are so upset and go bat-shyt crazy after a breakup? It's because they mad as hell for raising him up. Be supportive and his biggest cheerleader but don't rescue him.

First of all, if a man is in your domain then he will always treat the situation like he is a guest. He won't step up when you need him to. Men respect only what they acquired and earned.

I get it. It feels super wonderful to have a man allow you to lead. He's with your family, doing the things you love, making your dreams come true, etc. etc. It's a beautiful thing. But that is only amazing as long as he doesn't blindside you. You're going to go beserk if he ever betrays you because you gave so much. He gave nothing. God designed men to be the ones to give. Let them give.

The older women in my family used to forewarn all the time. Do not bring a man to your clan. You create opportunities for him to cheat with your female relatives, brothers' wives, your friends, etc. A man is least likely to betray his brothers/friends/etc. They are his tribe, his gang, and the thought will never cross his mind to sleep with their women. Any man who does that will be cut off from the tribe and he is dead to them.

10 all men at all times.

In fact, that is insecurity on display because you're giving the message that you'll entertain beta males.

You are under no obligation to be cordial to beta males who will only waste your time.

Save your energy and tone for men who are builders and have something serious to offer.

Secure women in their feminine energy feel okay if there are no serious man at the moment. Nothing feels worse then a woman who ignores her boundaries for a beta male only to be blindsided by him.

When a woman isn't putting any effort to appear agreeable with you ------> take the hint!

She ain't interested nor even leaving the door slightly cracked open.

She uses that tone with you because you bring out her masculine energy. Which means YOU ARE FEMININE ENERGY.

Wow, I guess a man can be a woman after all.

 :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny:

...who I always saw sleeping by the front door of a Hmong restaurant. They said that I should stop doing that because he won't leave. He is there everyday because when people come into the restaurant, they don't know any better and keep buying him food. The owner told me, "did you know someone just bought him food right before you came?" 

How much of yourself do you share with your spouse?

A lot of married people do shady things without their spouse's knowledge. Are these just harmless gestures or a gateway to more risky behavior?

What is your threshold?

General Discussion / The NUMBER ONE Cause of Homelessness
« on: April 24, 2024, 12:53:19 PM »
Is not having a social support system.

If you don't have family or friends, then any event that disrupts your stream of income will drive you to become homeless. I haven't even touched upon those who develop addictions and other habits that are self-sabotaging.


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