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Online Journal / Re: she really?
« on: September 27, 2020, 01:44:40 PM »
So my Nyab confirmed it.....I will be an auntie to my third niece/nephew around May next year! Yay! I dunno how they will do it w another child..they canít even handle their princess right now but thatís on them. Iím sure the baby will b a cutie though!

General Discussion / Re: Married or Single
« on: May 18, 2020, 01:58:22 PM »
There has always been both single and married ppl on PH. However, not all married ppl will say that they r married.

Anyway, nice to c u on here D_C.  I hardly come on anymore but I c some OG phers here n others who I know r under diff aliases.

Online Journal / Re: she really?
« on: May 18, 2020, 01:47:24 PM »
Life has been complicated in the last month.  COVID-19 pandemic definitely has thrown everyone for a loop and if ppl can just stay their arses at home and wear worry about their darn seat at the bar, nails, or hair and rather their lives then we'd be in a better state.

Anyway, I am job searching at the moment.  I never thought I'd be ending my time with my students but work has been toxic and although I wanted to have my own say in how I say goodbye to my students I guess I have to be OK with how things are. 

I am just glad that I have been able to keep my integrity when it came to my professional career. That is very important to me and I find it sad that some of my mentors and supervisors have given up themselves for their cushiony seat. Sad. Just sad. Well, on to the next-no one to pay these bills but me.

My niece is two yo now.  She is still a stinker, so sassy but still so cute. Her parents definitely have their hands full when she grows older. She may be quite the rebel. Lil miss princess indeed and her daddy is completely wrapped around her finger but he is quite impatient with her.

I am no longer "talking" to anyone. These guys. I like to have fun too but there is just no substance in anyone. I also may be too old fashioned. In a partner, I am looking for a good companion.  Someone who wants to share their day-to-day, ambitions, fears, and stupid jokes with me. I want more than a friend but I want someone who sees me like their best friend as I would them. Is that too much to ask? Eh, no biggie. I've got other things to worry about before stressing about boys. ::)

Thanks for tuning in. Kthnxbye!  O0 :hello:

Online Journal / Re: she really?
« on: February 14, 2020, 07:33:20 AM »
Whatís up Doc? Valentines Day today. Nothing new. Iím more excited it is Friday. Itís hella cold out here...-15 degrees today. As much as I donít want to go outside I will have to go to work. Yeah, work. Thatís all that has been consistent w me.

Other updates, my niece is 20 months now n talking a bit. She one trouble maker but so cute at the same time!

Technically, this is a first that I have a valentines this year. Donít get too excited or it twisted. Just been talking for a itís far from any relationship or anything. Thatís all I will say for now.  O0

General Discussion / Re: Singer Roxette has died from brain cancer. Age 61
« on: December 14, 2019, 11:41:17 AM »

General Discussion / Re: Let's See HOW Old You are
« on: September 22, 2019, 10:18:35 PM »

Do you remember these song playing?

and this one

and this one

Yeah, they were pretty popular back then.
I only remember the last two, not the Elton John one.

Online Journal / Re: she really?
« on: September 22, 2019, 10:15:24 PM »
Oh :hello: hi guests.  I c there is/was 6 guests here reading/trolling.  I donít mind.  I donít know for what reason u r here for or that u value what I have to say/share but thanks for strolling n. Hope it helps u pass time, learn a few things, share my pain or frustration, and/or entertain u. O0

Online Journal / Re: she really?
« on: September 22, 2019, 10:12:20 PM »
It was Hmoob Eat Thirty this weekend here.  Of course it rained both days.  ::) We will never escape the rain no matter if we have it in late Sept or Oct.  Stupid silly but it is the truth.  We canít hide from it. I mean, at least it didnít snow this year.  :D

I am glad I got to add several Hmoob earrings to my collection.  If only necklaces and neck-wear/gear wasnít so expensive n I could actually find something that I liked. SIGH

Being a big girl, I always avoid looking at clothes-especially Hmoob clothes.  Whatís the point.  I hate how vendors try to lure u n to buy their goods but sister knows ainít nothing going to fit me-clothes or jewelry (necklaces, rings, and/or belts).  I donít think ppl know how much money they can make if they b more inclusive n have big girl/people sizes.  I am loyal n if u have something I know I want, I WILL b loyal as long as u have what I want/need since itís so hard to find anything that will accommodate my size (n is cute)!  I told a lady today that her rings wouldnít fit me (nor would her bracelets or belts).  ďOh, tej zaum yeej muaj cov haum ma.Ē  I tried her ring on my pinky finger bc I knew it was too small (maybe a size 5 or 6...I normally wear a 9/10 bc of my fat fingers).  She was taken aback and was like, ďoh, g haum as.Ē  No duh, lady.  I was trying to tell u that.  She then said to look at her bracelets which I wasnít even going to bother trying on-no point. I told her jokingly, ďpeb yog cov nkauj loj loj, nej twb tsis xav txog peb cov loj loj es.  Yog nej xav kom peb yuav mam yuav tsum muaj cov haum haum peb ma.Ē  All she could say was, ďoh yog ma.  Yuav tsum muaj cov haum haum nej tiamsi tsis muaj ne.  Koj lam sim seb cov twg lam haum ma.Ē  Still trying to get me to try.  ::) I know she was hustling but my gf n I just wanted away to the vendor across to look at other stuff. 

Three vendors down though we found these cute ass Hmong skirts that had elastic waistbands and they were a tad shorter (and quite vibrant in color-which I prefer) which is perfect for the short and stubby me.  Sadly, they were $80 n it was the last stop we made so I had no more cash on me.  My gf n I were trying on several skirts since we saw that they would fit us.  The old lady was sweet but she said she was in STP but didnít have a store at Hmong Village (or anywhere else) so if I wanted one, I had to get it then and there.  I was a bit disappointed but I have a feeling I will hopefully be able to find them again.  It was my one regret this weekend.  Again, when u r a big person u go to where u not only r accepted but also welcomed n where things r accessible to u.

Overall, HNY was OK.  Less ppl due to weather and not many playing sports like back n the day but itís still r new year. 

On another note.  Let me just put this out here so I can sleep tonight.  Donít mind me.

Everyone is struggling in their own way.  We all r writing r own story.  Unless someone asks u to contribute n some wayódonít take their story n pen things n ur narrative.  Itís not ur story to write-heck, itís not ur story.  U rnít even n it so y do u feel u r being spoken to?  No one said anything to u nor asked let alone begged u for help.  If anything, we know u donít want to nor would even offer.  Plz, donít make this about u bc it was never about u to begin w.


if anything, Vince may be quite the character--i mean, it is reality tv afterall and they want their ratings.  Perhaps they may vote him off early but I also know in seasons passed another Asian guy, Yung "Woo" Hwang is the runner-up of Survivor: Cagayan who later competed in Survivor: Cambodia did rather well.

That show is still on :o ???
Yeah, I know.  I thought the same thing.  I've stopped watching tv many yrs ago.

oh noes.  If he goes full nude, I don't think white girls will wanna hook up with him no more. lol  J/K.  I might know the dude, will have to find out if he's who I think he is. haha.
ya know him?  Interesting.

Online Journal / Re: she really?
« on: September 11, 2019, 12:07:06 PM »
Hump day today!  :wav:

Nothing new.  Work and more work.  I swear my new supervisor has me running circles all the time. Urgh!

Anyway, Hmoob New Year is in the next week. I have to clean my jewelry, my room, and figure out what I want to wear this year.  I think I will try something different from what I have in my closet. We'll c.  8)

Vince Moua, 27 yrs old from Merced, CA to be on Survivor! Seems like a funny guy.

Here is the link:

Online Journal / Re: she really?
« on: September 06, 2019, 12:58:51 AM »
Goodness Lisa, I didnít know you still kept this journal. Good job!
It is the only thing I kind of come back here for. Otherwise, I poke around elsewhere but since I donít recognize that many ppl I just troll n leave-I donít even bother w commenting or posting.

This has been my own selfish way of logging my own thoughts n moments in time so I can come back n c where I have been. Thatís all it really is....n a form of therapy but it has been less of that n the last yrs.

The Single & Dating Scenes / Re: Phooj Ywg first
« on: August 30, 2019, 01:58:05 PM »
Yog koj tseeg txoj hmoo, let your personality show it's truth.  Don't pretend that you are awesome, es kuv mas lis tsis dag kuv tus kheej thiab...Los talk nrog kuv os cov me muam aws...
I think many have different views on this friends or not friends first.

I personally would want my s/o to be someone who I can befriend.  So if I can't c myself being ur friend or u don't have qualities I'd like as a friend then I most likely don't want to be friends nor xav nrog koj tham.  Even with my current circle of friends, I am not sure how ppl make friends, but all my friends have qualities that makes them dateable--doesn't mean that I would actually date them but I like having good people around me. 

Anyway, to each their own but having a good companion and someone who can laugh with me and sometimes at me but be willing to be real with me and wipe my tears at the same time is someone who I would want to keep around.

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