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Bill Burr complained to Joe Rogan that his bank was taking $28 out of his account every month ‘for no reason’ — here are 3 'sneaky' banking fees and how to avoid them

Banks are an essential part of our economy. They provide a safe place to keep our money, pay interest on our savings, and lend us money to buy homes. But they are also profit-seeking businesses. One of the many ways banks make money is through fees. These fees can seem small, but they do add up. In fact, even high-net-worth celebrities are ranting about it. “[My bank] is taking $28 a month out of my account for no reason,” top comedian Bill Burr tells Joe Rogan during an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Burr says he didn’t even notice it at first. But when he did, he confronted his bank about it.

I've had my Chase Sapphire account for years and no issue with hidden fees and what not thus far... O0:


'You should be terrified': A TikToker went viral for explaining why anyone in the US making less than $25/hour is in serious trouble. He has a point. But you can prove him wrong

As if we don’t have enough to worry about. A recession looks more and more likely, lasting through most of 2023. Inflation is rising, along with interest rates, and more and more Americans continue to find themselves in dire financial straits.

But according to financial TikTok influencer Ryan Halbert, it’s only going to get worse. If you’re making less than $25 an hour, in fact, he says “you should be terrified.”

In a video that quickly went viral, Halbert broke down the average cost of living in America. And it certainly is terrifying. After putting together all the typical essentials, like rent, groceries, gas and water, the total average cost came to $3,285.37 per month.

General Discussion / Asian on Asian harassment
« on: Today at 01:02:52 AM »
C'mon Asian men, we are better than that, no need to act like primitive apes..  :idiot2: :knuppel2::

Livestreamer who filmed Mumbai harassment calls out negative generalization s about India

A South Korean streamer is recounting her experience to the media after the two men who harassed her on the streets of Khar in Mumbai, India, were arrested by police.

The culprits were identified as Mobeen Chand Mohammad Shaikh and Mohammad Naqeeb Sadrealam Ansari, according to Mumbai Police.

Hyojeong Park, also known on the internet as Mhyochi, was livestreaming on Twitch while she was on her way back to her hotel in Khar at around 11:50 p.m. on Tuesday. In a clip from her livestream, one of the men can be heard shouting “I love you,” which she ignores.

The man then grabs her arm and pulls her towards his motorbike. When Park tries to fend him off, he puts his arm around her neck and tries to kiss the streamer on her cheek.

"I was pretty shocked. I tried my best not to escalate the situation and tried to leave. But he grabbed my wrist and dragged me to his motorcycle,” Park told India Today.

She can be seen trying to walk away from the situation in the video, but the man and his friend follow her on the motorbike, asking for her phone number.

"Luckily, one of my viewers who was watching the livestreaming from nearby came out to help and saved me," Park recalled.


What happen to FREEDOM OF SPEECH???

you say bad stuff in the street
You get your ass beat

Thats how it was


 ;D ;D ;D

General Discussion / Re: Do you believe in ghost??
« on: December 02, 2022, 06:01:22 PM »
naw man

they don't exist


Somewhere mai kue ghost is haunting us

                                              ***SCRATCH HEAD***

And NO, "we all" will not forget this EPIC FAIL...until the 12 steps are completed.. ;D:


General Discussion / Do you believe in ghost??
« on: December 02, 2022, 09:43:21 AM »
Spine-chilling moment a ‘ghost patient’ is greeted by hospital worker on CCTV and escorted to 'her' room - as the employee learns the only patient by the supposed name DIED the day before

An Argentine hospital director has come forward to clear up the mystery behind the security camera video that shows the moment a security guard appeared to register a phantom patient.

The chilling video footage showed moment the sliding doors at Finochettio Sanatorium opened the early morning of November 11, prompting the guard to step away from the desk.

The worker, whose name is unknown, then removed the retractable belt barrier from the stanchion as if he was about to let a person in and appeared to write something down on a clipboard.

The incident got spookier when the guard motions with his right hand as if he is telling instructing someone to walk ahead before he places the clipboard on top of the desk.

Video in link:


Asia’s richest man to develop India's largest slum, the site of hit film ‘Slumdog Millionaire’


Elon Musk gives Kanye West the boot from Twitter over offensive posts: 'I tried my best'
Musk said Ye's tweets 'violated our rule against incitement to violence,' therefore suspending the rapper's Twitter account

NOPE, not done yet, still more stuff coming...Pick this bad boy up earlier.. O0:

Here's that Hmong Thao kid from Fresno:

Thao Triumphant In Thailand

Calishine Racing’s Aden Thao had built a solid plan. The Fresno, California, resident and member of the Hmong Community, who competes in MotoAmerica’s SportbikeTrack Junior Cup series, flew to Buriram, Thailand, with two clear and purposeful missions: to represent MotoAmerica at the final round of the OR BRIC Superbike 2021 (FMSCT All Thailand Superbike Championship) at Chang International Circuit and also, as is the mission of all motorcycle road racers, to win.

The AVRP Racing Training team celebrates as their rider Thao takes the checkered flag and the victory. Photo courtesy of Calishine Racing.

Thao made good on both of his missions. Aboard his #55 Kawasaki Ninja 400 and competing for the AVRP Racing Training team, the 18-year-old earned the pole position in Supersport Production 400 SPJ and then took the victory in the race. The result lofted him into third place overall in the Supersport Production 400 SPJ Championship final standings. He also broke the class record at Chang International Circuit with a fastest lap of 1:51.

5 suspects assault monk in Nashville Buddhist temple robbery

Police are searching for one man and four women, including one seen carrying a toddler, who attacked a Buddhist monk at Wat Lao Buddhist Temple on Old Hickory Boulevard at around 9 a.m. on Nov. 27.

When the monk opened the door after hearing a knock, the suspects allegedly barged in and knocked him to the ground. According to the monk, he was held down while at least two women rummaged through the temple for several minutes, stealing cash.

As the group was leaving, the monk tried to grab onto the satchel of one of the women to stop her. That was when the suspects “ganged up” on the monk until the woman broke free, according to police.

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department has released surveillance footage of the five suspects fleeing the scene. They reportedly drove off in a silver Toyota van.

“They’ve always been very good neighbors, peaceful,” Charles Pickney, a resident in the area, told News 2. “It’s kind of like a little campground where people can come on Saturday night and kind of enjoy being with their friends from their temple and all, but never any problems.”

Police are urging anyone with information regarding the assault and robbery to contact Nashville Crime Stoppers at 615-742-7463.

General Discussion / Re: Gotta say, $285 is pretty weak
« on: December 02, 2022, 12:12:20 AM »
yeah i just make that stuff up

Just lied, dude

And NOPE, "we all" won't forget this EPIC FAIL:


 ;D ;D ;D

Food Forum / Re: Amish Chicken
« on: December 01, 2022, 11:00:33 PM »
Another new month now and guess what?

Yep, the "$300/cow" lie is still a LIE...

Same sh!t, different month..


General Discussion / Re: Gotta say, $285 is pretty weak
« on: December 01, 2022, 10:56:36 PM »

General Discussion / Gotta say, $285 is pretty weak
« on: December 01, 2022, 06:57:47 PM »
A TikTok star hit a golf ball into Grand Canyon. Here’s how much that stunt cost her

“Do we really need to say, ‘don’t hit golf balls into the Grand Canyon?’”

That’s what Grand Canyon National Park posted on social media one day after a social media influencer posted a video of herself golfing on the edge of the Grand Canyon’s South Rim, east of Mather Point.

In the video, which appeared on 20-year-old Katie Sigmond’s accounts on Oct. 26, Sigmond hit a golf ball and subsequently lost most of her club when the driver’s shaft flew into the canyon after the ball.

Social media users were quick to share Sigmond’s stunt on platforms such as the r/NationalPark subreddit, where a screen recording of Sigmond’s Snapchat Story garnered more than 900 comments. Commenters condemned Sigmond for littering as well as endangering people and wildlife below her. The influencer — who has a combined 10 million followers across TikTok and Instagram — was going viral for the wrong reasons and she appeared to delete the posts.

...Sigmond was ordered to pay a $285 fine, which includes $60 in processing fees. A spokesman for the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts confirmed to The Republic that the Central Violations Bureau received two payments of $155 and $130 from Katie Sigmond on Nov. 15.

The fine should've been the max at $5000 and the punishment should've been 6 months in jail and/or have her retrieve the ball along with a lifetime ban... :idiot2:

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