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General Discussion / what happen to REPORTER???? did that dude get cancer and die??
« Last post by hmgROCK on February 29, 2024, 10:35:07 PM »
just fall off the edge of the cliff
never to be heard off again

what happen to this troll mod who always threatens to ban me

 ;D ;D ;D
Money & Investment / I'm sure this Lawyer felt as paralyzed as Renaissance did on PH
« Last post by theking on February 29, 2024, 10:29:31 PM »
...per the "legit" "ALL CATTLE" PROOF quote below. It was NOT good for that poor girl, Renaissance after following some "bad investment advice" from an idiot...  ;D:

GE stock as of today is $11.69 per share.  Someone is giving bad investment advice 

This millionaire lawyer fell victim to a shoddy financial adviser for 12 years — is now 'paralyzed' at the thought of her husband retiring. How to recover even after you've been burned

Rachel, 51, panics at the thought of her 56-year-old husband, Brian, retiring in the next few years. This is despite the fact they’re both lawyers with an annual combined household income of $270,000 and a total net worth of more than $2.3 million.

Yet, a negative experience with a former financial advisor, in which she lost thousands of dollars, and nearly losing her home when she was younger, has left her in fear of losing her home and her lifestyle.

“Our money psychology shrinks our view to only consider one or two options,” Ramit Sethi explained in an episode of his “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” podcast.

In other words, the problem isn’t always money (or lack thereof), but sorting through our psychological issues that prevent us from living our best life.

By expanding your vision of what’s possible, “you’ll often find creative ways to live a rich life,” he said.

Mortgage fears
Rachel told Sethi that recently she feels frozen, paralyzed and unable to breathe.

“Up until now money has been representative of fun and freedom, but recently Brian has talked about retiring early — within the next year and a half — and that has completely paralyzed me,” she said.

If Brian is no longer working, Rachel is worried they won’t be able to live off her salary and his retirement income.

“The fear of not being able to afford a mortgage just terrifies me, which is actually ridiculous because we have a second home that’s completely paid off,” she added.

While on some level she may know this fear is “ridiculous,” there’s a reason for it. When she was younger, she lost her job, almost lost her house and had to accept work and rent an apartment in another city to make her mortgage payments. The man she was dating at the time was living in her house rent-free and expense-free.

“I know that creates a lot of my fear,” she said.

Read more: Rich young Americans have lost confidence in the stock market — and are betting on these 3 assets instead. Get in now for strong long-term tailwinds

Bad investment
Another formative money experience had to do with a former financial adviser, who told her she should invest in a Roth IRA. When she asked him about his fees, he was dismissive and told her “not to worry about it” because she didn’t have to write him a check.
General Discussion / Re: Lefties/Demmies will not admit...
« Last post by hmgROCK on February 29, 2024, 10:26:55 PM »
sad tragic
shame they using her death for politics point

could be anyone

why didn’t the fuhrer build the wall and make mexico pay for it when he was in office ??

didn’t solve it then, not now or ever
 ;D ;D ;D
How much money do you need to buy a $400,000 house with a 7% mortgage rate?

Home buyers in the U.S. are facing an increasingly challenging real-estate market once again, as the 30-year mortgage rate heads back over 7% .

But just how challenging is it to buy a home? MarketWatch worked with Redfin to estimate how much a potential home buyer would need to earn to buy a typical home.

If a home buyer is paying for a median-priced $397,000 home with a 30-year mortgage at 7.09% after putting 20% down, they would have to pay roughly $2,711 per month, which includes not just their principal and interest, but taxes and insurance as well, according to Redfin.

To afford that on a monthly basis, a prospective buyer would need to make an annual salary of $108,440. Redfin considers a monthly payment as “affordable” if the buyer is spending no more than 30% of their income on housing.

Housing affordability is at the lowest level since 2012 , according to the National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Opportunity Index, which is when they began tracking the data.

Only about 38% of new and existing homes sold between October 2023 and the end of December 2023 were affordable to the typical family in America earning a median income of $96,300, the NAHB said.

The NAHB’s median income figure is based on income estimates for metropolitan areas published by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Census Bureau, which measures income across the entire U.S., said that real median income in 2022 was $74,850.

With spring home-buying season fast approaching, Chen Zhao, economics research lead at Redfin, said that the high mortgage rates could play to some buyers’ advantage.

“So far the market has been slower than expected, with worse weather than usual in January, and rates ticking up in January and February,” Zhao said. “New listings are up though, indicating that buyers may have more to choose from this year and that may drive more transactions.”

Tips for house hunters as mortgage rates hover at 7%
For the would-be home buyers who are in the throes of house hunting, hang in there. The market is expensive. It’s tough, so be prepared.

For starters, don’t underestimate the competition. 16% of homes are being sold over list price , and a third of buyers are paying all cash, which some homeowners prefer because it gives them access to the money quickly. So make sure you and your real-estate agent know what the best offer is before you go to the seller. Don’t low-ball in a hot market.
Only been a few days but she really enjoys it thus far  O0:

Marriage & Family Life / Re: What Would You Do?
« Last post by Believe_N_Me on February 29, 2024, 08:30:14 PM »
She did the right thing.

If he comes out, he can find someone else. You can't let
her go for years without love. She knew he would be locked
up for more than three months.

Some times a decision has to be made using head over heart.
...for enabling:

‘This is going to make me vomit’: Texas grandma is in debt despite $130,000 income — supports 6 family members on a single salary and puts everything on credit cards. Caleb Hammer responds

Jennifer, 46, is a prime example of how earning more isn’t the only ingredient needed for financial freedom.

As a commercial loan closer, the Dallas, Texas, resident earned $130,000 last year. In theory, that should put her on the fast-track to early retirement. Instead, she’s swimming in debt trying to keep her two adult children and their kids afloat.

“This is going to make me vomit,” said Caleb Hammer, as he sifted through her credit card statements during an episode of his YouTube show, Financial Audit.

Jennifer’s finances highlight multiple trends emerging across the American economy, the biggest of which is multigeneratio nal homes.

Multigeneratio nal debt
The rising cost of living, coupled with low incomes and a spike in unemployment, is putting the squeeze on many American families.

Home prices have surged in recent years and, in 2023, only 16% of listed properties could be considered “affordable” according to real estate platform Redfin.

Wages haven’t kept up with this pace either, as the year-over-year wage growth rate sits at 4.5%, according to the Economic Policy Institute.

Higher home prices and lower wages have pushed more families to consider multigeneratio nal living. Roughly 14% of homebuyers in 2022 were multigeneratio nal families living together, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Minority homebuyers were even more likely to live in multigeneratio nal houses, an increase of 19%.

From 1971 to 2021, the number of Americans living in multigeneratio nal households has quadrupled, according to the Pew Research Center.

Now, Jennifer is living this statistic. She was a homeowner, but ended up selling the unit due to personal reasons. She was left owning a balance on her mortgage, which she said she paid for with credit cards.

Now she’s renting a two-bedroom condo at $2,209 a month. However, she shares the unit with her two sons, aged 25 and 28 respectively, along with their children and partners. Altogether, the unit is shared by seven people.

Her sons contribute $700 each for rent, but are both currently unemployed. Effectively, the entire family is reliant on Jennifer’s income, which results in monthly grocery bills that total as high as $2,898.
General Discussion / Asian dude did a great job taking care of himself
« Last post by theking on February 29, 2024, 01:46:51 PM »
70-year-old grandfather from China amazes with his physique and fitness routine

Zou Heping, who hails from Chongqing, has attracted widespread attention for his extraordinary fitness and youthful physique. Despite his age, Zou's body resembles that of a much younger person's, with a full head of black hair and well-defined eight-pack abs.

General Discussion / Lefties/Demmies will not admit...
« Last post by Hung_Low on February 29, 2024, 01:17:18 PM »
that their policy is bad...

Athen GA, mayor blames Trump for the murder of a college student by an illegal by references Trump's statement about the Charlotteville incident and claiming that Trump and GOP have a war on foreign born American. Total BS deflecting his policy failure... All I can say is that they got what they wanted, sanctuary city.

NYC mayor Blames Trump and his supporters for the illegals problems... wants more than $2.4billion in support.

Ask any Leftie/Demmie and they can't tell you the difference between an illegal and an immigrant. So, every time you bring a negative view of 'illegals' they latched on to the "You hate immigrants" rhetoric. Kinda like how a Leftie/Demmie can't tell a woman from a transwoman - which they claimed both have menstrual cramp, menstrual cycle, can breast feed and able to bear children.
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