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General Education / 5k student loan tax credit
« on: March 12, 2015, 03:08:31 AM »
One of our reps is proposing a 5k tax credit towards people who have excess student loans based on principal and interest paid. That would be a sweet deal! Please do pass this through!

What are your thoughts?

Hmong Culture & History / Hmong Chiyou
« on: May 14, 2014, 10:00:15 PM »
Is this leader a myth and legend or is he a real Hmong leader? Who is the real Chiyou?

I've been getting mixed reviews and suppositions over people telling me their story of Chiyou.

Heres another story:

"Legend has it that the Hmong were a brave and strong group.  Thousands of years ago, they fought against the Han Chinese to protect their land and culture.  The Hmong won 9 out of 10 battles.  On the 10th battle, Hmong officials betrayed their king, Chiyou (Txiv Yawg).  It was because of this betrayal that the Chinese won the last battle and captured and executed Chiyou.  They cut up his body into 7 pieces and scattered it all over China so the Hmong people will never be reunited again.  Today, the Hmong are displaced all over the world, from China, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand to Australia, France, Canada, the US."

Positive News / Merced County swears in nation's first Hmong judge
« on: April 20, 2014, 06:37:00 AM »
Paul L.

MERCED, Calif. (KFSN) --  A new judge is sworn into Merced County Superior Court, but it's sparking national attention.

For the first time in the history of the United States, a Hmong man is now a superior court judge. Paul Lo, 45, was sworn in as a Merced County judge on Friday in front of countless family members, friends and community members -- all emotional at the sight of immense triumph.

"For him to be in that role now that we have young folks that are coming up that can say 'look, he's on the bench, and we can aspire to become successful,' and so those are important role models that are establishing now," said Fresno City Councilman Blong Xiong.

Lo has crossed more than just judiciary hurdles. He crossed an ocean to get to where he is today. As a child, Lo was one of many Hmong fearing persecution in Vietnam after the Vietnam War. Many Hmong assisted Americans in the war and had to flee the country.

"They paved the way for us to be here tonight with their lives. They left everything they ever knew, lost everything they ever owned, and braved the unknown," said Lo.

Many political leaders including Rep. Jim Costa, D-Fresno, spoke proudly at Friday's historical event.

"That still is a beacon of light throughout the world that you can come here with nothing but the clothes on your back, and if you work hard and you get a good education, you can succeed," said Costa.

Merced County has the fifth largest Hmong community in the country -- now fit with a role model to inspire for generations to come.

Health & Fitness / Do NOT use OxyElite Pro and Versa-1 products!
« on: November 18, 2013, 05:52:29 PM »
WARNING! Do not use OxyElite Pro.

Mods or Admin. Please sticky this here at the top for others who are taking dietary supplements!

My cousin's father over the last two weeks was hospitalized for some sickness and the doctors did a diagnosis on him. After tests and whatnot they found out that his liver is failing, but that was a surprsing total shock. His dad never drank or did any drugs. Then later he told the doctors that he was taking weight loss pills over a span of two months daily over the last summer!

The doctors linked his liver failure with the drugs found in OxyElite Pro, but it is too late, his dad needs a new liver transplant immediately!

If you have taken OxyElite go see a doctor and STOP taking it!

Following actions by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a Texas-based company has agreed to recall and destroy a dietary supplement linked to dozens of cases of acute liver failure and hepatitis, including one death and illnesses so severe that several patients required liver transplants.
In addition to the recall of certain OxyElite Pro products, USPLabs assured FDA officials that it will destroy warehouse stocks of the supplement, with a retail value of about $22 million. FDA will oversee the destruction of the product.

"As soon as we suspected a possible link between OxyElite Pro products and cases of liver failure and non-viral hepatitis in Hawaii, we warned the public and immediately launched an investigation with state officials and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)," said Daniel Fabricant, Ph.D., director of FDA's Division of Dietary Supplement Programs. "Our mandate to protect the public was fulfilled by ensuring the swift removal of the product from the marketplace."

FDA used new enforcement tools provided by the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act to act quickly in the face of a potential danger to public health.

The supplement was advertised as an aid to losing weight and building muscles. FDA warned the company on Oct. 11, 2013, that certain OxyElite Pro products and another supplement, VERSA-1, are considered adulterated because they contain a new dietary ingredient, aegeline, for which the company did not provide evidence of safety.

While FDA's investigation is still ongoing, the agency continues to warn consumers to avoid using OxyElite Pro and VERSA-1.

Earlier this year, a stockpile of another formulation of OxyElite Pro was destroyed after being held through an FDA administrative detention order. A stimulant included in those products, DMAA, or dimethylamylam ine, can cause high blood pressure and lead to heart attacks, seizures, psychiatric disorders and death.

After removing DMAA from its products, USPLabs substituted aegeline, among other ingredients, in certain OxyElite Pro products. Non-synthetic aegeline is an alkaloid extract from leaves of the Asian bael tree (Agele marmelos).

"Twice in a short period, this company has added new dietary ingredients to supplements without notifying the FDA and providing a reasonable expectation of safety, as required by law," said Fabricant. "Losses to the company should also serve as a reminder that FDA's laws and regulations serve a purpose and must be followed."

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Evidence of Danger
On Sept. 13, 2013, FDA learned of a cluster of seven Hawaii residents with acute liver failure/non-viral hepatitis.
A joint investigation by the Hawaii Department of Health and CDC revealed that the patients all had consumed OxyElite Pro products. FDA meanwhile identified patients outside of Hawaii with similar liver dysfunction after using OxyElite Pro.

The FDA urged the public to avoid using products labeled as OxyElite Pro or VERSA-1 while the agency investigated further.

On Oct. 11, 2013, FDA warned the company that certain OxyElite Pro and VERSA-1 products were deemed adulterated and that failure to immediately cease distribution of both products could lead to enforcement actions. The FDA also outlined its findings of harm linked to OxyElite Pro.

As of the end of October 2013, there were 56 cases of acute liver failure or acute hepatitis linked to OxyPro Elite, 43 of them in Hawaii. The investigation continues.

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Following the Law
While manufacturers of dietary supplements are not required to provide proof of safety and effectiveness prior to marketing, they are required to notify the FDA of plans to include a new dietary ingredient. They are also required to submit evidence that the dietary ingredient would reasonably be expected to be safe under the conditions of use recommended or suggested in the supplement labeling. A new dietary ingredient is defined as one not marketed in the United States before Oct. 15, 1994.
Companies are required to provide evidence of safety of the new dietary ingredient 75 days before the product goes to market. This notification was not made by USPLabs before it began using DMAA, a new dietary ingredient, in OxyElite Pro. FDA was likewise not informed when the company, no longer formulating with DMAA, began using the new dietary ingredient aegeline.

The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act has been instrumental in FDA's enforcement actions regarding the OxyElite Pro dietary supplements.

This article appears on FDA's Consumer Updates page, which features the latest on all FDA-regulated products.

Nov. 18, 2013

Music Discussion / Jade Lee - That Boy
« on: September 05, 2013, 10:21:27 AM »
Some song about That Boy. Nothing new, it's just too cliché.

Wasn't this the girl from Daim Duab.

Computer & Technology / Adobe Creative Cloud
« on: May 07, 2013, 06:59:15 PM »
What do you guys think of this new strategy by Adobe to stop offering the Creative Suite. They're making you pay monthly subscriptions to update or use the next Adobe Creative upgrades. Is it worth it?,0,3520547.story

By Salvador Rodriguez
May 7, 2013, 11:44 a.m.
Adobe is altering the way it does business, announcing this week that it will no longer make and sell a boxed version of its Creative Suite software and will instead charge users a monthly subscription to use its cloud-based version.

Although it will continue to sell boxed Creative Suite 6 products, Adobe said that going forward, it will focus on its Creative Cloud service. That means new versions of its software will be available only to users who pay for the monthly subscription service.

"Focusing development on Creative Cloud will not only accelerate the rate at which Adobe can innovate but also broaden the type of innovation the company can offer the creative community," the company said in a statement issued Monday.

PHOTOS: The top smartphones of 2013

The Creative Cloud service has been available since last year and includes most versions of the company's software, including Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Premiere Pro. It comes with 20 gigabytes of cloud storage include.

“By focusing our energy -- and our talented engineers -- on Creative Cloud, we’re able to put innovation in our members’ hands at a much faster pace," David Wadhwani, senior vice president and general manager of Adobe Digital Media, said in a statement.

Users who purchase Creative Cloud will be able to download it onto up to two computers, regardless of whether they are PCs or Macs. The programs, however, cannot run at the same time. Previously, the boxed versions of the software let users install the program on two computers with the same operating system and have them run at the same time.

For users accustomed to buying their software at a store and installing it using a CD, the switch will take some getting used to, but it could save some customers money.

Previously, paying for a boxed version of an Adobe application typically cost hundreds of dollars. Adobe Photoshop CS6, for example, costs $699, according to Adobe's website. With Creative Cloud, users can get access to the program for $19.99 a month, or about $240 a year.

Collections, or bundles that include multiple programs, also cost more than $1,000 in a box, but Creative Cloud customers can access all of Adobe's program for $49.99 a month, or about $600 a year, if they commit to a year of service.

In order to ease the switch, Adobe said it would offer existing customers who own Creative Suite 6 a year of the cloud subscription service for $19.99 a month. Users who own any of Adobe's versions ranging from Creative Suite 3 to Creative Suite 5.5 can get their first year of the cloud subscription for $29.99 a month. That's also the price Adobe will charge students and teachers.

The company said it was also offering groups and companies special pricing to use the cloud-based software.

General Education / Test taking skills!
« on: May 02, 2013, 10:07:35 AM »
What are some easy ways to study for a multiple answer test?

Hmong Stories / Cecil Hotel: Elisa Lam's Killer from LA
« on: February 20, 2013, 12:39:49 PM »
Have you guys heard of this story of Elisa Lam? A Canadian girl who stayed at Cecil Hotel not too long ago when she was killed and her body was dumped into a water tank on the roof. This sounds like a horror story straight from a movie, the Grudge, the Ring, or.... how about "DARK WATERS!"

Just go look it up.

This is the video from the Elevator before Elisa was murdered or was last seen.

WARNING: disturbing footage. CAUTION at your own risk.

What are your thoughts?

Music Discussion / Far East Movment - Turn Up the Love
« on: August 23, 2012, 01:56:52 PM »

They look asian but sound so black?... that was a comment i saw on this video.

General Entertainment / Price is Right!
« on: June 04, 2012, 10:43:01 AM »
Since when did Drew Carey become host of Price is Right and how come they have male models now?

Online Journal / Txhuas lub npau suav yog koj~
« on: February 22, 2012, 03:49:43 AM »
"If you want to succeed, your desire for success must be bigger than your fear of failure." -Bill Cosby

Cia Siab 6 Tag Kis

by LosWing (cover by Kristine)

Kuv twb nyiam nyaim koj heev
ua cas koj tsis paub li
xav los hnia koj
xav los puag koj
tiasis kuv ntshai tsam koj ntxub

kuv twb xav xav hlub koj heev
koj tig ntsia kuv
ua rau kuv lub siab no
yuj plawv rau koj
tsis pom qab yog vim li cas

koj luag ntxhi rau kuv
es kuv nyiag nyiam koj heev
****txij hnub ntawv los
txij li thaum kuv tau ntsib koj
es kuv tsis paub yog vim li cas
vwm rau koj, tag npaum li no
txhua tag kis, wb puas yuav, sib ntsib li no

txoj kev hlub, rau koj
cas yuav nco, koj luaj no
txawm tag tiam no
kuv puas muaj txoj hmoov los, ua koj tug....

(Repeat beginning until ****)

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