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soo much for your fake mai lo wife EV

 ;D ;D
Faith & Beliefs / the HOLY LAND…. is not soooo HOLY after all
« Last post by hmgROCK on November 29, 2023, 10:31:59 PM »
all these deserts brown people fighting each other lately
im starting to think it might not be a HOLY LAND at all

 ;D ;D ;D

and where is the invisible man in the sky at
Nope, not going back to this. Just say no to corrosion  ;D:

Another great thing about AGM is no leakage and seepage so zero corrosion  O0:

General Discussion / Re: Brandon just bought 2024...
« Last post by hmgROCK on November 29, 2023, 10:25:15 PM »
So..."welfare" for the rich but not the needy poor?

<<< poor people like me don’t go to college

this bill is mostly for mid tier middle class

 ;D ;D


 ;D ;D O0 O0
RIP to that wannabe travel girl
Only to realize no one care

Must hurt the ego and pride

yeah i just make that stuff up

Just lied, dude

And WELPS so much for:


 ;D ;D ;D
The Single & Dating Scenes / Can you find true love on OnlyFans?
« Last post by theking on November 29, 2023, 10:15:29 PM »
Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham Reveals She Met Boyfriend on OnlyFans, Made Him Sign NDA

Following first being introduced on OF, Abraham and her now-boyfriend matched via a dating app after she spent three months working with a dating and relationship coach. The two became official in late September, and she revealed she made him sign a non-disclosure agreement.
...truck in the near future:

Toyota’s upcoming 2024 Tacoma is pushing the beloved pickup to new heights. Adding to the mix is the addition of solid-state battery tech inside the Tacoma. Unfortunately, this advanced type of battery isn’t quite big enough to power the vehicle and is tasked with only powering part of the sound system.

Marriage & Family Life / Can she be a good stepmom? I don't think so
« Last post by theking on November 29, 2023, 06:09:22 PM »
Susan Smith, nearing parole after murders of young sons, says she'd be 'good stepmom': report
The South Carolina woman gained notoriety in 1994 when she claimed a Black man took her kids, before admitting she sent car into lake with kids strapped in

Notorious South Carolina inmate Susan Smith reportedly told one of several suitors that she would make a "good stepmom" as her first parole hearing approaches in her life sentence for drowning her two boys.

Smith, 52, also told her admirer on the recorded jailhouse phone call from Leath Correctional Institution last month that she "could see [herself] around kids," per transcripts obtained by The Messenger.

"You'd be great, babe," responded the suitor, one of more than half a dozen corresponding with Smith, the outlet reported.

Per South Carolina Department of Corrections records, Smith began her 29-year sentence on Nov. 4, 1994, after she was convicted on two counts of murder in the deaths of sons Michael Daniel Smith, 3, and Alexander Tyler Smith, 14 months.

Initially, then-22-year-old Smith told investigators that a Black man had carjacked her while the two boys were still inside the car.

Days later, she wept alongside husband David Smith on national television, pleading for their safe return:

"Your mama loves you so much," she said during one news conference.

But ultimately, Smith admitted that there was no carjacker – she let her car roll into John D. Long Lake and watched as the vehicle sunk with the two children still strapped into the car seats.

Her prospective affair partner and ex-boyfriend, Tom Findalay, penned a letter a week earlier that prosecutors said drove Smith to drown the boys:

"Susan, I could really fall for you. But like I have told you before, there are some things about you that aren't suited for me, and yes, I am speaking about your children," he wrote, per Deseret News.

Michael Daniel Smith, 3, and his 14-month-old brother Alexander Tyler Smith, are shown in a family photo. Prosecutors argued that Smith drowned the two boys to garner the affections of an affair partner who didn't want kids – but Smith has long argued that she suffered a psychotic breakdown. (Reuters)

But Smith has long argued that she did not drown her children for a man's sake, claiming instead that she had a psychotic breakdown.

Now, relatives are not shocked by the near half-dozen men who have reached out to Smith while she's behind bars, telling The Messenger that "guys have always flocked to Susan."

"She's always been into guys, obviously," one relative told the outlet. "It would be the best case scenario for her, to be in a relationship. So she's hoping to find the right man to live with if she gets out."

David Smith holds up a picture of his murdered sons Michael and Alex after his ex-wife Susan Smith was sentenced to life imprisonment on two counts of murder in Union, South Carolina. A relative of Smith's former husband said he intends to oppose Smith's parole next year. (Reuters)

With her first parole hearing scheduled for Nov. 4, 2024, the mother plans to request her release.

Former husband David Smith – who appeared by her side on national news stations during the fruitless search for their dead children and was later pictured weeping at the boys' funerals – intends to oppose her release.

"David still thinks of his boys every day, and doesn't ever want Susan to get out," one of the man's relatives told The Messenger. "She belongs in jail… she is exactly where she needs to be – in prison. And we will do what it takes to keep her there."

Grief-stricken David Smith is pictured weeping amid a crowd of mourners as he leaves the funeral for his kids Michael and Alex. (Thomas S. England/Getty Images)

Meanwhile, Smith's suitors are vying to help her post-release, per conversations reviewed by the outlet, offering her money and accommodations .

One man offered her a car, another offered her a place to stay with his relatives when she is paroled, while another spoke in recorded conversations about moving in together and starting a family.

One of the men told the outlet that he "just [found Smith] interesting and misunderstood" and that the woman is "not what you think she is."

"She's a good person who did something terrible when she was young and not in her right mind – people can change," he told the outlet.

Smith's search for love has gone on inside prison walls, too, with People reporting an illicit sexual relationship with a prison guard alongside marijuana use and self-mutilation in her disciplinary record.

When she isn't flirting with prospective post-release lovers, Smith often speaks with friends and family about her potential parole:

"Prepare now what you will say when you're given the chance to speak at your parole," Smith's friend Ruth said in a recorded May phone call, according to The Messenger.

"Say you were young and may have had postpartum depression, which can last as long as three years after birth," the friend continued. "I will keep you in my prayers. Meanwhile, get your speech ready for the Parole Board. It won't be easy."
General Discussion / So Asians scare White folks that much eh?
« Last post by theking on November 29, 2023, 06:04:26 PM »
Fear of Competition? Research Shows That When Asian Students Move In, White Families Move Out

Asian Americans increasingly find themselves at the center of scorching debates over educational opportunity and fairness, whether related to admissions practices at highly selective colleges or pressing concerns over social exclusion in school.

Now research evidence demonstrates that they face racial isolation simply by entering the classroom. A recent study of wealthy California suburbs finds that white families drift away from public schools as more Asian students enroll in them — and fears over academic competition, rather than outright racism, may play the biggest role in driving the departures.

Circulated this summer by the National Bureau of Economic Research, the paper offers an unusually granular view of population-level changes in a highly affluent and desirable milieu. It also reveals a stark and somewhat disturbing response to the presence of Asian Americans, one of the fastest-growing and highest-achieving ethnic groups in the United States.
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