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Much better than having kids just to neglect, abuse and even killed them at the end... :idiot2:

Women Confessed Why They'll Never Have Kids, And It's Extremely Enlightening

"Being conscious that my genetics suck, [that's when I realized I didn't want kids]. I also think it's egotistical to have them and pass on your genes and put their lives in danger. The number of people with diseases who can pass them down through MANY generations absolutely scares me.

Are Republicans who got pandemic debt relief hypocrites for complaining about student debt relief? Yes

You may have noticed over the last few days that the political world is in an uproar over President Biden's dispensing of student debt relief.

It's not so much that Biden implemented the relief program at all; what got politicians and pundits in a tizzy was that he called out the GOP naysayers in the House by pointing out that many of them had received business loans via the pandemic-era Paycheck Protection Program, or PPP, that had never been paid back.

The White House tweeted out the forgiven PPP balances of 13 GOP House members critical of student loan relief, under the heading, "This you?"

The PPP helped people remain employed while the government literally shut down much of the economy,. Only an intellectual clown would compare that to what Biden is doing now with student loans.

Rep. Ralph Norman, R-S.C., recipient of $616,241 in pandemic relief

That's a really unfair comparison, the argument goes, because the PPP loans were never intended to be paid back. Under the program terms, the loans would be forgiven if the money was used to support the workers of a small business that had been forced to close or curtail operations because of pandemic restrictions.

In other words, it's said, the PPP money was never expected to be repaid. By contrast, student loans were taken out in full expectation that they would be repaid — if not for the handouts being distributed by the White House.

"The PPP helped people remain employed while the government literally shut down much of the economy," Rep. Ralph Norman (R-S.C.), tweeted back in 2022, the first time Biden made this purportedly invidious comparison. "Only an intellectual clown would compare that to what Biden is doing now with student loans."

Norman received $616,241 from the PPP, according to the White House.

There's something to be said for the distinction made by the PPP-pocketing student relief critics, but not nearly as much as they claim. More on that in a moment.

This is just another example of how our political press is incapable of telling the forest from the trees, or how it's perennially distracted by a shiny object. (Insert your own pertinent metaphor here.)

In this case, the shiny object is the idea that it's Biden who is the hypocrite for comparing the PPP loans to student debt. This misses the bigger picture of how America's economy is structured to benefit corporations and the wealthy — that is, the patrons of the Republican political establishment — at the expense of average Americans. The pundits who are flaying the White House for making the connection are merely buying a GOP talking point.

Not only right-leaning commentators are committing this error. Not a few progressive-minded writers are complicit. Here, for instance, is Jordan Weissmann of Semaphor, usually a percipient analyst of economics and finance: "The thing about this talking point is that I know everybody in the White House, including the [communications] shop, is smart enough to know how disingenuous it is."

Read more: Column: Bidenomics has been a boon for working-class voters. Why don't they give him credit?

Let's take a closer — and a broader — look.

The comparison between student debt relief and the PPP loans first emerged in 2022, when Biden first announced his plan to forgive up to $20,000 in student debt for households with incomes of up to $125,000. The White House then issued a series of tweets targeting GOP critics of student debt relief whose PPP loans had been forgiven.

The Supreme Court invalidated Biden's original proposal in 2023. Chief Justice John Roberts wrote for a 6-3 conservative majority that although the law gave the secretary of education the authority to "waive or modify" the terms of student loans, the White House had gone too far.

After that, the administration implemented a new program, the SAVE plan, that limited monthly repayments on student debt for most borrowers to as little as 5% of their income and ended payments for borrowers living near or below the federal poverty standard. After as little as 10 years, the balance on loans originally totaling $12,000 or less will be permanently forgiven.

Lao Gan Ma was in fridges long before Momofuku's chili crunch was in headlines

Asian Americans and avid foodies alike point out that Lao Gan Ma's chili sauce predates newer products by decades — including Momofuku's, which launched in 2018. Chang, who has been open about his own love of Lao Gan Ma, nodded to it in his recent statement.

"You Are A Culinary Colonizer": People Are Calling For A Boycott Of David Chang's Momofuku After The Company Sent Cease-And-Desists To Asian-Owned Businesses

L.A. cuts tentative deal to provide $15 million to spare Chinatown tenants from steep rent hikes

L.A. cuts tentative deal to provide $15 million to spare Chinatown tenants from steep rent hikes. The Los Angeles City Council will consider a deal to aid tenants living at the Hillside Villa Apartments, foreground, in Chinatown.

Oakland officials vote to rename airport despite San Francisco threatening to sue

....change the name of Oakland International Airport to San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport, infuriating San Francisco officials who promised to sue over the decision.

The name change will be finalized if approved in a second vote May 9.

Port of Oakland officials say the change is necessary to sustain the airport’s 30,000 direct jobs and $1.6-billion economic impact in the region. Under the proposed rebranding, the airport code, OAK, will not be changed.

The move has angered San Francisco leaders, who say it will confuse travelers. Before the vote, San Francisco City Atty. David Chiu wrote to the Port of Oakland, promising to sue if the change was approved. The city of San Francisco, he wrote, “has strong legal claims ... for trademark infringement that we intend to bring in court against the Port of Oakland.”

The San Francisco airport, which has been operating since 1927, has been known by its moniker for almost the entirety of its existence, Chiu noted.

...I pay as usual so I don't mind waiting towards the end to send it.. ;D

Yankees pitcher Fritz Peterson, infamous for trading wives with a teammate, dies at 82
Peterson pitched nine seasons for the Yankees and was an All-Star in 1970

Former New York Yankees left-hander Fritz Peterson died, the team announced on Friday. He was 82 years old.

Peterson pitched nine seasons for the Yankees from 1966 through 1974, notching a 20-win season in 1970, when he was also named to the American League All-Star team. He also pitched for Cleveland and the Texas Rangers during his career. Altogether, Peterson compiled a 3.30 ERA and 133–131 record, throwing over 2,200 innings.

Control was Peterson's best trait as a pitcher. He had a career walk rate of 1.7 per nine innings and averaged the lowest walks per nine in the AL for a five-season stretch from 1968 through 1972.

However, Peterson is perhaps best known for more infamous reasons. During spring training of 1973, he and teammate Mike Kekich revealed that they had traded families and homes. Kekich's wife and two daughters moved in with Peterson, while Peterson's wife and two sons lived with Kekich.

"It wasn't a wife swap. It was a life swap," Kekich said in an interview, via The New York Times. "We're not saying we're right and everyone else who thinks we're wrong are wrong. It's just the way we felt."

...this  ??? :idiot2::

Georgia father sentenced to 50 years for poisoning his newborn's breastmilk with antifreeze

Police say Curtis Jack admitted that he added antifreeze to his newborn daughter's milk to avoid paying child support. A Georgia father was sentenced to 50 years in prison on Thursday for using antifreeze mixed in breastmilk to poison his 18-day-old daughter four years ago.

...them occasionally so I like this answer and agree with it  O0:

My boyfriend and I have dated for seven months. We have a good relationship in terms of compatibility. We are both Christian and educated, and we have good professions. We are fun-loving and both of us like to invest and travel. He enjoys my company and says I am the girl with the best qualities he’s ever dated.

But I do have one issue: He stays in close contact with his former on-and-off girlfriend of 10 years and other women he dated. When I asked him about it, he said he cares about other people and likes to keep in touch with them.

An example: Last year when he was single, he wanted to take his long-term ex-girlfriend out for a day trip, dinner and a musical so she could get away from her apartment. Her daughter and grandkids, who were living with her, made her life very tough. My boyfriend and this ex also text each other often to keep up with each other’s family and life.

I feel uneasy about this. Wouldn’t most women? To me, if you don’t think a relationship is working, you should stop seeing each other so you don’t cause more confusion or stir up more emotion. How should I deal with this? I like this guy a lot and really think we have something going. — SHARING HIM IN TEXAS

DEAR SHARING HIM: When people end long-term relationships, they don’t all do it in the same way. Some of them have a dramatic blowup and never speak to the person again. Others remain friends for many years.

If your boyfriend’s former flame has an adult daughter and grandkids, none of you are inexperienced kids yourselves. If you really want a future with him, you may have to accept that he won’t be happy if you try to curtail his social contacts. If you can’t summon up enough self-confidence to manage that, perhaps you should find someone else.

General Discussion / SMH at this former Asian couple
« on: April 15, 2024, 02:08:16 PM »
Jennifer Pan was found guilty of conspiring to kill her parents in a 2010 incident. Daniel Wong, her ex-boyfriend who she met in high school, was also found guilty on the same charges. He faced the same charges, but the pair may get a retrial on a first-degree murder charge.

Samantha Fox in court over drunken fight with wife on British Airways flight

The former page-three model Samantha Fox has admitted to being drunk and disorderly in alleged scrap with her wife on a British airways flight.

The glamour model and pop star, 57, threatened a police officer when she was arrested and spent a night in a police cell after the incident on the BA flight from London Heathrow to Munich, which stopped the plane taking off.

Passengers were reportedly asked to disembark and were accommodated in a hotel before continuing their journey the next day, according to The Sun.

Fox has previously expressed her deep regret for any inconvenience caused and said she would cooperate with any investigation.

She appeared at Uxbridge magistrates’ court on Friday charged with being drunk on a plane and assaulting Linda Olsen, 47, on Dec 3 2023.

Fox pleaded guilty to drunk and disorderly behaviour but denied assault by beating.

Group that held Dearborn rally says 'Death to America' chants were wrongful

The Al Quds Committee Detroit said in a statement Wednesday night posted on Facebook that the chants at a protest on April 5 outside the Henry Ford Centennial Library were "wrongful" and "a mistake."

Former RNC chair: Donald Trump's polling lead despite felony charges is an 'abomination'

WASHINGTON –Former President Donald Trump's polling lead despite his numerous felony charges is an “abomination” Michael Steele, a former head of the Republican National Committee said. “It says a lot about us doesn't it,” Steele said Thursday on a panel on MSNBC's “The 11th Hour.” “It is an abomination.

General Discussion / Good move on RED state Texas' part IMO
« on: April 15, 2024, 12:59:55 AM »
Texas Proves Its Commitment To Freedom By Legalizing Kei Trucks

The Texas DMV has issued a ruling that these cars are now, and will remain, street legal for use on Texas roadways.

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