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‘Total Disrespect’: Asian-American Woman Steps Down from Post After Black Leaders Blast Minnesota City’s Council for Selecting Her to Lead Reparations Commission

Work Avenue / Yellow trucking company laying off 30,000 employees
« on: August 01, 2023, 08:22:17 PM »
I now wonder how would that affect the supply chain.  I think it will just flow to the competition.  When you competition dies, you will thrive as the winner.  It is still a dog eats dog world out there.  Nothing last forever they say?  After 99  years in business, it finally shuts down.


It is when you talk to someone and they are multitasking by picking up their phone, texting while talking to you.

It is kind of rude but it is also a defense mechanism that is done by women who doesn't want to talk to you.  Like when you argue with them and they are losing, they will take out their phone and ignore what you have to say to them. 

phubbing, that's the word   :2funny:

I kid you not.  I need to hang around with the youthful generation more often to stay afloat with their generation and the world that we are living in. 

Ghosting is leaving the relationship without telling the other party. 

New term called "Zombie"

That is when you ghost them but later on, you come back into their life.   :2funny:

Had me thinking about all them ex and what they are up to.   ;)

General Discussion / I'm going to date Ariana Grande the singer
« on: July 17, 2023, 07:29:19 PM »
Yep, she a divorcee now   :2funny:

Kids getting marry too soon.  who doesn't see this coming?  She is like the olsen twins, they are cursed to have the body of a child and grown men wanting to lust over them.  I'll question if they are undercover pedophile.   :2funny:

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez split after 2 years of marriage

The president of the USA makes about $400K.  Could be higher now I dunno

The kaydoo woman mayor of SF makes the most in the state. 
"The total compensation for Breed was about $444,000 in 2022, making her the highest-paid mayor in the state last year."

Your hmong woman mayor of Oakland.
"According to the California state controller, Oakland's mayor makes a base salary of about $227,000. But, with the base salary plus retirement and health benefits - the mayor of Oakland made about $357,000 in 2022."

Oakland has a deficit right now so she probably will not get it this year.

General Education / This hmong educator is teaching hmong
« on: July 07, 2023, 03:34:26 PM »
California educator teaches kids their native language. ‘You cannot find an app for Hmong’

 O0 O0 O0

Biden rejected it though.   I heard his speech this morning. 

Supreme Court rules affirmative action 'must end' in college admissions

Chinese airline to put flight attendants on 'weight reduction plan' if they exceed weight requirements

A Chinese airline is facing widespread criticism for imposing weight requirements on its flight attendants.
Controversial policy: Hainan Airlines, one of the largest carriers in China, implemented a policy earlier this month that would prevent attendants from flying if their weight exceeds a specified limit, as determined by their height.

Toyota Land Cruiser Raised from the Dead, Will Return to the U.S.

General Relationship / Ghosting - What is it and how to deal with it?
« on: June 09, 2023, 01:23:24 PM »
This dating coach lady defines ghosting as something different than what I thought it was.  It is not a case of hit and run.  It is a case of going into a relationship and everything seems alright and all of a sudden, the other party just disappears. 

I hope she's right because I would feel a lot better to myself and proud to claim that I have never ghosted a woman ever in my life.  I did not make it to the 2nd date.   :2funny:

How to deal with ghosting when dating

PS.  Read the comments.  I'm sure you guys know which one is my contribution   :D

General Discussion / Proudlaos don't know anything about this.....
« on: June 02, 2023, 01:21:14 PM »

There's a laos party tonight in sacramento at this nice venue.  Guess how much for general admission?  $105 each to start  Wow 

Might be worth it if I want to win hearts with them laos salavong ladies  :2funny:

I'll be near the area no doubt.  Gotta babysit my cousin from MN.  He's in town.  Too many other parties to look into and which one to pick?  I dunno.  Gotta becareful though as this is pride month.  Go to the wrong one and be miserable.   :D

This here is a limited time deal as the code has an expiration date.  exp 5-28-23

Original price $89.99 but if you add code 60IT4B3Z , the price drops to $36 and Free Ship.  You add the code in the payment method box. 

THINKCAR OBD900 OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic Tool Car Code Reader with Check Engine Light, O2 Sensor, EVAP Test, On-Board Monitor Test, Smog Check, Full OBD2 Diagnostic for All Vehicles After 1996

Yep, he got sued again..  By the same chick he "raped"

E. Jean Carroll Sues Trump Again Over CNN Comments for 'Very Substantial' Amount of Money

The day after a jury found former president Donald Trump liable for defaming and sexually abusing E. Jean Carroll, awarding her $5 million in damages, Trump mocked her on air during a CNN town hall. That turned out to be a pretty stupid move, as Carroll has now filed a new defamation suit against Trump that’s asking for a quite a bit more money, per the New York Times.

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