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Good money considering the job duties or tasks..IMO.  ???

Saw a bunch of girls from Japan at Comic Con and they don't spare any expenses when it comes to cosplay outfits..



some closet Trumpers are the worst at doing it.. ???:

I like trump

What about this "Asian lib"  ???:


Depends on the size, $15/bird is not bad...If you're into that kind of meat.

Same applies to out of bound skiers and snowboarders that ignored warning signs... :idiot2::

A ski resort in Nagano Prefecture will ask three snowboarders who became lost and spent Monday night in the mountains near Nozawa Onsen ski resort, to pay for the cost of their rescue.

On Monday afternoon, the three snowboarders -- a 44-year-old man, his 35-year-old wife and a 38-year-old female acquaintance -- ignored signs asking snowboarders to stay on designated courses and became lost, NHK reported. The three were unhurt when they were found on Tuesday morning about one kilometer from the resort.

A ski resort official said the trio went under a rope and made their way into an off-limits area. He said the resort has put up many signs warning snowboaders and skiers about the danger of going off designated courses, NHK reported.

Wasting resources on stupidity IMO:

Surfers rescued from tsunami-roiled waters after ignoring warnings to stay out of ocean. ... Rescue swimmers swam out to help him, but the conditions were so bad that they determined it was safer to take him to a private sailboat nearby instead of carrying him back to dry land.

Mick Jagger, 78, is finally settling down with 35-year-old gal pal

Faith & Beliefs / Re: LMAO..... Church for Sale...
« on: Today at 01:39:36 PM »
I don’t jerk off

back by popular demand...hmong village bathroom stall....2nd from the left

can you spot xhamster

i see alot of di  ckk drawing on the wall :2funny:

You just gotta go to the bathroom with your phone
And rub one out

                                         ***SCRATCH HEAD***

Pro Sports Discussion / Re: Super Wild Card Weekend
« on: Today at 01:26:27 PM »
All I know is that my 9ers are big underdog this weekend against the Packers at around +5.5 ..

Pro Sports Discussion / Re: Official Silver & Black Thread
« on: January 16, 2022, 09:42:12 PM »
I say if the players have faith and confidence in the man, give him an opportunity. Sure Davis, can pay big money for another coach to come in and lead but that person may not do any better than the man that the players already have trust and faith in... ???:

Suddenly, Mark Davis has a problem

Whenever I hear the phrase “good problem to have,” my response is that the only good problem to have is no problem at all.

Raiders owner Mark Davis has a problem.

The players on his team want interim coach Rich Bisaccia to get the permanent job. Multiple players, including quarterback Derek Carr, have spoken out in favor of Bisaccia.

How can Davis hire someone else? How would anyone else want that job, under these circumstances?

It’s already hard enough to show up and take over a new team. On top of everything else, the next Raiders coach (if it’s not Bisaccia) will have to worry about converting (or perhaps getting rid of) those who wanted Bisaccia. While the situation would be temporary, it could set the tone for the new coach’s tenure. And it could prompt a coach with options to shy away from taking the job.

As of Saturday, there was a sense that, if the Raiders win or keep it close, Bisaccia would have a chance. They kept it close. And, in true Raiders fashion, a bad call conspired to keep them from winning. Why not give Bisaccia a full year as the head coach to show what he can do?

Meanwhile, as Davis decides what to do, maybe some of these other teams looking for coaches should do their due diligence regarding Bisaccia. Maybe his right-place, right-time performance could help someone else conclude he’s the right guy.

Suddenly, Mark Davis has a problem originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

Pro Sports Discussion / Re: Super Bowl 56 Prediction
« on: January 16, 2022, 08:46:20 PM »
Chargers did not make the playoff  and Rams will play tomorrow.

I'm glad as I don't like either team. They are direct rivals to my Raiders and 9ers.. ;D

Pro Sports Discussion / Re: Official Silver & Black Thread
« on: January 16, 2022, 08:44:41 PM »
I'm mostly proud of them because they were running on empty and was a huge underdog but they still showed up... O0

Unlike the Patriots and Eagles.. ;D

...gun with him all the time..mainly for SHAMELESS idiotic selfish FRUAD situations like this:

Thieves loot freight trains in Los Angeles with impunity

Dozens of freight cars are broken into every day on Los Angeles's railways by thieves who take advantage of the trains' stops to loot packages bought online, leaving thousands of gutted boxes and products that will never reach their destinations.

According to the tags found Friday by an AFP team on a track near the city center -- which was easily accessible from nearby streets -- many major US mail order and courier companies such as Amazon, Target, UPS and FedEx are being hit by the thefts, which have exploded in recent months.

The thieves wait until the long freight trains are immobilized on the tracks, and then climb onto the freight containers, whose locks they easily break with the help of bolt cutters.

They then help themselves to parcels, ditching any products that are difficult to move or re-sell, or are too cheap, such as Covid-19 test kits, furniture or medications.

Rail operator Union Pacific has seen a 160 percent rise in the thefts in Los Angeles county since December 2020.

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