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A poem shared by my amazing date last night.

I don’t love you as if you were a rose

I don’t love you as if you were a rose of salt, topaz,
or arrow of carnations that propagate fire:
I love you as one loves certain obscure things,
secretly, between the shadow and the soul.

I love you as the plant that doesn’t bloom but carries
the light of those flowers, hidden, within itself,
and thanks to your love the tight aroma that arose
from the earth lives dimly in my body.

I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where,
I love you directly without problems or pride:
I love you like this because I don’t know any other way
        to love,
except in this form in which I am not nor are you,
so close that your hand upon my chest is mine,
so close that your eyes close with my dreams.

Pablo Neruda
1904 – 1973

Per the book '101 Essays that will change the way you think' by Brianna Wiest, our minds do not know the difference between right and wrong. It only knows the difference between comfortable and uncomfortable. Thus, we will reach for comfortable, even when it's wrong.

"What will I do with no fear?"

Question of the day: "Do you actually have a plan that will work when applied, or you can learn from to make it better, or are you just hoping that it will work?"

If you want to show your love for someone, use kind words, and they will remember your love and kindness all their lives. If you want to hurt someone, also use kind words, and they will hurt themselves all their lives as they will miss your love and kindness from their lives. Therefore, whether you want to show love or whether you want to hurt someone, always use kind words. 

"One day you will wake up and there will be no more time to do the things you have always dreamed of. Do them now." - Paulo Coelho

"My best skill was that I was coachable. I was a sponge and aggressive to learn." - Michael Jordan

The Three Year Plan

2024 Position Size Growth
January – 50 Contracts
February – 60 Contracts
March – 70 Contracts
April – 80 Contracts
May – 90 Contracts
June – 100 Contracts
July – 120 Contracts
August – 140 Contracts
September – 160 Contracts
October – 180 Contracts
November – 200 Contracts
December – 220 Contracts

2025 Positions Size Growth
January – 260 Contracts
February – 300 Contracts
March – 340 Contracts
April – 380 Contracts
May – 420 Contracts
June – 500 Contracts
July – 600 Contracts
August – 700 Contracts
September – 800 Contracts
October – 900 Contracts
November – 1000 Contracts
December – 1100 Contracts

2026 Position Size Growth
January – 1300 Contracts
February – 1500 Contracts
March – 1700 Contracts
April – 1900 Contracts
May – 2100 Contracts
June – 2300 Contracts
July – 2700 Contracts
August – 3100 Contracts
September – 3500 Contracts
October – 3900 Contracts
November – 4300 Contracts
December – 5000 Contracts

Decisions:  Is it a two doorway or one doorway decision?

Operational Failure (bad failure) vs Experimental Failure (great failure).

Our regrets are the things we didn't try.  They haunt us.

- Jeff Bezos

In light of of the recent conflict in Israel and Gaza, here is a thought from one of the greatest minds of the 20th century. He, himself, was a Jew. Yet, he was equally sympathetic to both causes.

"Should we be unable to find a way to honest cooperation and an honest pact with the Arabs, then we have learn absolutely nothing in our 2000 years of suffering." - Albert Einstein

Einstein proposed a privy counsel of 4 Jews and 4 Arabs, all independent minded, be set up to resolve any disputes.

"The two great Semitic people have a great common future. If the Jews do not assure that both sides live in harmony, the struggle would haunt them in the decades to come." A warning from Albert Einstein to friends in the Zionist movement.

Einstein was labeled naive.

From the book 'Einstein' - by Walter Isaacson

"If you're not busy being born, you're busy dying." - Bob Dylan

"The universe is either expanding or contracting." - Albert Einstein

"If I asked customers what they wanted, they would told me a faster horse. People don't know what they want until I show it to them." - Henry Ford

Other women do get why I am not hooked on to them, while I am hooked onto you. They give all sorts of excuses, and they complain about the sun, the moon, and the stars. Each time I am with you, you simply ask me "How do you want to come?" Thus, that is why I am hooked.

There's a different between having a very IQ, being smart, and being a genius. The genius has focus and heart to use the smart to overcome all the obstacles to achieve his revolutionary task.

When things do not make emotional sense, trust your instincts and back off. When someone is not making sense, they are deceiving you and wanting something which they are not telling you.

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