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Debate Central / Re: I remember when TRUMP caught the nasty covid…
« on: November 22, 2023, 01:27:17 PM »

My question is
If covid is fake
Why take anything at all????
Covid is fake anyway

I would just get up and head to work like a normal day
 ;D ;D

Some were forced to take it or lose their job, get cancelled, remove from establishment, etc etc

Remember when Brandon and his Admin tried to make covid shot an OSHA thing... meaning, if you don't take the shot, you can lose your job for being unsafe and companies would have to pay excessive fine for not enforcing the OSHA rule (covid shot for every employee). The company I was working for was going to change rule to require all employee to get covid shot or get fired but they changed after the court ruled that OSHA do not have the authority to enforce what Brandon and his Admin wanted.

Again, if you're a Trump hater, you shouldn't get Trump juice 'vaccine' in you.

No, your question should be... If covid shot is so great, why are those that are fully vaxxed and boosted still dying from covid

General Discussion / Re: Flash Mob stole...
« on: November 22, 2023, 01:15:21 PM »
Early Black Friday shopping for those folks

 ;D ;D

They don't called it 'Black' Friday for no reason  :2funny: :2funny: :2funny:

PH's George Santos' LIES and "flip flop faster than a gymnast" (per the neutral PH members) "hippo-crib" behaviors live on. And YES, once caught or pointed out by "we all", he'll just LIE so more... ;D:

He always put his feet in his mouth... just let him rant and eventually, he'll argue against himself. Kinda like those Lefties/Demmies that are quick to tweet but it never aged well.

People are attacking her for being a stooges and being used by the "Climate Change" activist.

She deleted a post she put up in 2018 which read ""A top climate scientist is warning that climate change will wipe out all of humanity unless we stop using fossil fuels over the next five years." It's 2023 and she deleted it because humanity didn't end in 5 years as she posted.

Same with AOC "The world is gonna end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change and your biggest issue is how are we gonna pay for it?" This was back in 2019; I would say she got another 5 years to prove herself right.

More BS:

Fossil fuel burning is postponing the next 'ICE AGE' for another 100,000 years - The Guardian

As early as the 1890s scientists were warning of a "Global Cooling", "World Wide Mini-Ice Age", etc etc It was the rage in the early 70s as written by Time, Science Digest, The Los Angeles Times, Fortune, The Chicago Tribune, New York Magazine, The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, Popular Science, and National Geographic.

When that didn't happened... Some MSM claimed most scientists never warmed to the idea of Global Cooling but instead it was Global Warming... This was in the late 70s.

Hence, Global Warming became the big words being pushed around... even Al Gore got into it flying his jets all over the globe promoting 'Global Warming' if we continue to use fossil fuel.

Wallace Broecker popularized the term in 1975 with his article and it picked up steams in the late 80s. Along with "Global Warming", we have terms like "Greenhouse Effect", etc. etc.

Then in the late 90s to current, it was changed to "Climate Change", it's no longer "Global Cooling" or "Global Warming"... it's 'Climate Change' so if temps move up or down... it's Climate Change and it will include not just temp but everything else, etc etc. As Hulme, professor of Human Geology at Cambridge explained...“The term ‘global warming’ confuses people because it triggers thoughts about warmth, and it sort of lends itself to misinterpretat ion when it also impacts the cold. I think, on one level, 'climate change' is a more accurate description of what is happening to the world weather systems and is a more neutral phrase. 'Climate change' alters the weather system in ways that aren’t limited to temperatures.”

General Discussion / Becareful out there men!!!
« on: November 22, 2023, 11:44:09 AM »
Never let your wife/Fiance/GF see pictures of you having sex (if you still have any) with them when you guys are way way younger.

This might be happening to you if you do...
Wife accused of stabbing husband after finding photos of him having sex with ‘another’ woman — but that woman was herself! - when she was younger.

General Discussion / Another One Bites the Dust...
« on: November 22, 2023, 11:38:29 AM »
Remember this thing... Sam Brinton, Brandon's Nuclear Official, arrested for stealing...

He's from the same planet that these people are from

Well, another one of Brandon official is arrested too... for human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children!!!

Stephen Francis Hovanic, an administrator for the Pentagon’s school system in the Americas region was arrested during a human trafficking sting in Coweta County, Georgia. Hovanic is a senior official in the Department of Defense Education Activity (DODEA) Americas division. This department oversees elementary education of military families.

The, the weird part is... Not a single MSM outlet is reporting on it.

General Discussion / Re: Trump won election in Argentina...
« on: November 22, 2023, 11:22:59 AM »
I honestly don’t even know who these MEV people are

And no

Nobody is angry and mad

 ;D ;D ;D

Matter of fact
I don’t know even know they even have election at all
There you have it... Not even talking about the subject at all.

General Discussion / Why was this not in MSM news?
« on: November 22, 2023, 10:59:09 AM »
It's because he's part of the alphabet and Leftie/Demmie community - they can't do wrong in the eye of their leftie MSM.

LGBTQ+ Democrat Mayor of College Park, Patrick Wojahn, arrested for distribution of Child Pornography at Mayoral Campaign Headquarters and charged with over 100 counts of child pornography. He only got 30yrs for it. He was proud to say his ‘buddy, and mentor is Pete Buttigieg.’

This is why the Dalai Lama ask a 9yr old boy to suck his tongue. He's love children just like Patrick does.

Here he is with Lady Gaga... talking about the need for engaging in our youth - Oh, he was engaging in them alright.

General Discussion / Trump won election in Argentina...
« on: November 22, 2023, 10:37:29 AM »
 :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny:

NAH!!! An Argentinian Trump (Javier Milei) won the election there in a landslide and the Leftie/Demmie 'Americans' are not happy about it.

"You can't give s**t leftards an inch. All collectivists, all kinds of collectivists. [...] They are s**t! If you think differently from them they will kill you. This is the point. You can't give s**t leftists an inch, if you give them an inch they will use it to destroy you. You can't negotiate with leftards. You don't negotiate with trash because they will end you! If they - the left - if it's one of them, he puts on the (pro-abortion) green scarf and yells about neoliberalism all the time, they hide it.

If suddenly there's a journalist that molests another journalist, they hide it. When it's one of them, they hide it. They hide all of those aberrations.

Now, if you are on the other side, they will ruin you. They will kill you, they will throw you everything, they don't care if they ruin your whole life. Why? Only because you don't think like them.

And do you know what's the good part in all of this? Because since to err is human, since everyone can be mistaken, they force us to be better. And since we are getting better than them, since we are crushing them in the cultural battle, we're not only superior economically, we are morally superior, we are aesthetically superior, we are better than them in everything, and that triggers them. And since they can't beat us with real arguments they just use the repressive apparatus of the state with loads of taxpayer money to destroy us and yet they're still losing!"

The Guardian(the worst of them all): Argentina’s new leader is a snake-oil salesman with extreme views on abortion, gay rights and more.

AP: After the dollar-loving Milei wins the presidency, Argentines anxiously watch the exchange rate

MyNorthwest: Right-wing populist Milei set to take Argentina down uncharted path: ‘No room for lukewarm measures’

All these Leftie media says the same thing when Giorgia Meloni won in Italy...

General Discussion / Flash Mob stole...
« on: November 22, 2023, 10:05:20 AM »

$thousands of merch from Nike store in LA. AND a LAPD trailer just feet from the entrance. No, no, no... the LAPD trailer with cops are not there to stop the crime, they're there to make sure NO ONE is stopping the 'oppressed' race from getting their reparation for all those hundreds of years of being slaves. This is what happened when you elect Demmies that are soft on crime. These criminals don't understand that they're just making their own community worst - by driving out businesses that the community needs...

Nike deserved it for keeping this store open after multiple robberies and doing nothing about it. AND of course the paying customers are going to be paying for all these stolen merch by increased prices.

Pro Sports Discussion / Turkey Day NFL games...
« on: November 22, 2023, 09:00:11 AM »
Lions over Packers

Cowboys over Redskins

Niners over Seahawks

She might be his long lost Asian daughter from an Asian affair  :2funny: :2funny:

Again... the fight is not with Palestinians.. . it's with Hamas. Can't help if Hamas are using their own people as meat shield. And we all know that when there is a war, innocent civilians will die.

But don't take my word for it... take it from a son of one of Hamas's founder.(google his speech to the UN and his messages)

Did this doctor care about China's treatment of the Uyghurs? His own country is committing genocide and I bet not a single word is spoken by him.

It amazed me that these Pro-Palestine people said nothing when Hamas raped, tortured and behead babies, children, women, young men - civilians. But come out crying and protesting as soon as Israel retaliated.

When terrorists attack the US (twin towers), the US went and destroyed two countries (Iraq and Afgan) and I'm 100% sure thousands of civilians were killed during those campaigns. But no one complained or protested for the innocent lives being lost.

General Discussion / Re: !!!!BLACK FRIDAY!!!! wish list
« on: November 22, 2023, 08:38:08 AM »
hamungKAREN: i'm dirt poor.
his bipolar self: theking, here's me holding $1000 legitimate in my hand green. I'm driving Honda car unlike those rich old man in fast cars blocking the entrance at HMNY. Seeing is believing. Date signed and "P".

Your words, not mine either anyone else. Even hypocrite afraid of his own words. :2funny:
Not going to do you any good arguing with Rock... He flip flop better than a gymnast.

Seen too many of these early celebration... even in other sports too.

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