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General Discussion / Brandon just bought 2024...
« on: November 29, 2023, 12:44:10 PM »
He just forgave another 800,000+ students of their student loans...

Isn't it great - just before election year. CNBC says it best...

"The message directly from the president, less than a year ahead of the 2024 presidential election, makes it clear who was responsible for the relief."- CNBC

Even though the SCOTUS struck his student loan forgiveness plan, he quietly sidestep the SC to forgive $127Billions of loans so far.

And who benefits from this - mostly the rich and who pays for it for the loan forgiveness - mostly the average American. There is no such thing as free lunch - someone is paying for it.

Can you guess who benefit the most from Brandon's student loan relief?
CA - $4.4billions
NY - $3.8Billions
PA - $2.2billions

General Discussion / This Leftie Media is so desperate...
« on: November 28, 2023, 12:08:45 PM »
for racism that they would called out a kid with the KS Chief's color as being blacked faced and offending two races (black and native). You can see the racism desperation in their hit piece. I guess when you live, eat and breathe race mongering... all you see is racism. - love that they only show this side of the kid to bashed him as being a racist.

Here's the kid's frontal view

General Discussion / Ireland & French are no better than England...
« on: November 28, 2023, 11:14:38 AM »
A few children and an adult was stabbed outside of a school in Ireland... a suspect is in custody but his race is not being revealed - and I bet it's not a White Irish dude because a white perp with other race victims will be front pages in MSM.

Protest erupt afterward and turned violent but the MSM is blaming 'far right' group for the violent protesting. They still refused to reveal who the victims were nor the perp.

It's interesting that when Pro-Hamas ( I mean Pro-Palestinians), BLM or any Alt-Left  protests turned violent - not a single condemnation from MSM. But as soon as non-Lefties/wokies protests - they are automatically labeled 'far right' hate groups.

This is similar to the stabbing death of a French 'white' teen at a party and when French protested the killing - The MSM are labeling these protesters as "Right Extremists"...

General Discussion / Blacks die for nothing...
« on: November 28, 2023, 10:49:34 AM »
Blacks of the past died fighting segregation... MLK and Rosa Park are rolling in their graves.

Chicago area school offered classes base on race - separating Latino and Blacks away from White students - no Asian is mentioned because they are group with the Whites.

The Lefties/Demmies understand that the word "segregation" bring out images of racism so they morped it into  "safe space" during the early 2020s but now... However, that wasn't enough to remove Blacks and Latinos from other White things, so it morphed again into 'better learning opportunity' for blacks and Latino in the education system. Their reason is that Blacks and Latinos learn better without Whites in the class - meaning, these white Lefties/Demmies don't want their children associated with Blacks and Latinos. Even Leftie/Demmie chosen great leader Brandon, teaming up with Jesse Helm- a pro segregationist, mentioned that he didn't want his children growing up in a 'racial jungle'. So, the war on desegregation continued and the Leftie/Demmie will continue to come up with excuses to segregate Blacks/Latinos from Whites.

This policy is a perfect example of what systematic racism is.

General Discussion / Becareful out there men!!!
« on: November 22, 2023, 11:44:09 AM »
Never let your wife/Fiance/GF see pictures of you having sex (if you still have any) with them when you guys are way way younger.

This might be happening to you if you do...
Wife accused of stabbing husband after finding photos of him having sex with ‘another’ woman — but that woman was herself! - when she was younger.

General Discussion / Another One Bites the Dust...
« on: November 22, 2023, 11:38:29 AM »
Remember this thing... Sam Brinton, Brandon's Nuclear Official, arrested for stealing...

He's from the same planet that these people are from

Well, another one of Brandon official is arrested too... for human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children!!!

Stephen Francis Hovanic, an administrator for the Pentagon’s school system in the Americas region was arrested during a human trafficking sting in Coweta County, Georgia. Hovanic is a senior official in the Department of Defense Education Activity (DODEA) Americas division. This department oversees elementary education of military families.

The, the weird part is... Not a single MSM outlet is reporting on it.

General Discussion / Why was this not in MSM news?
« on: November 22, 2023, 10:59:09 AM »
It's because he's part of the alphabet and Leftie/Demmie community - they can't do wrong in the eye of their leftie MSM.

LGBTQ+ Democrat Mayor of College Park, Patrick Wojahn, arrested for distribution of Child Pornography at Mayoral Campaign Headquarters and charged with over 100 counts of child pornography. He only got 30yrs for it. He was proud to say his ‘buddy, and mentor is Pete Buttigieg.’

This is why the Dalai Lama ask a 9yr old boy to suck his tongue. He's love children just like Patrick does.

Here he is with Lady Gaga... talking about the need for engaging in our youth - Oh, he was engaging in them alright.

General Discussion / Trump won election in Argentina...
« on: November 22, 2023, 10:37:29 AM »
 :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny:

NAH!!! An Argentinian Trump (Javier Milei) won the election there in a landslide and the Leftie/Demmie 'Americans' are not happy about it.

"You can't give s**t leftards an inch. All collectivists, all kinds of collectivists. [...] They are s**t! If you think differently from them they will kill you. This is the point. You can't give s**t leftists an inch, if you give them an inch they will use it to destroy you. You can't negotiate with leftards. You don't negotiate with trash because they will end you! If they - the left - if it's one of them, he puts on the (pro-abortion) green scarf and yells about neoliberalism all the time, they hide it.

If suddenly there's a journalist that molests another journalist, they hide it. When it's one of them, they hide it. They hide all of those aberrations.

Now, if you are on the other side, they will ruin you. They will kill you, they will throw you everything, they don't care if they ruin your whole life. Why? Only because you don't think like them.

And do you know what's the good part in all of this? Because since to err is human, since everyone can be mistaken, they force us to be better. And since we are getting better than them, since we are crushing them in the cultural battle, we're not only superior economically, we are morally superior, we are aesthetically superior, we are better than them in everything, and that triggers them. And since they can't beat us with real arguments they just use the repressive apparatus of the state with loads of taxpayer money to destroy us and yet they're still losing!"

The Guardian(the worst of them all): Argentina’s new leader is a snake-oil salesman with extreme views on abortion, gay rights and more.

AP: After the dollar-loving Milei wins the presidency, Argentines anxiously watch the exchange rate

MyNorthwest: Right-wing populist Milei set to take Argentina down uncharted path: ‘No room for lukewarm measures’

All these Leftie media says the same thing when Giorgia Meloni won in Italy...

General Discussion / Flash Mob stole...
« on: November 22, 2023, 10:05:20 AM »

$thousands of merch from Nike store in LA. AND a LAPD trailer just feet from the entrance. No, no, no... the LAPD trailer with cops are not there to stop the crime, they're there to make sure NO ONE is stopping the 'oppressed' race from getting their reparation for all those hundreds of years of being slaves. This is what happened when you elect Demmies that are soft on crime. These criminals don't understand that they're just making their own community worst - by driving out businesses that the community needs...

Nike deserved it for keeping this store open after multiple robberies and doing nothing about it. AND of course the paying customers are going to be paying for all these stolen merch by increased prices.

Pro Sports Discussion / Turkey Day NFL games...
« on: November 22, 2023, 09:00:11 AM »
Lions over Packers

Cowboys over Redskins

Niners over Seahawks

General Discussion / Israel are terrrorists that bomb a hospital...
« on: November 21, 2023, 01:25:25 PM »
Hamas, Pro-Palestine protestors, Jews haters and Leftie/Demmie MSM all condemned Israel for bombing hospitals, etc etc They are so evil. But Israel claimed these hospitals are being used by Hamas for their activities and using them as human shield to protect themselves... So, who's really telling you the truth?

Don't take my word or words from any Pro-Palestine or Pro-Israeli... Take it from the US's own intelligence community...

But some will claimed... these white westerners don't know anything.

Jokes & Riddles / The Big Bang...
« on: November 21, 2023, 01:05:01 PM »

General Discussion / Dang... She's a beast.
« on: November 21, 2023, 01:01:12 PM »
The security guard he's tough...  :2funny: :2funny: :2funny:

General Discussion / I would have beaten that POS up...
« on: November 21, 2023, 10:22:33 AM »
A male player on a women HS volleyball team - just so happened to be the captain of his team... was booed when he ask, "Did my pen1s distracted you?" to the opposing female player.

In MA, there is no rule that boys can't play in girl sports and they don't even have to identified as trans. So, any boy can play in any girl sports if they so chooses of they're losers that can't compete against other boy and have to need to beat up girls to feel superior.

General Discussion / This is just sickening...
« on: November 21, 2023, 09:47:30 AM »
US soldiers being charged for leaving their gears behind during the botched Afgan withdrawal...
According to this soldier, he and a bunch of his fellow soldiers were ordered to leave the gear since there were no room on the planes.,decades%20of%20American%20involvement%20there.

Charging soldiers thousands of dollar for leaving their gear while leaving $billions in armaments to the Taliban?  :idiot2: :idiot2:
The US gov't practically gave these equipment away to the enemy while running with their tails between their legs.

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