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Jenna Bush Hager Admits ‘I Should Have Dated More’ Before Getting Serious with Now-Husband in Her Early 20s
The 'Today' co-host says she was a "serial monogamist" before meeting Henry Hager when she was 22

Jenna Bush Hager is getting candid about one big regret from her pre-marriage life.

On the Thursday, May 23, episode of Today with Hoda and Jenna, Bush Hager, 42, opened up about how she got into a serious relationship with her now-husband Henry Chase Hager, 46, at a young age.

The TV personality and former first daughter recalled being 26 years old when they wed in 2008 at her family's lakeside ranch in Texas — and she was even younger when they met, first getting acquainted around her 23rd birthday.

Marriage & Family Life / Asian girl says CHA-CHING!!!
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Nicole Shanahan walked away with more than $1B after divorcing Google co-founder Sergey Brin: report
Nicole Shanahan, the vice presidential candidate picked by independent hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr, walked away with more than $1 billion following her divorce from ex-husband and Google co-founder Sergey Brin, according to a report. Shanahan, the 38-year-old California native who worked as a lawyer in Silicon Valley before entering politics, finalized her divorce from Brin last year. Her split from Brin was reportedly triggered by an alleged affair she had with his longtime friend, tech mogul Elon Musk. During their five-year marriage, Shanahan attended parties with other tech executives in Silicon Valley where she consumed recreational drugs including cocaine, ketamine and psychedelic mushrooms, according to The New York Times.

Idiot MAGA Congressman Makes George Santos Look Like a Genius

Trump stooge and Republican Representative Andy Ogles has been caught in a major ethics scandal of his own making.

According to 11 amendments that he filed to his campaign finance reports on Wednesday, Ogles didn’t actually loan his campaign $320,000, as he previously claimed. That begs the question: Where did the money come from?

In November, the Tennessee congressman was found to have some irregularities in his campaign reports, thanks to an investigation by a Nashville TV station, NewsChannel 5. Among them was a $320,000 loan to his campaign from himself, even though his personal finance reports didn’t show a place where such a loan could have originated—not even a personal bank account.

In his amendments, Ogles says that his campaign loan was actually $20,000 instead of $320,000, a sizable oversight, and raises the question of what explains the inconsistencie s. Former Representative George Santos is currently facing criminal charges for inflating campaign fundraising numbers—after also reporting he loaned himself a sizable amount of money. Santos was later found to have spent campaign dollars on casino trips, Botox treatments, and OnlyFans payments. Is Ogles hiding something like Santos?

It’s not an outlandish question, as the two have one glaring similarity: making up parts of their past. Ogles claimed to have studied policy and economics at Middle Tennessee State University and calls himself an economist, but only has one community college economics course under his belt, which he barely passed. He later claimed on a 2009 résumé to have a degree in international relations, but NewsChannel 5 found that his major was actually liberal studies—a hilarious degree for a Republican politician.

Although Ogles’s lies aren’t nearly as outrageous as Santos’s whoppers, he also has another possible financial crime on his résumé: $25,000 raised supposedly to build a garden in memory of his stillborn child. Except that the garden was never built, and Ogles refuses to say what happened with the money. With a history of lies piling up in his short congressional career, perhaps a criminal investigation of Ogles is necessary.

...protest involvement  ???:

UPenn student left ‘homeless’ after being suspended for pro-Palestinian encampment is daughter of wealthy Filipino family

Eliana Atienza, 19 — who told the Philadelphia Inquirer she had nobody to turn to for help in the US after she was kicked off campus in early May — is the daughter of Kim Atienza, a prominent media personality in the Philippines who is partial to showing off his extravagant lifestyle online.

Ryanair passenger rips wheels off suitcase to avoid 'rip-off' charges

Airline passenger avoids 'rip-off' $76 luggage fee with easy hack

He was wheely mad. An alarmed airline passenger slapped with a surprise fee for a piece of barely-oversized luggage was able to save a bundle — and beat the system — by breaking the coasters off of his roller suitcase, much to the amusement of fellow travelers.

..mental health now  ???:

Brazilian ‘Baby Reindeer’ accused of stalking doctor and sending him 1,300 emails after he ‘saved her life’

A Brazilian woman arrested earlier this month is accused of displaying stalker behavior similar to that portrayed in the Netflix show “Baby Reindeer” over a doctor who she said “saved her life.” Kawara Welch, 23, allegedly called the doctor 500 times, and sent him 1,300 emails in one day.

American Airlines claimed a child was at fault for being secretly recorded in a restroom. It’s now changing its response

American Airlines is changing direction after saying that a young girl was negligent after being recorded by a flight attendant in the lavatory. In the filing on May 21 the airline claimed that one of the plaintiffs, a 9-year-old girl, was recorded in the bathroom through her “own fault and negligence.”

General Discussion / Can't criticize Biden = Not credible?
« on: May 23, 2024, 11:53:14 AM »
Maher tells Behar 'You lose all credibility' after she admits hesitancy to criticize Biden

Vince Fong won the California special election to replace Kevin McCarthy. Here’s his plan
Assemblyman Vince Fong understands that he’s taking over for nationally-recognized, powerful and controversial congressional Republicans who have represented California’s rural heart for 45 years.

How he fits into the legacy handed down by his former bosses is not top of mind for the Republican elected Tuesday to finish the last months of retired Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s congressional term.

First on his agenda is focusing on local and national issues related to securing the Southern Border, water infrastructure, small businesses and food and energy production.

..Like me back in the mid-90s, he's single with no dependent. Although he makes way more money than I did back in the 90s, the housing market was more favorable to me. The average home price and income gap was much closer compared to now. Plus, my interest rate was much lower.

I told him if he can afford it, go for it as he can always refi down the road if needed while continuing to build equity. I went to visit some of the new build homes that he's interested in and the constructions, duct, markings, measurements, etc., reminded me a lot of when I bought my first home that was also a new build during my walk through:

Frontier Airlines passenger refuses to comply with exit row instructions causing plane to deboard

‘I already knew something was about to pop off when she had that attitude,’ travel blogger says

Video in link below:,glasses%20argued%20with%20airline%20employees.

Battle in Huntington Beach after transgender surfer barred from longboard competition

LOS ANGELES — Sasha Jane Lowerson just wanted to surf. But when the Australian longboard surfer attempted to enter an upcoming competition in Huntington Beach, the athlete, who was born intersex, learned that the organizer wasn't going to allow transgender athletes.

Took these photos when I was in that RED area(s):

Nice blue beach:


Arrived at Huntington:

John McCain died:

Huntington's pier has a bit more traffic:

More Baywatch too:

The beach is not as blue as Balboa's even though it's not that far from each other but definitely more surfers:

Lots more kites:


General Discussion / That's why he's the "cheetah" of the NFL?
« on: May 22, 2024, 12:38:01 PM »
Tyreek Hill is expecting ANOTHER child - and his first with wife Keeta - with Dolphins star already a father to 10 kids with four different women

Britney Spears ‘Chased’ Ex-Husband Sam Asghari With an Axe During ‘Last Straw’ Fight

Britney Spears 42 and ex-husband Sam Asghari 30 called it quits on their marriage shortly after their one-year wedding anniversary in August 2023. A source exclusively tells In Touch that Sam “got the worst” of Britney’s freedom following the end of her conservatorshi p in 2021 and shares the “last straw” that led to the former couple’s separation.

“Unfortunately, when she was free of her conservatorshi p, Sam got the worst of it. One of the last straws for Sam, there were many, Britney chased him with an axe,”....

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