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General Discussion / Almost another George Floyd moment in MN...
« on: June 21, 2024, 03:59:30 PM »
Another police involved shooting in Minneapolis, MN. This time, a cop was dead plus the shooter and others...

Office thought the wounded man was a victim but he turned out to be the shooter... took shots at officer.

Only reason this was not a BLM rioting moment is because cop was dead along with perp... if cop had not been killed, it would be another G.F. rioting and statue erecting again.

notice my dealership lot starting to be FULL pre-covid level
you can just walk in and buy the car
no more waiting and money down reserve preorder

 ;D ;D

car market crashing???

Nah... car lots are getting full because people are not buying these overpriced vehicles.

made this myself
so yeah...

jews guy was right all along
and the rest is fake

 :D :D :D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Stop bothering Visualmon... he's too busy with the Jews hating thing, oops... I mean Zionists hating thing :2funny: :2funny:

General Discussion / Re: Toyota refusing to take the Tundra back?
« on: June 21, 2024, 02:38:59 PM »
Made in America  O0

Looks like Toyota is following the Big 3 in quality... Right now it's the Tundra... but I bet the Taco will follow soon.

Glad I didn't decide to trade my 2018 Taco for that spanking all new design Turbo V4 Taco... Imma sit on mine for a few years when all the kinks are iron out before getting one.

LMAO!!! I guess the 'cake' Trump is serving is better than the mud-pie Brandon served them these past couple of years  O0

More of the "You ain't black" if you don't serve the Left/Dem... just insert Asian, Latinos and Arabs into that quote to complete the race spectrum  >:D

Lefties pissed now because some billionaires actually have brain and don't drink the Kool-aid being pour down their throats by these Leftie/Demmie loving MSM  :2funny: :2funny: :2funny:

Hmmm... I thought the rich is for GOP while the Left/Dems is looking out for the little guys? Imagine the horror when a few biliionaires, out of all the billionaires in the US, dare to changed sides to Trump.

Dude isn't MAGA, he got a mask on - that's pure Leftie/Demmie people... We all know that Lefties/Demmies are the biggest pro-mask, pro-6 feet, pro-vax on the planet. Hell, they even wore mask swimming, driving alone or playing instruments and they'll even banned you, cancelled you or censored you on their social media if you don't follow like little sheep. Beside, majority of Hmong are Leftie sheep, especially CA Hmong.  :2funny: :2funny: :2funny:

Too many nutjobs around... he's just like that other leftie woman from Chicago who threatened to shoot Trump and his son Barron, she was stalking him in FL. If this dude is competent to stand trial, that lady should be also... unless it's racism  >:D

General Discussion / Why are the FBI going after Hmong mayor?
« on: June 20, 2024, 01:06:27 PM »
FBI raided home tied to Oakland mayor Sheng Thao

Donald Trump probably stashed some unseal documents at Sheng's property for the FBI to do that...  :2funny: :2funny:


retired in his 30s with $2.5millions? What was his plan... live in a shed in the wood eating insect and riding a bike the rest of his life?

Actually... the GOP was losing because they have no backbone. People and Lefties/Demmies had always known that the GOP establishment will cave when the Dems/Left pushed hard against them on issues. And some of them are RINOs... just as some Dems are DINOs...

Paul Ryan is a perfect example... going after Trump while ignoring the corruption of the Dems. I mean, Hillary/Schemers/Sh1tff cooked up a fake dossier to hurt Trump and no one bats an eye - not even the GOP establishment. They created a pandemic to force states to use mail-in ballots, harvest ballots, etc etc

its hot ass dog here lately
humidity is off the roof and high temps…
… got coworkers armpit body odor smelling bad

every time i talk to them
i have to hold my breath

 ;D  ;D ;D

i don’t want to be rude
but do i just say “you need some deodorant?”

Well... if you stop sniffing his/her/they/them/ze/zer/etc etc armpit, you wouldn't have to worry about how bad it smell...

General Discussion / 'Romance' is White Supremacy...
« on: June 20, 2024, 12:47:02 PM »
University of California Santa Barbara Professor, Sabrina Strings, claimed that 'romance' is rooted in White Supremacy in her book “The End of Love: Racism, Sexism, and the Death of Romance.”

“I am only one of the millions of Gen X-to-Gen Z women who have endured a seemingly endless array of miserable relationships with men. Romance had a beginning... Romance is an old white cultural institution that began in the Middle Ages.

One of the very first examples of a romantic story is Lancelot and Guinevere, which is about the trials of a man from a lower station who sets out to prove he is worthy of a higher class European Christian woman. Romance is about women who are not peak white or are ‘insufficiently white’ are subject deservedly to deceit, manipulation, assault and rape. Romance is white [supremacist]."
Strings says.

So her miserable relationship with men didn't panned out as she wanted and now, it's a white supremacy thing...

Interestingly, she's also the author of a 2019 book in which she claimed 'fatphobia' is rooted in racism. She's also the co-founder editor of Race and Yoga journal. It seems all she does is eat and breathe 'skin color'  :idiot2: :idiot2:

These are the instructors of America's higher learning institution - it's no wonder we have so much uneducated woke college students.

General Discussion / Brandon following in the footstep of his boss...
« on: June 20, 2024, 10:50:16 AM »
Brandon's $42billion rural high speed internet initiative got ZERO home connected after 3 years - Washington Times (where did all that cash gone to?)

Remember Obama's failures? alternative clean energy companies failed after getting funding from Obama: A123 - $249millions, Abound Solar - $400million , Beacon Power - $40millions, Ener1 - $119millions and Solyndra - $535million. All wasted with nothing to show for it.

Dems punishing criminals is like oil and water... they don't mix. Dems are criminal cuddlers... I mean, they build a statue for a criminal, refused to prosecute criminals and are even considering hiring criminals (illegals) as police officers.

I'm sure the other party are doing the same thing...

Hmmm... let me back that up a little. The other party is already doing all they can to get Trump off the ballot - fake charges, fake media smear tactic, setting up shadow groups to attack Trump, etc etc

If you like open space and big country... Montana is for you.

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