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...tags on a daily basis... :idiot2:

I bet they don't even do that with the digital version:

Walmart is shifting to digital prices at its 2,300 stores

Indeed, Walmart, the world's largest retailer, announced earlier this month it would be doing away with sticker shelf pricing at its 2,300 stores by 2026, a change “ultimately making us faster and improving the customer experience.


car market crashing???

What's with the weak sauce"??."

Shouldn't you already know being the "hmong Nostradamus and is always right" and all?  ???

General Discussion / Toyota refusing to take the Tundra back?
« on: June 21, 2024, 01:22:54 PM »
Dealers Are Refusing Toyota Tundra Trade-Ins Over Engine Recall

Dealers Are Refusing Toyota Tundra Trade-Ins Over Twin-Turbo V6 Recall. Dealers don't want to sit on used Tundra inventory while waiting for the recall fix. We finally know why Toyota's twin-turbo V6s are self-destructing: There's machining debris from the manufacturing process stuck inside.

A Woman Called the Cops on Her Date Because She Got Cold Feet

An 18-year-old woman in Iowa named Sumaya Thomas was supposed to have a first date on Sunday with a guy she’s been talking to on a dating app.  They’d been chatting for just over a week.

But at the last minute, she decided she didn’t want to meet him.  And instead of just telling the poor guy . . . she called 911 on him.

She told cops her abusive ex-boyfriend was outside, and that he threatened to “hit, punch, kick, and STAB” her.  She also claimed to be pregnant with his child.

The guy she was supposed to go out with was leaving the scene when cops got there, and they detained him on his way out.  But he showed them the messages on his phone, which proved Sumaya was lying.

She eventually admitted she made it all up after she “got cold feet” and didn’t want to meet him anymore.  She’s facing two misdemeanor charges for placing a false 911 call and filing a false report.

the right just freak out

No wonder this closet "right" TRUMPER always "freak out":

I like trump

Trump is alot like me

I have to agree with trump...


 ;D ;D ;D

Depends on which prison, he could be raped by MAGA members or the opposite side... ???:

Dude will probably get raped in prison... ???

Bugs and insects are much cheaper in Thailand and even more cheaper in Laos:

Private booth at the very top:

I'm on a cruise, I can afford to eat a little less healthy as I enjoy and relax:

They are proud of their European products:

"You break, you buy" rings true here:

Family of Taekwondo Black Belts Saves Woman from Attempted Sexual Assault After Hearing Her Scream, Police Say
The Texas family, who owns a taekwondo dojo, held the alleged assailant down until police arrived

A family of taekwondo instructors in Texas helped stop a man allegedly attempting to assault a woman and subdued him until authorities arrived, police said.

The An family of Cypress, Texas — who own and operate the Yong-In Taekwondo Academy in the nearby Houston suburb of Katy — were going about their day in the dojo on Tuesday, June 18, when they heard a woman scream.

Simon An, 20, told The Washington Post and local CBS affiliate station KHOU that he and his father, Han An, 59, immediately sprung into action. The pair ran next door to a cell phone store to find a man on top of a woman, holding his hand over her mouth and touching her, Simon told the Post.

Han, an 8th-degree black belt, grandmaster and veteran of the South Korean military, attempted to pin down the man to prevent him from leaving, Simon said.

"He just kept him in the corner, he just kept pushing down. Automatic self-defense, automatic taekwondo style," Simon told KHOU, recalling how his father prevented the alleged assailant from escaping.

General Discussion / Re: 'Romance' is White Supremacy...
« on: June 21, 2024, 12:03:25 AM »
Speaking of the "desperate troll copy n paste spammer in here", here's what the neutral PH members have to say about the "biggest" one of them all per the "legit" "ALL CATTLE" PROOF quotes below:

hmgrock you're the biggest troll i swear... i honestly don't think your online persona is real other than to troll..

Bro HR,

I called you a negative nancy.  I also said INO is a day trade because of the volatility.  At least get your information right.

If you are here to help people, why are you the biggest troll in this forum?  In addition to being the biggest troll, you don't even understand trading. 



 ;D ;D ;D

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