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I guess Biden was right about the end of Title 42 reducing immigrants from crossing the boarder?

Border crossings drop significantly after end of Title 42, U.S. officials say


Republicans: Clinton should be impeached for letting Monica suck him.
Also Republicans:  so what if a trump forced himself on that lady. Heís still qualified to be dictator elect.

Yup. This conservative guyís whole ad campaign is him dressed up as Clint Eastwood shooting black guys. Totally not racist.  ;D ;D

Dudeís girl is gonna have PTSD for life after this event.  I wonder if she got shot too. Said she was injured and sent to the hospital but did they shoot her too?  He used her as a shield and they still had a shoot out.

Republicans donít hold their leaders accountable so they just say whatever their voters want to hear to get elected. As long as they claim they will own the libs and call the Biden family a crime family and say anything to get their base riled up they will get elected.

Hereís another case:  Republican controlled conservative states unable to pass laws that they told Republicans they were going to do:  thatís right. AntiAbortion laws failed to pass in conservative states. how did that happen? And why arenít Conservatives outraged at this failure?  Are conservatives pro choice now?


General Discussion / Fox News fires Tucker and..
« on: April 26, 2023, 01:11:58 AM »
Not a sound from Conservatives on here. Whatís up?  Did you not hear the biggest news in Fox history?  Why thatís so big, itís almost enough to take down the Biden administration .

The only way he will get my vote is if Republicans put Trump or DeSantis up against him. 

Mike Lindell to pay $5M to a Software developer because he was able to show that this mypillow fool lied that the election was stolen and China was involved. He doubts he will ever see the money though because Dominion still has a $1.3billion  lawsuit that they will win because everyone knows (except conservatives) that he lied about the election being stolen.  All the proof he said he had was just a Microsoft word document with a bunch of numbers which didnít mean anything.  :2funny: :2funny:  BNM?  You still believe the election was stolen or have you moved on to just complaining about Biden, like everyone else. Especially those who kept saying ďjust you wait and seeĒ.  They always say that and then change topics as if it never happened.

Did you guess it? You will never hear anyone on Fox News report that Fox News had to pay Dominion $787,000,000.00 for their lies about the election being stolen in 2020. Nope.  They will never report it because itís not an alternative fact. :2funny: :2funny:

The most youíll ever see on Fox News is that they reached an agreement with dominion. They will make it sound positive like they did nothing wrong and will never admit to losing $787mil.

General Discussion / Fox News does it again ..
« on: April 18, 2023, 01:25:10 PM »
Sorry Fox News and viewers but when a person is 21 years old, theyíre an adult. They can get adult jobs, sign up for the military, walk into a bar and order any alcoholic drink they like.  When they do something bad, they do it as an adult. You didnít complain when a minority kid gets tried as an adult in Wausau. You never called him a kid and now this 21 year old man leaks classified documents and is caught you described him as a 21 year old kid?  Why are your viewers so stupid that they donít see what youíre doing?

This Florida bill will allow Doctors to refuse services to the LGBTQ+ community and to minorities.  But nope. They still think itís not a racist thing to do to discriminate against minorities.


General Discussion / Fox News got tired of Bill Gates and Fauci.
« on: April 11, 2023, 08:04:05 AM »
Looks like their viewers are getting tired of spewing the same old info. So now they have to make up a new villain to stir up their viewersí need for hate. Can you guess who this new villain is?  No oneís ever heard of him till this year. Now all of the sudden, Fox is talking about him like heís the greatest threat to their viewers. Theyíre starting to spoon feed opinions and alternative facts to anger their viewers and keep their attention. These people canít pay attention to anything unless it angers them. Then all of the sudden theyíre completely focused. They also love a good conspiracy theory. Fox News will spoon feed them bits and pieces and make them think theyíre figuring something out and they will feel so proud of themselves that theyíll keep watching. Fox News is saying liberals are all drones being controlled by this one guy. Yeah, can you guess who it is?



General Discussion / How can you tell if youíre on the wrong side?
« on: April 09, 2023, 01:36:47 AM »
Look at who youíre supposed, thatís how. Talk about sleepy joe all you want, the fact remains that Trump cheated on his wife with a porn star knowing that it was a sin. Yet, you still support him. You still think he can make the right judgement call, knowing he made the wrong call that was so easy to see.

Then he lied about it too. Claiming it never happened all while paying hush money to this porn star. Now he says so what? Itís not against the law to bang a porn star. Yet you fail to remember that he was married at the time and didnít make the right call.  Yet you still follow him, thinking that God is on his side and in your side. Guess what? God abandoned you a long time ago. You signed up with the Antichrist.

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