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That was a nice close today, got another 10 shares.  Will add more...

Sold half for profit.  That rise was too fast in 2 days.

I don't know man, I like to stick to well-known companies, like these that I'm in.

hey man

i got a HIGH RISK, HIGH REWARD  play for you
i talk about clean energy here a lot

ticket symbol $URNM

it's uranium mining...
it use in nuclear bomb and energy

i don't see us reaching net zero without URANIUM
this thing is kinda of high.. but it can 2-5x easily



you probably have a lot of NVDA stock through your index and ETF
i think you got that tech ETF on vangaurd... that hold alot of NVDA stocks

Yep that is true!  I invested in the Tech ETF in Feb 2020.  68% increase, not bad huh?

The metaverse hype!

I'll buy more if it dips to 67.

I think 68 is all we'll get today

good bounce this morning
i might exit at $70

well see

Money & Investment / thanks jpow!
« on: November 03, 2021, 02:33:01 PM »
 O0 ;D

Bought 20 shares.  It's little but I'm not into gaming.
I might put more into it after looking at it more.

I might pull the trigger, got to move some funds around first.  O0

These scams are old news, hundreds of them in 2017, one every other day, a new shit coin comes out.  Some exchanges list anything you want, just pay a fee.  Then gullible people think it's real because it's on an exchange and lose their money.

I don't play crypto so that could happen there but I have not heard of it happening to stocks.
Also, each crypto exchange is a little different in its pricing too, so it doesn't affect all, just that exchange.

i don't know man
some of them are real
did you hear about the bitcoin flash crash last week??
apparently it drop to $8,000/coin last week than shot back up
kinda like this tesla
some order got fill too

Bro that happens all the time to different stocks during pre/after-hours.  It's just a glitch.
Bought a couple more $TSLA this morning, it was a nice little dip.

whoaaa WTF is this shyt last night after market...
crazyyyy... man

billions and billions of $$$$ get wipe out
and recover fast
 ;D ;D ;D

becareful YOUNG LAD
someone or something is trying to shake off them weak hand\

Don't matter as long as I'm making money!   :2funny:

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