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Health & Fitness / Body Sculpting
« on: March 08, 2014, 10:59:22 PM »
So this will be my first entry into getting my body back into shape.  Everybody's body is different so what will work for one person will have different results for another.

Anyway...I'm gonna start with most strength stretching.  It's mostly just posing infront of the mirror but at the age of 40 now, I have to start slow.  My youthful years of 5-6 hours a day workout routines are just not feasible anymore.  Although I started in the most obvious parts of the body like arms and legs, I should ideally start with the core muscle group.  That's right the abs.  That's the most flabby part of me now, but at least it's still looks decent if I tummy tuck it.  LOL.  Also by working on my mirror reflecting, I hope that it will also help my posture.

If I recall back in my youthful days...posture is something like 90% of body sculpting.

(I think I will have to get a facebook account so that I can upload photos on the net again.)  Maybe there's other ways to do it too, but I will worry about that later.

Shout Outs & Dedications / To the one I love no more
« on: February 21, 2014, 11:07:39 PM »
Think of tomorrow, not of today.
You've inflicted enough sorrow and pain.
I've given you all my love and my life.
Now it's time to wash it all down the drain

I was so foolish to believe in the power of love
I was poisoned by you, so dangerous
Now my life is all but wasted on you
Oh you're so selfish and cancerous

I will love you no more, for I have none left
Better you move on, better for me as well
For my sad tomorrow will be made better
This for those to witness, so that they can tell

For a better tomorrow without the sorrow

Online Journal / Fighting For My Life
« on: June 18, 2011, 01:00:07 AM »
I think the most pivotal moment of my life was at the age of 15 years.  That was when I was getting beaten down by about twelve plus Hmong punks.   My two younger brothers of 8 and 12 years of age wanted to go play so the begged me for two weeks to take them to the arcade.  It was just a normal sunny summer day like normal.  I finally agreed so we walked towards the arcade.  The arcade was about maybe a mile and a half away.  There was a wooded section that we could take as a short cut.  Well only problem was that at the end of the street just before we were going to cut into the woods was some other Hmong boys.  I'd figure they were just going to the arcade too, it's the normal route.  Well they were walking in front of us and we were slightly behind them.  Then they split into two groups one in front and one behind us.  I could feel something wrong but I'd figure since I was taller than any of them that they wouldn't mess with us.  Then they started to taunt us by throwing rocks but I ignored them.

Suddenly one guy kicks me from behind and I turn around only to get punched in the face.  They all surrounded us.  They started to swear and taunt and sucker punch me repeatedly.  I had enough and I punched the punk who landed the first punch on me, knocking him down and out.  I thought they would back off after that but I was wrong.  Next thing all them punks were all over me, continously puncking and kicking from behind me.  Not a single punk would stand their ground and fight head on.  It was a losing fight for me, I couldn't simultaneously defend and attack.  I was totalling stuck in defensive mode as I feared for my younger brother's life.  I was being hit with rocks from the distance.  They took their shoes off and hammered me with it.  I had to draw all them punks at me.  My younger brothers were stunned and shocked.  Frozen in fear.

I made a short run distance where I could see the punks weren't even touching my younger brothers.  I held my ground for a few more moments.  That's when I really felt a hard knock to me head.  I was either hit by a large stone or totally got punched to the head really hard.  I really couldn't stay and take the beating anymore.  Maybe if I just fall down and they would just leave me alone.  I took a dive to the ground.  They didn't leave me alone.  They stomped on me.  They continously kicked me down each time I tried to get back up.  They stood on top of me and kept giving me a beating.  All this time swearing at me and talking trash.  I remember clearly some of their words.  Why did you punch me?  Why did you kick me?  Why did you fight?  You aint so tough!  You're going to die!.  Several minutes past as I lay there motionless being beatened like a dead horse.  Eventually they grew tired and they left me.  My two younger brothers merely watched the whole thing.

I lay there till the punks were totally gone.  I got up.  Felt all the pain and saw all the blood.  My brothers only said a few words to me.  Are you all right?  You're bleeding from your ears.  There was a pond nearby and I slowly made my way there.  I washed the blood off of me as best as I can.  Since I knew my old man would probably give me another beating too if he saw that I was involved in a fight.  Which was something he always believed that was which I was the cause of it.  I washed the blood from my face and was carefull with the blood from my ears.  I washed the blood from my hands and arms from all that beating I took.  I was still in shock over the event a little surprised that I wasn't dead.

I got up made my walk back home.  It was a slow walk, I was hurting a lot.  Each step was full of pain and anguish, but it would be better to get home before those punks come back.  I was in no condition to kick any ass since I was so beatened up already.  I knew what my mistakes were.  I was too soft.  I didn't fight to kill.  I was fighting to protect and defend.  That was my fault.  I so clearly knew that my younger brothers were endangered but somehow they didn't even get a scratch.   That was okay.  My objective was completed.  My younger brothers were safe.  As my mind replayed the fight, I kind of scared myself.  My choices of fighting to kill instead.  I didn't know I had it in me, but it was there.  A rage that might break loose of it's chains.  Yet it still hasn't to this very day.

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